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Sput's MAY 2018 Song of the Day

You know the drill: Submit a song, give a link and a description. Have fun. Be open to new experiences. Try not being an ass. Have fun.
1The Afghan Whigs
Black Love

May 1st
"Faded" (art/alt/grunge-y rock)
My favorite song from a newly discovered favorite band acts as a perfect closer to one of their masterpiece albums. The guitar riff that drowns you throughout the end of the song is some gut wrenching stuff. Sad cause they didn't play this at the show last night, but they were still incredible live.

neekafat: 4.4
JustJoe: 4.2
Papa Universe: 4.5
anatelier: 3.8
ArsMoriendi: 3.4
DinosaurJones: 3.4
butcherboy: 5
BlazinBlitzer: 4.5
LeftyMcRighty: 4.2
skoopy48: 3.7
Egarran: 3.3
Aberf: 3.5

47.9/12 = 3.99
2Kali Uchis

May 2nd
"After the Storm" (dream pop)
Dream pop with wispy yet sugary sweet vocals, groovy bass and a smooth R&B feel. That's not to mention the balance brought to the song with Tyler's deep rap verse and Bootsy Collin's soulful contributions dispersed throughout the track.

JustJoe: 3.6
LeftyMcRighty: 3.5
DinosaurJones: 3.2
BlazinBlitzer: 3.2
Papa Universe: 4.5
anatelier: 3.5
osmark86: 3.2
bgillesp: 4.2
ArsMoriendi: 3.8
skoopy48: 3
Egarran: 3.7
Aberf: 4

43.4/12 = 3.62
3Explosions in the Sky
Take Care, Take Care, Take Care

May 3rd
"Let Me Back In" (Post-Rock)

LeftyMcRighty: 4.5
JustJoe: 4.4
bgillesp: 4
ArsMoriendi: 3.6
Papa Universe: 3.5
anatelier: 4
skoopy48: 3.1
Egarran: 3.6
Aberf: 3.5
BlazinBlitzer: 3.8

38/10 = 3.8
This is Hardcore

May 4th
Papa Universe
"Help the Aged"
I'm getting older by the day...

JustJoe: 3.7
osmark86: 4.2
LeftyMcRighty: 4
bgillesp: 4.1
ArsMoriendi: 3.2
anatelier: 3.4
skoopy48: 2.7
Egarran: 2.5
Aberf: 3
BlazinBlitzer: 3.8

34.8/10 = 3.48
5Captain Beefheart and His Magic Band
Safe As Milk

May 5th
"Yellow Brick Road" (exuberant psychedelica)
The childlike innocence of this song is infectious.

JustJoe: 3.8
Papa Universe: 3
LeftyMcRighty: 4
bgillesp: 3.3
Egarran: 2.8
Aberf: 3.8
osmark86: 3.7
Skoopy48: 4.3
BlazinBlitzer: 2.9
anatelier: 3

34.6/10 = 3.46
6Henry Cow
In Praise of Learning

May 6th
"War" (them classic rocks)
The transformation from being a jazz-learned rock band to now being a radical politically-driven collective was now complete with the merging of Henry Cow and their collaborators Slapp Happy. War, the opening song on 1975's In Praise of Learning, is a fine example of progressive music driven to its absolute limits in a song with a heavily leftist slant and bizarre vocals from Dagmar Krause of Slapp Happy. While a masterpiece in its own right, it stands beneath the shadow of the colossal work of genius that is Living in the Heart of the Beast.

JustJoe: 2.9
bgillesp: 3.8
LeftyMcRighty: 2.5
Papa Universe: 1.5
Egarran: 3.3
ArsMoriendi: 3.7
Aberf: 3
butcherboy: 4
osmark86: 3.4
Skoopy48: 4.2
BlazinBlitzer: 3.3
anatelier: 1

36.6/12 = 3.05

May 7th
"Lover is a Day"
what the youths are listening to

JustJoe: 3.6
osmark86: 2.9
LeftyMcRighty: 3.1
bgillesp: 4.1
ArsMoriendi: 3.7
Skoopy48: 2.7
BlazinBlitzer: 3.7
Aberf: 3.9
Papa Universe: 4
anatelier: 2.8

34.5/10 = 3.45
8Midnight Choir
Amsterdam Stranded

May 8th
"Muddy River of Loneliness"
A masterpiece of depressive songwriting that builds higher and higher in emotional intensity as it progresses, before collapsing in on itself with a coda to which one can envision the narrator curled up in the fetal position crying in a dark corner. One of the saddest songs I've ever heard... and one of the greatest.

JustJoe: 3.7
LeftyMcRighty: 4.5
Bgillesp: 3.8
Skoopy48: 3.4
ArsMoriendi: 2.9
BlazinBlitzer: 4.4
Aberf: 3.7
Papa Universe: 3.5
anatelier: 2.5
Egarran: 3
osmark86: 3

37.4/12 = 3.12

May 9th
"For All I Care"
the most delicate banger you'll ever hear

LeftyMcRighty: 2.8
JustJoe: 3.2
Skoopy48: 2.8
ArsMoriendi: 3.3
BlazinBlitzer: 2.3
bgillesp: 3.5
Aberf: 2
Papa Universe: 2
anatelier: 2
Egarran: 2
osmark86: 2.1

28/11 = 2.55
10Gang Gang Dance
Eye Contact

May 10th
"Glass Jar"
Be patient with this one. A slow build transforms into an absolute psychedelic wonderland.

JustJoe: 4.8
BlazinBlitzer: 4.7
bgillesp: 4.3
ArsMoriendi: 3.7
LeftyMcRighty: 3
Papa Universe: 3.5
anatelier: 3.6
Egarran: 3
osmark86: 4.2

34.8/9 = 3.87
11Giles Corey
Giles Corey

May 11th
"Buried Above Ground" (Experimental Folk)
'Happy Birthday, bub.'

LeftyMcRighty: 3.6
Papa Universe: 3.5
Aberf: 4.0
ArsMoriendi: 3.0
Blazin Blitzer: 3.8
bgillesp: 4.1
Egarran: 3

25/7 = 3.57
12Daniel Meade & The Flying Mules
Let Me Off at the Bottom

May 12th
Lefty McRighty
"Let Me Off at the Bottom"
It is a great old-school bar room beer swillin' rocker.

BlazinBlitzer: 3.7
JustJoe: 3.7
ArsMoriendi: 4.1
Aberf: 3.9
bgillesp: 3.6
anatelier: 3.8
Egarran: 2.5
Papa Universe: 3.5

28.8/8 = 3.6
13Natalie Merchant

May 13th
"Beloved Wife"
Maybe one of the saddest songs out there. Utterly beautiful though.

anatelier: 2.3
JustJoe: 3.5
Aberf: 2.8
ArsMoriendi: 2.5
BlazinBlitzer: 3.2
bgillesp: 3.6
Egarran: 3
LeftyMcRighty: 3
Papa Universe: 3.5

27.4/9 = 3.04
Can Our Love

May 14th
grown-up heartbreak from grown-ups who won't/can't stop getting their hearts broken..

bgillesp: 4
Egarran: 2.5
ArsMoriendi: 3.6
LeftyMcRighty: 4.2
Aberf: 4
Papa Universe: 4
BlazinBlitzer: 4.1

26.4/7 = 3.77
15Haruomi Hosono

May 15th
quintessential pop ballad, fun and a heart tug in the right circumstance, way before its time

LeftyMcRighty: 4.1
bgillesp: 3.8
ArsMoriendi: 3
Aberf: 3.4
Papa Universe: 3.5
BlazinBlitzer: 3.2

21/6 = 3.5
16The White Birch
People Now Human Beings

May 16th
"The Expanding Sea"
Prepare your anuses, cause this one hurts.

bgillesp: 3.8
ArsMoriendi: 3.2
Aberf: 3.5
LeftyMcRighty: 3.3
BlazinBlitzer: 2.7

16.5/5 = 3.3
Roseland NYC Live

May 17th
"Cowboys" (proto-shoegaze)
Conducting and scratching yall.

Aberf: 3.8
ArsMoriendi: 4.4
LeftyMcRighty: 3.5
BlazinBlitzer: 3.9
bgillesp: 5
Papa Universe: 4.5

25.1/6 = 4.18
18Coaltar of the Deepers

May 18th
"Tim (Pleasure -> Despair)"
Drifting from the pleasure slowly into a despair.

LeftyMcRighty: 3.8
BlazinBlitzer: 2.8
bgillesp: 2.6
Papa Universe: 1.5

10.7/4 = 2.68
19The Number Twelve Looks Like You
Worse Than Alone

May 19th
"The Garden's All Nighters" (Grindy metalcore)
Since the 19th is my graduation date, I'm going with a risky pick. It's very, very abrasive, and you'll either hate it or love it. I unconditionally love this track, though, and I'm curious to see if I have any other fans here (again).

bgillesp: 3.3
Papa Universe: 3.5
LeftyMcRighty: 3

9.8/3 = 3.27

May 20th
"Bonnevile" (prog)
can't stop playing this song as of late. absolute beauty from Norwegian proggers Leprous from their latest album.

BlazinBlitzer: 3.8
bgillesp: 3.8
Papa Universe: 4
LeftyMcRighty: 4

15.6/4 = 3.9
21Don Covay
Super Dude I

May 21th
"I Was Checking Out (She Was Checking In)
A heartbreaking, soul filled ballad of betrayal.
22Glen Hansard
A Season on the Line

May 22th
"Way Back in the Way Back When"
Idk man just ran into this and it makes me happy
Chalice Hymnal

May 23rd
"Pelham" (soundtrackish psychedelic rock)
This is a nice little single from my favorite album of last year. It's got a great groove and it shows a glimpse of the entire record's trippy retro atmosphere.

May 24th
"Mend (To Fix, To Repair)"
These vocals will make you hate this song. It is a simple fact. You will hate these vocals..... But then you will love them. It doesn't make sense but this girl's voice is absolutely stunning once you get over the weirdness. Also it has good music (:

May 25th
"No Eyes" (electropop)
Super gay in a good way
26These New Puritans
Field of Reeds

May 26th
"Fragment Two" (post-stadium-punk)
ambitious, experimental, altogether sparse and dense
27R. Kelly
12 Play

May 27th (it's Friday, bub)
"Sex Me" (RnB)
Sex has never sounded so epic.
28The Tallest Man on Earth
The Wild Hunt

May 28th
"The Wild Hunt" (Folk)
This will be an acquired taste. However, if you do in fact enjoy the vocals here you can expect a delightful folk track.
29Dan Deacon
Gliss Riffer

May 29th
Papa Universe
"When I Was Done Dying" (psych pop)
Them bittersweet afterlife thoughts.

May 30th
"Human" (shoegaze)
I knew I was forgetting something.
31Bad Rabbits
American Nightmare

May 31st
"Stalker" (Alt-Rock/Soul)
Smooth vocals over a smooth build, with slightly unsettling lyrics, but the entire song comes together at the end and showcases vocalist Fredua Boakye's skills.
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