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12.07.17 Like a Knife Turnin’ In Your Skull: 212.04.17 Astrally Aborted: 2017 In Metal
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Astrally Aborted: 2017 In Metal

This list will be updated upon finding new releases over the next month.
1Purple Hill Witch
Celestial Cemetery

Basically classic Black Sabbath worship. Heavy psych and doom with total antique vibes.
Echoes of Mercy

Vicious death/thrash with a focus on Sadus-esque stylings.
3Droid (CAN)
Terrestrial Mutations

Sci-fi Canadian prog thrash - basically Voivod 2.0, with a dash of Obliveon.
Upon My Cremation Pyre

Brilliant psychedelic/progressive black/death.
5Serpent Column
Ornuthi Thalassa

Technical, progressive and melodic black metal that doesn't sacrifice its density and brutality to show off or pander to fans of any of those three genres - so take those tags with a grain of salt.
6Bestial Invasion
Contra Omnes

Don't let the name and cover fool you, this album is full-on prog/tech thrash. It's very weird, very disjointed. At the best of times it's a mess, but when it works - it's really great. WARNING: the bassist for this band is very misogynistic, and has been harassing a female musician online (and doubtless others I haven't heard of), so if that sort of thing bothers you, give this a pass.
7Horrified (UK)
Allure of the Fallen

This is melodic death metal the way it's meant to be played.
8Faceless Burial
Grotesque Miscreation

Serious contender for best death metal album of the year. These guys just fucking GET IT. Modern classic.
9Triumvir Foul
Spiritual Bloodshed

Not really much different from their last album. Since their early days, my expectations have significantly lowered. So while this isn't nearly as good as I had hoped this band would eventually be, it's a very solid black/death record and is a bit of an improvement on 2015's s/t.
10Vulture (DE)
The Guillotine

One of the very best speed metal bands around right now.
Excerpts From a Future Past

Heavy psych/hard rock. This one is just absolutely magical. Beautiful listen.
12Ululatum Tollunt
Quantum Noose of Usurpation

War metal with a real sense of filth to them. They have a bit of an atmospheric edge, even if only in concept, art and titles if not in the actual music itself.
Demo 2017

Promising Austrian black metal demo.
14Howls of Ebb/Khthoniik Cerviiks
With Gangrene Edges ​/​ Voiidwarp

Two of the weirdest and by far two of the best bands in extreme metal right now once again deliver. Wild stuff.
Sulphurous Temple

This one is pure 90s black metal worship like all their previous work, but there's no denying that Sortilegia carry the spirit.

This one is a lot more diverse than I was expecting. Primarily death metal, but they know how to mix up the songwriting, and the interludes are all completely fleshed out songs in their own right, not just tacked on atmospherics or any of that.
17Sleep White Winter
Degeneracy of Nostalgia

This one's hard to define. With failure to think of anything appropriate, I have to just say it's "blackgaze" or "post-black metal", but it's so much more than that. This doesn't fall prey to the pitfalls or banal homogenous styles that it's tagged with. This is a dreamy, beautiful, melodic and atmospheric album that truly sounds magical. If I was forced to make comparisons, it gives me strong vibes of maudlin of the Well - but take that with a grain of salt. Strong contender for AOTY.
The Unburning Flame

Wild, technical and progressive death metal that you all need to hear NOW.
Domus Mysterium

Retro psychedelic black metal with hints of heavy metal but a nice modern atmosphere.
Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix

Once one of the worst war metal bands to ever exist, Tetragrammacide shed their terrible "noise" layering and focus on making some rather weird, though entirely strictly brutal black metal music - though they keep up with some noisy/eai-based intros and interludes.

First wave black metal that's so catchy, brilliant and utterly perfect that you won't be able to turn it off for days. Contender for AOTY.
Puncturing the Grotesque

It's goddamn Autopsy, hail it.
23Cultes des Ghoules/Sepulchral Zeal
Ageless Malediction / Saturnine Templar

CdG continue to be the most potent force in black metal right now, and Sepulchral Zeal is a promising wonky black/death outfit.
24The Chasm
A Conscious Creation from the Isolated Domain - I

The Chasm are back with another masterpiece. This time completely instrumental. While I do miss Corchado's vocals, the music doesn't need them. They were basically being faded out on Farseeing and are now completely gone.
25Spectral Voice
Eroded Corridors of Unbeing

One of the best bands going around right now, and dare I say it, one of the best death metal bands ever, period. The members of SV/BI are musicians after my own heart. I don't know if any modern death metal musicians understand truly the exact essence and style that I look for the same way these guys do. Absolute masters.
26Fuoco Fatuo

Atmospheric funeral death/doom.
To Perceive Is To Suffer

Progressive death metal chasing that late-era Death dream.
28Pagan Altar
The Room of Shadows

There's nothing to be said of this band that hasn't already been said before. One of the greatest doom metal bands ever and a hell of a great album to go out on. RIP Terry Jones.
29Vile Apparition
Atrocious Captivity

Brutal death metal demo in the early 90s vein.
30Condor (NO)
Unstoppable Power

Thrash that K I L L S

Massive, eldritch, uncompromising black/death chaos.

These guys deliver time after time and this may just be their best yet. Death metal a la Autopsy, Impetigo, etc.
Sinful Birth

Thrash that S L A Y S
34Suffering Hour
In Passing Ascension

Extremely solid black/death.
35Cemetery Urn
Cemetery Urn

These guys deliver nothing but ferocious, unadulterated death metal.

While everyone else is jerking off over Bell Witch, this one has gone really surprisingly under the radar. Far and away the best funeral doom metal album of the year.
37Nokturnal Mortum

They focused their sound far further towards folk, and this one is very melodic, majestic and a pure joy to listen to.
38Rebirth of Nefast

Wonky Irish/Icelandic black metal worth your time.
Beasts of the Temple of Satan

War metal.
40Apostate Viaticum
Before the Gates of Gomorrah

Solid death metal, unfortunately a little overlooked.
II: Morphosis

They upped the weirdness and created one of the coolest modern death metal albums I've ever heard. Everyone slept on this hard for some reason.
Initial Offering

Great little doom metal demo with a twang of oddness.
Desolate Endscape

One of the dirtiest death metal bands around right now. Everything they've put out is pure gold.
44Ascended Dead
Abhorrent Manifestation

I was into this a lot more when it first came out, but see myself coming back to it less and less. Regardless, a great death metal album.

While this and their last album haven't topped their debut, Pallbearer continue to be a great doom metal band for the everyman.

Album cover of the year, and the music is even better. This is some absolutely killer black metal that's unfortunately been very overlooked.
Trance of Death

One of the very best albums of the year. Psychedelic black/death that is basically timeless for me right now. I can see myself listening to this with uninhibited enjoyment for many years to come.
Gnosis Primordial

These guys got a bit of attention around here with their debut, but this one sadly didn't get them any. A great release by one of the best death metal bands around right now.
Severed Monolith

Still stands as a solid dearth metal release, but hasn't held up against some of the brilliant albums that have come out since.
Sluagh (Demo)

Killer Irish black metal.
51Taphos Nomos / Urdun

Still stands as one of my favourite releases of the year - gory horror death metal.
We Will Be Watching...

Hellenic black metal with a lot of long-form composition.
Volaða Land

Icelandic black/death, a refreshing band to hear in the Icelandic scene which is, these days, a bit too samey. The balance of death metal with the typical dissonant Icelandic style gives it a very nice contrast.
54Manilla Road
To Kill a King

There's not much more to say other than...well, it's Manilla Road. They've delivered nothing but quality epic heavy metal for decades, and this is no exception.
The Mortal Horizon

One of the most unique and brilliant modern death metal bands around, these guys always have a wildly innovative style with spacey guitar leads atop murky rhythms. This album isn't quite as good as their past two, but it's still another great album that will be in regular rotation for me for a long time to come.
56Reverorum Ib Malacht
Ter Agios Numini

Hardcore dedicated Christian black metal/ritual ambient. These guys are as serious about theirs beliefs and their art that it's hard not to have respect for that. It's always meaningful to see a black metal band that isn't just in it for a gimmick, but for a pure and burning passion for their beliefs - Christian or no. It also helps that their music rules. Extremely weird, highly experimental.
57Progenie Terrestre Pura

This album is even better than their last, an epic sci-fi black metal journey that sees you floating out into space.
58Morbid Angel
Kingdoms Disdained

Azagthoth and Tucker back at it again. This album has some of the coolest labyrinthian riffs I've ever heard and is definitely a worthy addition to the band's mostly incredible discography. The production is a little lame, especially the drums, but considering this band hasn't gotten the production right since 1989, I'm able to get over it pretty easily - especially when the music is this good. As for the cover, it's terrible. But the good thing about digital music is that you can customise your own covers! So here's my new version:
Amarta (Formulas of Reptilian Unification Part II)

Occult black metal. Ma-Ion was one of my favourite albums of 2015 and this one is a pretty consistent successor. Much shorter, notably due to the lack of ritual ambient compositions breaking up the black metal tracks, which is a bit of a bummer because they were my favourite parts of Ma-Ion, but still, this is a must-hear.
60Impetuous Ritual
Blight Upon Martyred Sentience

Sometimes all you want is an unrelenting wall of noise and darkness, and Impetuous Ritual deliver. This thing's like finding yourself stuck in an ancient underground temple as acolytes of evil come at you from all sides to push you into the howling abyss that sits in a well below. Brb writing up D&D quests.
61Cult of Eibon
Lycan Twilight Sorcery

More Hellenic black metal, but this one slightly more primitive and in-line with the nation's humble black metal beginnings. Riff-centric, raw and mid-paced black metal.
Void Masquerading as Matter

By far one of the coolest and most interesting black metal bands around these days, the wonky style of Thantifaxath still reminds me of what we'd get of Spheres-era Pestilence made black metal music.
63Chaos Moon
Eschaton Mémoire

This band never really did much for me before, so I put this one off for a while, but eventually I couldn't help but listen to it due to the praise and, well, I really love Wrest's artwork. I'm a sucker for albums with good cover art. This is one great black metal album with a domineering atmosphere that sucks you right in.
Sarcophagus in the Sky

I've not kept up with Heavydeath, they just pump out too much material. I was on board with their early demos, but they soon overwhelmed me with content and I wasn't into it enough to bother continuing listening. But someone convinced me that this album was their best yet and worth my time, so I decided to listen to it, this thing is amazing. The riffs are unique, interesting, but still very old-school. The atmosphere for a death/doom record is intoxicating. This is one of the best death metal albums of the year, no doubt. These former Runemagick legends still know how to make...magick.
65Under the Church
Supernatural Punishment

Basically a continuation of killer 90s Swedeath band Nirvana 2002, Under the Church produce similarly brutal buzzsaw death metal that just kicks your ass.
Predator Reign

Degial’s best album yet chockablock with deadly riffs, Morbid Angel-esque stylings and one hell of a gripping atmosphere.
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