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Pink Floyd Albums Ranked

A ranking of my favorite albums from one of my all time favorite bands in order.
1Pink Floyd
The Wall

With Pink Floyd, there are MANY arguments that can be made as to why almost every album they've made is their best. And with The Wall, I think it just happens to be my favorite AND the best. This album is as cinematic as cinematic gets. Every single cut is absolutely fantastic and has a diverse range of sonic and lyrical intricacies that make every song unique but still part of a greater whole. Not only is this my favorite Floyd album, it's my favorite album in general. The emotional journey it takes you on is a deep exploration of abandonment, abuse, power, loneliness, and fear. It's the strongest work from a band that, even at their worst, are still a cut above the rest.
2Pink Floyd
Wish You Were Here

This is where things get interesting. We all know WHAT albums will land at the top of lists like this, but as to what order? Depends entirely on the person. Wish You Were Here is simply the distilled essence of Floyd. I think this is their strongest album stylistically, it's the most representative of their work overall. While it isn't as massive as The Wall, it's tracks are all simply frontrunners for some of the band's best work. The title track is simply one of the best pieces of music that has ever graced humanity. Another perfect album, only in second purely by preference.
3Pink Floyd

I'm not sure if I'm gonna get hate for putting Animals above DSOTM. On one hand, DSOTM is like, THE Pink Floyd album. It's ubiquitous. Animals however is different. It's about as critically acclaimed as the better half of their records, but it's less accessible. Animals is easily the most political album they've made, and I think it shines as this is some of the bands best lyrical work as well. This record is rough, and a bit more psychedelic, and has tracks that last upwards of fifteen minutes, making it a bit harder to really dig into. However, I think it's all pretty damn brilliant, and in my opinion, doesn't get it's due.
4Pink Floyd
The Dark Side of the Moon

Okay so hear me out. This album is incredible. Amazing. Probably the most influential prog rock record of all time, up there with In the Court of the Crimson King and Moving Pictures. Every song is great. However, as a whole, I don't feel like it's AS cohesive as the others. Dark Side of the Moon is a bit more broad with it's ideas and music. It sacrifices cohesion for versatility. If someone asks what album they should try first from Pink Floyd's discography, it should be this one, as it showcases the bands best moments and trademark sound. A classic through and through, I just like the others a bit more.
5Pink Floyd

Meddle is the poster-child for underrated albums. This album is just as solid as the ones listed above it musically. It was a bit more experimental and less refined, but I think that adds to it's charms. It's closing track is absolutely breathtaking. Thematically and conceptually though? Not quite as strong as the others. But still just as engaging to listen to.
6Pink Floyd
Atom Heart Mother

I think pretty much everything I said about Meddle applies here. Only thing that keeps it down lower is that it doesn't have as good of a closer.
7Pink Floyd
The Piper at the Gates of Dawn

A damn good debut album. You definitely get some HUGE Sergeant Pepper vibes with this one, and honestly? It works. I think this stands the test of time about as well as any decent Beatles record. It's a big stylistic outlier for sure, but it's certainly still full of some great stuff.
8Pink Floyd
The Division Bell

Ah yes. Post 'The Final Cut' time. We are now in the dark times. Division Bell is still pretty good though. It's missing something, and I don't just mean Roger Waters, it just kinda sounds underdeveloped in places, but is still quite a solid listen.
9Pink Floyd
The Final Cut

I have a weird relationship with this album, on one hand this features some of Floyd's most charged and evocative material. On the other hand, every song that ISNT awesome sounds like a lesser version of something you'd find on The Wall, which is fine, I love the Wall, but this album lacks a real identity. Still worth checking out, but it's the album I've listened to the least because of it's lack of individuality.
10Pink Floyd
The Endless River

I must say that, despite this album's issues, I quite like it. I listen to it a great deal more than Division Bell or Final Cut, but I know it's not as good. A lot of the cuts here are underwritten as hell and sometimes the instruments are so by the numbers it sort of bores you, but when this album works, it really works. It's a great album to listen to if you're stressed out and need to relax, as it is quite pleasant but still features that weird older Floyd sound that has been decently maintained over the years.
11Pink Floyd
Obscured by Clouds

This is where I'm starting to have less to say. Not because these albums are bad, but because they just aren't as indicative of the band's overall sound and thus, I have listened to far less. Obscured by Clouds? One word.

12Pink Floyd

Nice title there guys. Solid album. Could do with being shorter and more focused though.
13Pink Floyd
A Saucerful of Secrets

A bit heavier than some of the band's early stuff. You kinda gotta be in a special mood for this album though. It's a grower.
14Pink Floyd
A Momentary Lapse of Reason

This is probably the most inconsistent album in their discography. It has some LEGIT highs for the band like with 'Learning to Fly', but it seems like half the songs are great and the other half are just underwritten and boring. Listen for the highlights.
15Pink Floyd

I legit have nothing to say about this album. It's not bad. It's not great. It's fine. That's it. Really.
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