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Exploring weird folk

Recently realized how much I love this stuff and how little I've listened to it. Help pls, I'll give you my thoughts on the album
1The Microphones
It Was Hot We Stayed In The Water
2The Microphones
Mount Eerie

The drumming on the first track is orgasmic, there's no other way to really describe it
3Richard Dawson

Overlooked/underrated banger of an album from this year, great stuff
4Fleet Foxes

Didn't realize prog folk was even really a thing before I heard about this album, lol
First Utterance

From neatoo

It's very rare that I describe albums as being evil. It seems almost too easy - scream a bit, have some lyrics about Satan or similar concepts, you know the drill. But as the final notes of First Utterance faded away, the only thing I'm sure of is that this album is fucking twisted. Comus inhabit a more primitive landscape, one where rape and human sacrifice are commonplace, if not something to be relished. The instrumentation is equally primitive - acoustic guitar, a demented violin, eerie woodwinds. But as the band slowly builds into a dizzying, swirling chant I can't help but be dragged along with it, kicking and screaming.

Laulu Laakson Kukista

From landdiving

What's the rush, I wonder? Paavoharju don't seem to be certain either. Their songs don't progress so much as they simmer, slowly musing amongst swirling textures and haunting vocals. This turns out to be Laulu's greatest strength and its greatest weakness, as the songs have a tendency to blur together into an extremely pleasant, but slightly forgettable, experience. Oh, and those female vocals are excellent. 7.7/10
People Who Can Eat People are the Luckiest People

From bgillesp

The people of Andrew Jackson Jihad sure have a lot to say. Bonnette's voice constantly has this feeling of barely held restrained, like the only thing holding him back from screaming and running into the woods naked is the need to keep the song going. The instruments themselves seem on the verge of breaking most of the time, or at the very least on the verge of unionizing because honestly, they've had enough of AJJ's shit. Great stuff. 8.4/10
8Lost Salt Blood Purges and Boring Bathtimes
Yellow Fog Sword

From snox

I like a lot of the ambient music I've heard, but I think this is just a bit too spacious for its own good. Don't get me wrong, the production is consistently nice across the album and you guys appear to have some good core songwriting chops, and I think "The Sorceress..." is a genuinely great track. However, most of the songs don't justify their length - which can (and does often) extend past the 10 minute mark. The most glaring example of this is the semi-T/T, which begins with an 8 minute drone before the song actually starts. I feel like this was an album made more so for the people making it then the people listening to it. Sorry man, I just didn't really enjoy listening to this all that much. 5.8/10
9Joanna Newsom
The Milk-Eyed Mender

From blush

Well, this is an odd one. The Milk-Eyed Mender operates in dualities. It seems determined to embrace me in a warm hug, and at the same time keeping me completely uncertain. Newsom's voice annoys me at one minute, then soothes the next. The instrumentation is both spartan and lavish, with the glittering harp being a particular highlight.

Her storytelling is pretty amazing, particularly on Sadie, where it makes for a heart-wrenching highlight in the tracklist. The album does lose its' way a bit in the middle though ("This Side of Blue"), but I could definitely see this meandering style growing on me in the future.

For now though, 7.8/10
10Grizzly Bear

From sincerelyaural

I don't think I've wanted to fall head over heels in love with an album this hard in a while. It's consistently gorgeous - rich textures, gorgeous vocals, excellent production. And yet, other than a small handful of tracks (the opener, "While You Wait for the Others", "I Live With You"), I really struggle to keep my focus on it. I may - and hope to - start to love in time, but at the moment it just feels extremely pretty, but forgettable. For the moment, 7.3/10
11John Fahey
Fare Forward Voyagers (Soldier's Choice)

From Neatoo [2]


This was an amazing listen. Fahey's playing is intricate, shimmering, and entrancing. The production is really amazing as well.

I uh... don't know what else to say.


12Simon Finn
Pass the Distance

From SandwichBubble

I can't really say anything bad about this album really - everything just sort of works. The instrumentals are mostly sparse but they work well in supporting Simon. His vocals alternate between the serene and the deranged, to the point that it seems like he legitimately loses his goddamn mind. It's incredible. My one complaint is that he isn't deranged *enough*, as it is during those moments that Simon is at his emotionally potent.

oh, and Jerusalem is a fucking amazing song

13Natural Snow Buildings
The Dance of the Moon and the Sun

From snox [2]
14Jim O'Rourke
Bad Timing

From boney

Bad Timing takes the American Primitism style kickstarted by John Fahey and adds some bells and whistles to it. While Jim's playing isn't nearly as hypnotic as Fahey's, he makes up for it with interesting arrangements and hypnotic drones. Unfortunately, however, there are points where the often sluggish pace of the album begins to wear thin, but for the most part it's a good time - the closing track in particular.

15Linda Perhacs

From sint

I was hooked from that first goddamn vocal harmony. Linda's voice is truly incredible - angelic in every sense, but still containing a down-to-earth (and sometimes humorous) feel to it that makes it truly incredible. The instrumentals are sparse, but provide an ample backing for Linda to springboard off of. It's probably one of the most straightforward albums I've listened to for this list, but it's also one of the most rewarding.

16Jan Dukes de Grey
Mice and Rats in the Loft

From cylinder

This was a pretty sweet listen. The guitar playing is extremely impressive and the scope of the album is inherently massive, given how long the tracks get. But despite their runtime, the tracks never fail to be consistently entertaining in the way they progress. The main problem lies in the somewhat flat production that plagues the album, unfortunately. 7.8/10
Frozen Niagara Falls

From blaze

i tried to start listening to this but that first track - with that drone persistening for 10 minutes and sounding exactly like my tinnitus - said that this really isnt for me


18JW Farquhar
The Formal Female

From thespaceman

The instrumentation on this album is pretty sweet - the rigidness of the drum machine works surprisingly well with the wild west (ish) instrumentation JW drops on top of it. The main problem for me with this album is Farquhar's vocals. The production is also pretty interesting - the lo-fi ~aesthetic~ makes the album sound dense and sparse at the same time, somehow. The main problem with this album for me is the vocals. They've got absolutely no force or emotion behind them whatsoever, and feel so detached from the rest of the album that they might as well not be there at all. Still a pretty cool listen, but I'm not sure if I'm in any rush to return to it.

19King Dude

(I'm like 90% sure this is a post-punk album but w/e)

The most consistent part about this album is its atmosphere (side note: is it possible to talk about this album without using some form of the word atmosphere?). The vocals have been doused in reverb, the guitars have a dark and brooding feel to them, etc etc. The album's best moments are its most energetic ones - 'Holy Christos' and 'Sex Dungeon (USA)' are extremely fun. Unfortunately, King Dude gradually begin to run out of ideas by the album's last moments, relying on a insufferable "audience" on 'The Girls' and a run of the mill ballad to finish.

20The Books
The Lemon Of Pink

From blush [2]
21Clara Engel
The Bethlehem Tapes

From Joe
22Cerberus Shoal
The Land We All Believe In

From Animadversion
Red State

From wren
24Sam Gopal

From wham
25Giles Corey
Giles Corey

From joe [2]
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