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Genre King-part 2

Well, here is the part 2 to my 10 part series. Same shit as last list, just a different genre. The following people are in this round-Archelirion, butcherboy, Dinosaur Jones, Danielito, Joeman82, Conmaniac, macman76, UniqueUniverse, Mort., pjorn, demonofthefall, Nero Corleone, TheSpirit, Sinternet, ComeToDaddy, dewinged, Tvc15, and Landdiving. If you have not been listed, you are not a valid participant for this contest (although I will of course still take music recs). This genre is....
In the Absence of Truth

Post metal/Post rock. Have fun! (also, I know this is difficult considering the genre, but try keeping it to under 10 minutes. I won't behead you if you don't though)
2 I Am The Architect
Gate (John Praw split ep)

Sinternet-Walk in Regret
I'm too lazy to add this in the database now but I will soon.

Absolutely stellar track. Those tremolos in the beginning make me feel like i'm floating through shrouds of mist in a deep hidden valley. The crescendos are simply spine-tingling and those drum crashes towards the end are absolutely perfect. Only downside is that it's not something I see myself replaying immensely, but alas it is still fantastic so 4.7/5 for me boss.
3The Ocean

macman76- Calymmian

How did you know violins were my weakness :o but seriously those violins in the end were haunting and perfect. Also, there is no shortage of badass sludgy riffs and absolutely menacing roars. Easy 4.5/5 for me.
(PSA-if you can't implemented pretty chimey bells and ugly beast gutturals in your post metal you suck.)
4Time To Burn

Archelirion- Emma Peel

1 point for grooviest riff ever, 1 point for maniacal tortured shrieks, 1 point steady but heavy drum patterns, 1 point for short but badass drum break around 3:15, half a point for perfect harrowing guitar pattern/keyboards (?) halfway through, 10 points because I love you arch.
Fuck math 5/5. -HIGHEST SCORE 1-
5Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Slow Riot For New Zero Kanada


Glacially slow track ain't it? I absolutely adore those lonesome violins and piano that are strewn about this track. I was initially off put by the immense amount of sampling but once it gave way and led into a MASSIVE crescendo I fell in love. There has been no shortage of great tracks here but I seriously think this is the best so far. Easy 6/5. -HIGHEST SCORE 2-
6Amia Venera Landscape
The Long Procession

ComeToDaddy- Empire

Holy hell the massive punch this packs. It crushes like a ten ton sledgehammer to the chest, all the while swapping between unfiltered rage and unmeasurable sadness. Also, very few bands could end a destructive hardcore song with victorian-style piano but alas they can. 4.8/5
7Thee Silver Mt. Zion Memorial Orchestra
Fuck Off Get Free We Pour Light on Everything

UniqueUniverse-Fuck Off Get Free (For the Island of Montreal)

The rhythm guitar and discordant clashing-yet-composed orchestra is incredible, being honestly incredibly fun if a bit campy. The vocals were a little bland and monotonous in my opinion, although I can't exactly imagine WHAT vocals would fit with the rather odd atmosphere the band has conjured here. I think what I really respect about this track is even though it doesn't quite engage me like everything else through sheer emotional power, it has this feeling of sheer oddness that sucks me in instead. Definitely a strong track although weaker than the predecessors. 4/5.
All the Footprints You've Ever Left and the Fear Expecting Ahead

Joeman82- A Cage It Falls Into.

I like how for such a while the track is so peaceful like a soft summer breeze, then the drummer says nah FUCK that and delivers a cyclone and tears up entire villages instead. It really feels like the song is split into two parts that are integrated perfectly-from soft, calming beauty to monstrous screams that are tortured and pleading. 4.5/5
Plains Of The Purple Buffalo

Landdiving-Journey to the Plains

Those horns in the beginning are simply stellar and really paint the picture of grass field, windswept heaths. I feel like through the entire track i'm falling into a thick, foggy haze, to be carried off into a land between dreams and reality. This track was magical. 5/5 -HIGHEST SCORE 3-
10Devil Sold His Soul
A Fragile Hope

Mort.-between two words

The guitar work midway adorns this track perfectly, carrying a dark echoes that starkly contrasts the incredibly unhinged vocals. Before this, the track floats above average through fairly average instrumentation and the aforementioned powerful shrieks. The really showstopper off this track is that goddamn ending, that powerful, moving yet gorgeously ethereal ending. The track is somewhat marred by its beginning and only becomes truly amazing in the second half, but still it's hella good. 4/5
The Destruction of Small Ideas

Demon of the Fall-The Conspiracy of Seeds

More Victorian styled violin! Intro was haunting and sent shivers up my spine immediately. That snare build-up (and overall percussion, possibly by City of Caterpillars drummer? The band is featured on this apparently) is riveting, and the glitch samples add a really cool industrial vibe to the song. 5/5 username, 4.5/5 song
Waking Season

DinosaurJones-Gone in Bloom and Bough (never heard a full album by them but they played alongside Katatonia and were absolutely fucking amazing)

I'm rather conflicted here, because I can't help but keep drawing comparisons to how they were live. 3 guitarists. Mesmerizing. Destructively loud. With that in mind I was -slightly- dissapointed but i'm still easing up because this was gorgeous. Didn't exactly pull any punches, just slow, somber guitar work backed by frail, barely-there vocals that create a sense of being distant and ostracized from a whole universe cast off to an entire galaxy of your own creation, where there and only there you realize all the freedom you could ever want lies before.
Who am I fucking kidding you're in space you're dying 4.4/5
13Yawning Man
Pot Head

butcherboy-Encounters with an Angry God

butcherboy feeding them aural acid tablets.
Honestly though, this was ok. Definitely getting some synthy spaced-out stoner vibes from this but that's...kind of it. Sorry man, 3.2/5 -ELIMINATED-
14Dirty Three
Horse Stories

NeoCorleone-Sue's Last Ride

This was certainly a cool track. It kind of felt like a post rock jam sessions where ideas were tossed about to see what works. Nothing mind blowing but still a strong 3.6/5.
15World's End Girlfriend
Hurtbreak Wonderland

danielito19-100 Years of Choke

Certainly a rather different post rock affair as well as being my first dabble in anything even vaguely electronic. That being said, this is mesmerizing. The typical post rock crescendos have been mostly retracted (except that magnificent saxophone nearing the 8 minute mark), and in stead mostly give way to even more peaceful moments than were before. Even the incredible cathartic amalgamation of electronic beats nearing the end are more serene than monolithic or staggering (until the last two minute shocks you with the most absolutely discordant fucked up mess of, well, everything). Of course, even this gives way to more powerful drums and electronic beats that lift you into euphoria. Really eccentric music that throws some interesting curveballs that all work to staggering effect. 4.4/5
16Stiu Nu Stiu
Fake End

pjorn- october

1 point for very quaint and fragile lovely lady vox, 1 point for laid back echoing guitar vibes, 1.7 points for sweet guitar solo near the end, -10 points because you hate guitar solos. 3.7/5 cuz fuck math again.
17Sigur Ros
( )

Conmaniac-untitled #7.

Fuck, this is gonna be rough. I loved the vocalist. His voice was like an icy wind chilling my spine, managing to sound so dark and frail and distant. That is the upside of this track. The downside is, well...nothing happens. Over time I found myself expecting some sort of change in sound, a build up, a new instrument, anything of any prominence but no, nothing happened at all. Things do seem to change a -small- amount when the drums become much louder towards the last 30 seconds but that was it. Perhaps over time I will grow to appreciate this but it really kind of bored me. 2.8/5. -ELIMINATED-
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