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digalogue 2

just keepin up with myself.. not everything i've listened to, just stuff i've dug since the last digalogue, consensusizing where i felt it was relevant.
1Deine Lakaien
Winter Fish Testosterone

(darkwave/electropop) - German..overlooked on this site but quite influential in other circles. i wouldn't recommend this album in particular as it's really rigid and awkward at times, still some great songs to be found tho. grab it if you like their other albums..
2Deine Lakaien

(2) - a massive step up from the last one. much more atmosphere, much more grace, much tighter songwriting. if you like this kind of music i'm pretty sure you will like this. they move a bit away from 'darkwave,' opting to play around w electronics and the 'pop' influence a little more, but there's still a few heavy moments and the singer's super deep voice is always there to ease you..
3Deine Lakaien
White Lies

(3) - their masterpiece imo. every song is a teeming world, and any one of the more emotional numbers will be quite enough to jerk some tears.. i was listening to this constantly when i found it, it's an embodiment of perfection to me.

(darkwave/electropop) - more from Germany.. this album is great, but..
Casting Shadows

(2) - .. i can assuredly say this is one of the best albums i've ever heard. usually artists don't really get extra points from me for 'discipline,' but this is one case where it kind of makes the album. you can tell the band really did all they could to make each song different rhythmically and thematically, without alienating a single person by making them too different. honestly this might be the best 'electronics + vocals' album i've ever heard. can't do it justice right now. check this if you like music

(power electronics) - ah, the original, the one and only.. the fucking harrowing..
7Controlled Bleeding
Body Samples

(power electronics/noise) - these guys' early discog is kinda spotty, but these two albums are great, unpredictable fun
8Controlled Bleeding

Hole in the Heart

(death industrial/power electronics/noise)
Divine Legions Beyond Psyche

(power electronics)
As Loud as Possible

(harsh noise) - quintessential..

(harsh noise) - these guys' debut didn't really do it for me, but this one's great fun. kinda gives me Mothers of Invention vibes in a way

(harsh noise) - the genre really should be 'whatever the fuck we want,' there's a song on here that's like eight minutes of people screaming and throwing glass at a wall (that's what it sounds like lol)
Flare Gun

(harsh noise) - entry-level af, but revisiting this after all these other albums confirmed my suspicions that this is probably Merzbow's best from this period
15Dissecting Table
Human Breeding

(harsh noise/death metal motifs) - this almost reminds me of something like.. if Fantomas also made some hideously awesome noise
16Werewolf Jerusalem
God Has Shot Himself

(harsh noise wall) - holy FUCK..
17The Cherry Point
Night of the Bloody Tapes

(harsh noise wall)
18The Cherry Point
Black Witchery

(2) - his three one-song EPs put together in a nice little comp.. absolutely hooked on this guy's style right now
19White Suns
Waking in the Reservoir

(noise-punk) - loved these guys' second album for a while, am not regretting checking the rest of their stuff
20Innercity Ensemble

(jazz/drone/experimental) - same situation as White Suns, but this is probably one of the best debuts i've encountered in a loooong time. prepare to drift off to another place
21Melt Yourself Down
Melt Yourself Down

(jazz/funk/post-punk) - and another! these guys' second album was one of my top 15 of the year last year, pleasantly surprised by this one being just as good if not better..
22The Goats
Tricks of the Shade

(hip-hop) - overlooked, super fun old-school stuff

(shoegaze/alt rock)

25Dizzee Rascal
Boy In Da Corner

(hip-hop/uk garage/grime) - this album's a great time when you're in the right mood.. otherwise it can be slightly obnoxious and the production is a little sparse at times for me. i can imagine if i heard it when it came out tho my reception might be slightly different, it is pretty unique stuff
Dawn of Possession

(death metal) - ahem.. i needed something to wash out Pierced from Within with.. this did the trick
Here in After

28The Mountain Goats

(indie rock/indie folk/americana?) - this album took revisiting to realize its greatness.. i was always drawn to the sound of it but damn i didn't know it was this perfect.

(deep house) - from 2000, i highly recc this if you're into the style
30Extra Life
Dream Seeds

(avant-chamber rock-shiz) - you never knew it existed, but here i am in the flesh.. an Extra Life fanboy. lol
Live I

(psych rock/noise rock) - quite simply some of the best guitar music you'll ever hear
Zeroes QC

(post-punk/art-rock) - not quite as polished or immersive as their next two, but still super solid. give this a listen if you were curious what they'd sound like with a bit louder, more rockin' guitars
33Venn Rain
Cymatic Cymbols

34Taylor Deupree

(drone/ambient) - goddamn beautiful..
35Jute Gyte

(downtempo industrial??) - who knew the master of microtone metal could switch so gracefully to an all-electronic work and keep things just as immersive.. and just as creepy..
36Jute Gyte
Ship of Theseus

(experimental black metal) - m/
37Marika Hackman
I'm Not Your Man

(indie rock/indie folk) - truthfully this is a huge melting pot of styles, easily one of the best of the year so far, get on it
Savage Sinusoid

(glitch/breaks/Baroque death metal) - his most restrained, and incidentally his best thus far
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