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2017 Part 3..

Out in the Storm

An occasionally pleasant and consistently pleasing effort. A modest triumph, and though I'm aware as I listen that nothing grandiose is happening and I won't pick up again after a few months, it's simply a great album and that's an end in itself. On first listen, it rushed and rattled me in all the right ways, but has since dropped .5. Still damn lovely.

2Sheer Mag
Need to Feel Your Love

The high fidelity tack stripped them of a fair chunk of their charming beginnings, but this is still damn good rock n roll. And like Lucid pointed out, to those who didn't first hear the EP's and came to the band through this full-length, it hits just as hard and good.


Now that the lavish, over-sexual blonde trend has finished dying off in pop music, the industry has adjusted itself to the time, and has started pumping out vaguely artistic brunettes. At surface value, they are supposedly more involved in songwriting, can even pluck an instrument or two, and most importantly, they look more human and approachable. And pound for pound, this site is drinking the Kool-Aid more than I could have ever expected. American Apparel ad models have come to life and infected music. Yay!

4Vince Staples
Big Fish Theory

The only thing that makes this one drag for me in places is the static-packed, tuned singing vocals that have swept over hip-hop as of late. But this thing has faithless scope, which makes me love it all the more. it's far-reaching, while dodging didactic pontificating and skirting the genre's trends just enough to appeal to all. Pretty damn fantastic.

5Aborted Tortoise
An Beach

A crackling burst of garage and surf with mild punk undertones. Loud and snotty and simple, perfect for its own occasion. Never a classic, but I come to garage rock with appropriate expectations. It ticks the immediate aspects of instant gratification.


Still crunchy and laced with feedback, but with an ever-so slight stronger lean towards melody. These guys are going through the motions, but they're good motions and ones that they pretty much shaped for themselves to begin with. I enjoy it, if only because I learned to tune out their lyrical matter years ago. Past the age of 17, it just sounds like a posturing goth who drinks cherry juice because it's blood-like.

7Dan Auerbach
Waiting On A Song

The Black Keys were always boring cunts who made boring cunt records. And now that the head Black Key has gone full-on solo, he dialed down the fuzz and dialed up the boring and made the best damn boring cunt record of his life.

Two Parts Viper

To me personally, this band are better on the verses when they do manic half-spoken singing that ties them close to the Jesus Lizard, Iceage and some more hardcore Oi! acts. But the hooks spiral into jockstrapping rock that sometimes borders on Saliva-type shite.

9Institute (USA-TX)

This thing is heavier, dronier and angrier than Catharsis from a few years ago, and all the better for it. It's thick and so sludgy and opaque in places that it's easy to miss how much guitar nuance has actually been snuck in there. Strongly recommend this for anyone with crossover hardcore/noise punk/light sludge likes.

10 Tyler, the Creator
Scum Fuck Flower Boy

Best hip-hop album of the year so far, and has crashed and holding steadily in my top 5. I think he's finally come into the potential he's been boasting about having all this time.

Thin Black Duke

Closely trailing Perfume Genius as my record of the year. As sophisticated as it is brutalized, Thin Black Duke is everything I've ever wanted from this outfit. Dialing down the more metallic aspects of their guitars works perfectly for me, and it instantly broadened where their sound could go. They took advantage of all that extra space well.

12Ray Davies

I adore the Kinks and I love Ray Davies. But this album pulls higher to me mostly because of that love, and not by virtue of being particularly good. It's longer than it could have been and breezier than it should have been.

13Chuck Berry

His borderline despicable lifestyle aside, Chuck Berry is infinitely important to both rock n roll, and everywhere it has gone since the 50's. It's hard to deny his status as a visionary and compulsive gear-head, but this album was exactly what it was going to be. A hyper-competent and often-tedious last call to arms from a genius who'd been floundering both creatively and health-wise for years.

Trouble Maker

Upsetting three random Rancid fans enough to join the site and rag on my review has so far been my greatest achievement on this site. I have tremendous nostalgia attached to them and so will always give their new albums a spin or two. But this suffers from the worst brand you could slap onto a piece of music. Not charismatic or disastrous enough to be starkly bad, it is just lifeless and boring.

15Rise Against

A pedantically righteous 'punk' band even in their best years, they are finally starting to claim the mediocre foothold that they always deserved. I honestly had no clue the country and the world were in economic and moral shambles until this creaky-voiced failed poli-sci professor with the haircut of a lobotomized Amish duck started screaming it at me. Live and learn.

16Fleet Foxes

Good-natured, capable, clever and refined. Fleet Foxes, these are all the wonderful things you are. These are ALL the things you are.

17Stevens / Dessner / Muhly / McAlister

This was an ambitious project with some imposing talent wielding it. It ends up suffering like a lot of loaded projects like these do. A group of incredibly deft musicians packed with ideas piecing them into music and no one around to trim or edit any of it. Masturbatory as all hell, but still rather nice.

The Underside of Power

Worst album of the year. Underside of Power, more like underside of an HPV wart on the inflamed asshole of music.

19King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Murder Of The Universe

Hippies with pedal boards be hippies with pedal boards. They're three more of these to come?!

20Broken Social Scene
Hug of Thunder

This is just as good as You Forgot It in People to me, and though that whole Canadian indie explosion scene was always just as annoying as it was gifted, it's nice to see all of this band's moving parts coming together once again and cranking out music that's brimming with genuine emotion, rather than sleek style.

21Royal Blood
How Did We Get So Dark?

There's an uncomfortably large amount of people who are spending a lot of time saying how this is such a big letdown after their debut, without realizing that the debut was only a tiny notch better than this heap of hot garbage.

22Jason Isbell
The Nashville Sound

I'm very new to this sort of country music that does indeed very much slice towards the original Nashville sound. Though I do find Isbell infinitely likable and relatable, a lot of this just veers away from both my personal aesthetic set and my general music knowledge. All that said, If We Were Vampires is one of the most tender and guttering and best songs of this year.


Tunaboy's review summary for this was perfect. It's a frustrating album, packed with great ideas, a hell of a lot of which can't quite stick the landing. Varied and very very interesting, I hope they start editing themselves on the next one, rather than just throwing it all at a wall.

24The Mountain Goats

See both Fleet Foxes and Planetarium entries.

A Walk With Love And Death

Half of this bloated album is like a Diet Coke version of Metal Machine Music, and the other half is a passable Melvins album. I love them dearly, but they've been in an extended slump lately and are starting to edge on a band that now sounds like a very good cover version of itself. Will always check their new stuff and hope for the best. But this one is a wash.

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