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03.20.17 Getaway Pt. 2: Portland03.11.17 Getaway Pt. 1: Seattle
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Getaway Pt. 2: Portland

doing this post trip as i haven't had interwebz
1Elliott Smith

only natural first suggestion seeing as I'm in his town. also I grabbed this lp around this time last year from 2nd ave records, which is by far and away the best record store in the PNW (house of records in eugene is close)
2Massive Attack
Blue Lines

today's score from 2nd ave, this album is a cornerstone of my upbringing as it was always being played around the house when I was a kid. that and the album is just undeniably baller
3Desert Sessions
Volumes 9 & 10

stuffy and potent desert jams made excellent by pj harvey's presence. a good contrast to the wet dank gloom. what I wouldn't give for some dry desert air. you ever read the Alchemist?
4Fiona Apple
When the Pawn...

a few standouts that fit the excited-clumsy shuffle occupying Powell's. busy (as always I imagine) but plenty to look at.
5Carina Round

two years ago today it was already spring where I live. not this year, but I reminisce with these songs. "girl and the ghost" "set fire" "marcel marcel", all of them really. fantastic album.

the psychology section has caught my attention most. been perusing some work by Wilhelm Reich but they don't have the one I'm looking for...
6The Velvet Underground
The Velvet Underground

they've got a bunch of over priced records, this being one of them. already got my 1984 15-year reissue at home so there's no temptation. more tempting, however, is...
7Ariana Grande
Dangerous Woman

this gem. I fucking love this album. no shame man, it's just straight up pure pop phenomena. the first half is rock solid and it follows through decently. get over your feeble dispositions and check it out

anything from the bristol UK area seems to fit fine with the climate of the pacific northwest. if we weren't already drowning in abysmal cookie-cutter indie rock, i could see stuff like this make a comeback around here.

a quick burst of sun on the interstate. the title track feels oddly suitable for the skittish traffic and funky overpass conglomerate over the river. Poe does a great job at making catchy, charming millenial songs that are vaguely about nothing. perfect for driving
10Chroma Key
Dead Air For Radios

an all time favorite absolutely. one that totally implies a sense of travel, adventure into the unknown, an open mindedness about one's future and a nervous optimism that the future's going to be brighter than the past. truly a stunner. rarely can I relate to the feelings of one's work as much as I can this
Dragging a Dead Deer Up a Hill

recently rec'd and I'm quite glad for it. great album and she might be from around here, not sure. the mood certainly feels at home in the oregon trees.
12Julianna Barwick

actually came across this because somehow I see it in every record store. now I see why, as it's absolutely gorgeous, in a similar sense as the previous. sitting in stumptown down by the Ace hotel. it seems oddly quiet downtown today
13How to Destroy Angels
How To Destroy Angels

reznor's always got a place in my rotation and this project seems to have turned out pretty well. a nice change of pace from the abrasion of NIN also Mariqueen sounds heavenly
14The Middle East
The Recordings of the Middle East

a superb and rarely mentioned album. it's got exquisite melodies and immaculate guitar playing, along with nice male-female vocal interplay and the backing band is good. the formula is pretty standard, being primarily a combination of folk and melancholic pop, but what really makes it gleam is the post-rock patience found throughout like on "lonely" and the final track "tsietsi"
15Sun Kil Moon
Ghosts of the Great Highway

I think this is one of those "sput albums", so I really needn't say much. I do want to reiterate that it's one of the best albums to give that open road vibe
16Joanna Newsom
The Milk-Eyed Mender

I really dig this album but almost always listen to it alone, as you never know who's gonna love or hate her voice. it's a similar kind of love it or hate it as Bjork has going on. anyway, the time is nigh since I know a total of one person in this entire city.
17King Crimson
Larks' Tongues in Aspic

one of those longtime favorites, both in terms of past and future. it's also one of those that always seems appropriate to play, so why not now. Book of Saturday is one of the best songs to grace these ears and tongues in aspic pt. 2 rocks harder than most tracks to this day. DISCIPLINE I'M NOT IGNORING YOU
18Sneaker Pimps
Becoming X

wow what a fucking stellar album. somehow never heard before today and I'm already like, "shit, I wonder if any of the vinyl shops around here have this"
19Haruka Nakamura

serenity in music form. a good album for any mellow occasion especially one involving rain and dim lighting; things I seem to have in abundance lately

seemingly impossible to find in any record store. unfortunate, as I'd pay good money for an early copy with the original album cover (not that absurd 80's-onward alternate). became well acquainted with this album about 40,000 feet above ground last november on the way to mexico, which is a good way to figure out if you like something
21Hope Sandoval and the Warm Inventions
Through the Devil Softly

I'm obsessed with Hope right now. her shy, hazy musical sense is just so enticing
22Amon Duul II

pure 70's gold right here. only heard recently honestly, and am quite glad I did. the buddy I'm staying with has class for another 3 hours so might as well keep jammin tunes
A Lost Connection

need to wind down and clear the mind. came across this recently because of their collab w/ jah wobble. not enduring music but nice time and again
24Tori Amos
Boys for Pele

incredibly acquainted with this album. makes for a comfortable listen which is nice after keeping up with the city's hussle
25Bark Psychosis

pendulum man is pure dreamy euphoria
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