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my remaining vinyl

sold a good chunk of my records over the past couple months, this is what I have left. still probably gonna toss some of this stuff on ebay or discogs but idk. random thoughts included in descriptions
1Alkaline Trio
Alkaline Trio

favorite record by them, better than goddammit imo.
2008 edition, black
2All Pigs Must Die
God is War

I don't really like this band. An old roommate bought this as a gift for me though, so I felt like I should keep it.
2011, 180gram from hot topic I think
3At the Drive-In

really solid release from them, I might like this more than ROC tbh.
10" white original press
4Bad Religion
No Control

not much to say about this other than it was one of the first punk records I ever heard, still jams.
reissue from 2009
Red Album

I liked this more when I was in high school -- not so much anymore. isak still slaps.
2xLP, 180gram from 2009
6The Beatles
Meet The Beatles!

just an old record my dad gave me, not a big fan of this one. old as shit tho
7The Beatles

classic record, needs no description.
reissue from sometime in the 80's I think
8Between the Buried and Me

another gift from a friend
2x LP, 2011 reissue on pale yellow
We Are the Romans

great record, found it at some record store in okc that mainly sold classic rock stuff. was $20 so i snagged it.
2xLP, 2013 reissue
An Anthology of Dead Ends

found this in NYC back in '06-ish. top 10 favorite record of all time.
10" White, 2002 original press
11The Chariot
Long Live

I have a soft spot for this band and record, ex gf bought it for me as a gift.
Black from 2011

top 10 favorite record, bought this one on ebay ~8 years ago. owning this makes me feel like a shitty hipster.
3xLP from 2001
Petitioning the Empty Sky

this is part of a double LP along with When Forever Comes Crashing
marble red/orange for this half, 2007
When Forever Comes Crashing

this is part of a double LP along with Petitioning the Empty Sky
marble blue/white for this half, 2007
You Fail Me

Top 5 favorite record of all time, probably won't ever sell this one.
180gram from 2004

found this when i was back in Buffalo visiting friends this past May, didn't even realize they repressed it. top 10 all time as well.
2015 repress on black
Hell Songs

this used to be my favorite record ever, haven't listened to it much lately though. i feel like shit for that.
2006 original press, Cream color

I have the vinyl box set from 2011 all 180gram, limited 1000. preordered it when it first game out, so i got it for the original $200 (i think is what it was). Deftones are a band I have a tattoo of, will always be special to me.
Around the Fur

part of the box set
White Pony

part of the box set, tied for 2nd with SNW

part of the box set, favorite record of theirs tbh
Saturday Night Wrist

part of the box set, 2nd favorite with WP
Diamond Eyes

part of the box set

part of the box set
25The Dillinger Escape Plan
Irony Is a Dead Scene

one of the best EP's of all time, peak of what they did as a band and my favorite mike patton project.
2010, clear vinyl

not my favorite by them, saw it at a hot-topic back in ~2009 and impulse bought it. sorry for buying from HT.
2008 reissue

favorite fugazi record, traded some dude some weed I had for it. I don't smoke anymore so it was a tight trade imo.
2009 reissue
Liquid Swords

bought this at an urban outfitters lmao
2xLP 2011 reissue
Everything You Ever Wanted to Know About Silence

Hot-Topic exclusive fire emoji fire emoji fire emoji, also a dope record
2xLP, clear orange from 2011
The Moon Is a Dead World

most coveted record i own, found it on ebay for $20 because the dude misspelled the band name.
Purple vinyl original press
31Gray Matter
Food For Thought

dude at a record store recommended me this, had never heard of them but thought it was a pretty tight record. beatles cover is pretty fun. overlooked dischord band.
2009 reissue on gray

used to be my favorite by them, still rips super hard.
clear vinyl from 2007

one of my favorite records ever, aaron turner is god
2xLP on weird greenish/gray vinyl
For Your Own Special Sweetheart

impulse purchase from a record store a couple years ago, not my favorite but still a good record.
2009 reissue
24 Hour Revenge Therapy

one of the most important records to me, top 5 all time. literally have the matches from the cover tattooed on me.
2015 reissue on Red
Dear You

impulse bought this a couple months ago even though i promised myself i'd stop buying records. classic album, be gone haters.
2015 reissue on Blue

friend bought me this a few years back, not my favorite by them.
2009 reissue
Jersey's Best Dancers

man i loved this record in highschool. need to jam it soon, its been a few years.
2010 reissue on clear red
39Matt Skiba & Kevin Seconds

love matt's side, kevin's is okay. bought directly from asian man's website a few years back.
2008 reissue, pink and blue swirl
40maudlin of the Well

I was part of the group that crowd funded this thing, my name is in the thank you notes along with the other 299 people who bought it. one of the coolest things I own.
2xLP, black and red
41maudlin of the Well
Leaving Your Body Map

part of the box set above.
2xLP, orange and purple.

impulse buy last year, it was 10$ which is way too fucking cheap for how much this rules.
2003 original press

not a popular opinion, but my favorite meshuggah record. bought at record theatre in buffalo, 2010ish.
2xLP on Red
44Modest Mouse
The Moon & Antarctica

used to be one of my favorite records, kinda grew out of them :/
2xLP, 180 gram

don't even know how I got this one, interesting skramz/emo shit tho
2001 original press I think?

great record, needs no description. saw it for like 15$ so i scooped it.
2012 reissue
47Poison the Well
The Opposite of December

top 10 all time for me, fite me irl
promo copy from like 1999 I think
48 Poison the Well
TheOppositeof December/Tear From The Red

got this when they reissued it, yes i own two copies of the opposite of december, fite me irl
49Q and Not U
No Kill No Beep Beep

it doesn't make sense, but this is probably my favorite record of all time. I never get tired of listening to it even after 12ish years.
2009 reissue, clear orange
Kid A

a friend gave this to me for my birthday, no description needed.
2008 reissue, 2x10"

bought this from asian man's website. got it when I was obsessed with alk3 and wanted all their side project stuff. mediocre record tbh
2xLP, clear from 2008

classic record, top 10-15 all time for me. stole it on accident from an ex-roommate tbh :/
2004 original press...
53Sunny Day Real Estate

love this record, not much else to say. bought it from some shop in Buffalo in like 2010.
2xLP on Red, 2009
54Survival Knife
Loose Power

dude gave this to me for free when I told him Unwound was my favorite band. kinda neat
2014 press

fucking classic record, idgaf tool fucking owns.
2xLP reissue picture disc
Rat Conspiracy

comes with fake train and new plastic ideas and a collection of b-sides, shit rips.
3xLP, 2014 box set
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