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Doof Predictions 2017

Please make a prediction rating/comment
1The National
Sleep Well Beast

[Doof Predicted Rating: 5] (Sput Average Prediction: 4.2)

Doof - "I'm expecting something a little different, maybe more rhythmic, perhaps more widescreen and soundtrack-y I dunno. I'll welcome any change so long as that quality is kept as high as before."

Tuna - "New National will be a 5, no question"

Boney - "Even if new National isn't an immediate 5 I will 5 it eventually, such is the way of the world."

Sandwich - "[3.5]"
2Grizzly Bear
Painted Ruins

[4.5] (4)

Doof - "It's been a long old time since their last one, so the pressure is on - I'm going to say they deliver."

Zak - "2 will be bland turgid, Brooklyn hipster rubbish."
3The Flaming Lips
Oczy Mlody

[4] (3.9)

Sandwich - "[3.5] or [3] - I'll never look at these guys the same after Fwends."
Last Place

[4] (3.9)

Doof - "It'll be great having Grandaddy back and the song they've released so far sounds promising. There's room for them in the musical landscape of 2017, of that I'm sure."

Sandwich - "[3.5] or [3] - Not expecting a masterwork here."
5Sun Kil Moon
Common As Light and Love Are Red Valleys of Blood

[4] (3.6)

judasgoat - "The Koz has dropped off in a big way since Benji, but the past couple of songs off that double album made me believe he still has some stories to tell. A cautiously optimistic 3."
6Run the Jewels
Run the Jewels 3

[4] (3.9)

Scuro - "RTJ will be a 4-4.5"

TheMrAlexK - "New RTJ will be a 3 I guarantee it"
7The War on Drugs
Lost in the Dream

[4] (4)
8Father John Misty
Pure Comedy

[4] (3.7)

rabidfish - "Meh. [2]"

judasgoat - "4 at least. Tillman has found his voice. And as long as he keeps using it, he'll be golden. Hell, even a retread of Honeybear's themes would be at least worth a 3.5."
Dear Tommy

[4] (3.8)

Doof - "Ground control to Major Tommy...last call for Dear Tommy. Come in anyone out there...?"
10Mark Eitzel
Hey Mr Ferryman

[4] (4 as only I'll rate it)

Boney - "Doof I'm already anticipating listening to the new Mark Eitzel, projecting a 3.5 myself so a 3.8 average." (Ed: Great ;P )
11Strand of Oaks
Hard Love

[4] (3.7)

[4] (3.8)

Doof - recently 5'd 'Pygmalian' so I'd be happy if they picked up where that left off in 'Laughing Stock' land.

Sandwich - "[4] - I mean, of course, there's always the possibility..."

dan - "Slowdive i'm scared it won't live up to expectations, but they're usually too good to disappoint. 3.8."
13Fleet Foxes

[4] (3.6)

rabidfish - "Need to shake things up a little, by their 2nd album I think they've exhausted their signature sound. If they can dig deeper, and come out on top, it might be AOTY material. I dunno man, I suck at this [anywhere between a 2 and a 4.5]" (Ed: yes you do suck at this smh)

judasgoat - "Who knows? They're going in a new direction, and the way Pecknold has described it (folk-soul?) has me thinking "FUCK YES AUTO 5" but there's just as much possibility for it to go wrong. We'll find out. Hard to predict a rating, but, gun to my head, 3.5."
14Modest Mouse
Strangers to Ourselves

[4] (3.5)

Sandwich - "[2.5] - This band will never have another exceptionally good album in our lifetime."
15Jens Lekman
Life Will See You Now

[4] (3.8)
16Massive Attack
Ritual Spirit

[4] (4.1)

Doof - "I forgot about Massive Attack, this has a lot of potential considering the two EPs were solid."

dan - "Massive Attack is gonna be absolutely amazing if their 2016 releases are any indicator. 4.3"
17Pissed Jeans
Why Love Now

[3.5] (3.4)
18Neutral Milk Hotel
In the Aeroplane Over the Sea

[3.5] (3.7)

rabidfish - "NMH: New memes, finally [2.5]"
19Queens of the Stone Age

[3.5] (3.9)

Tuna - "If there's new QOTSA it's gonna be a 4/4.5"

dan - "QOTSA really came back strong after Era Vulgaris, so i can see them carrying on nicely. I'd love to see Oliveri coming back tho. 4."
Near to the Wild Heart of Life

[3.5] (3.7)
21The Feelies
Here Before

[3.5] (3.5)
22Arcade Fire
Everything Now

[3.5] (3.6)

Sandwich - "[4] - Don't let me down please, putting a lot of faith in you chuckleheads."
23The Jesus and Mary Chain
Damage and Joy

[3.5] (3.7)
Hot Thoughts

[3.5] (3.7)

Boney - "I'm gonna be confident and project a 4.5 for new Spoon."
Weather Diaries

[3.5] (3.8)

Sandwich - "[4] or [3.5] - I mean, of course, there's always the possibility..."
26My Morning Jacket
The Waterfall

[3.5] (3.4)

Sandwich - "[2.5] or [2]"
27St. Vincent

[3.5] (3.9)
The Optimist

[3.5] (3.7)

judasgoat - "Again, a 4 at least. They can do no wrong in my eyes, and I'm sure the new one will continue their winning streak."
29Dirty Projectors
Dirty Projectors

[3.5] (3.8)

Sandwich - "[4] or [3.5] - I expected a letdown after Bitte Orca, but was pleasantly surprised. Hoping the same happens this time."
Words From the Genius

[3.5] (3.8)
31Sleaford Mods
English Tapas

[3.5] (3.3)
32King Gizzard and The Lizard Wizard
Murder Of The Universe

[3] (3.8)

[3] (3.9)

[3] (4)

Doof - "super overrated imo but they usually drop some quality singles."

rabidfish - "Having my reservations, I can't see Damon screwing this up in a big way. Gorillaz has always been his favorite pet project and he always brings his A++ game to it. I don't think they would've returned if he didn't feel he had top material to work with. [4]"

Sandwich - "[2] or [1.5] - ✝ Stay away."

FullOfSounds - "Gorillaz will be AOTY prob"
Fucked Up Inside

[3] (3.7)

onionbubs - "new spiritualized will be a 4.5"
36Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

[3] (3.6)
37Ryan Adams

[3] (3.4)
Surgical Steel

[3] (3.8)

Scuro - "If there's a new Carcass album it'll be a 4.5 too."

judasgoat - "3.5. The riffs will be too good to be anything less."
39Cloud Nothings
Life Without Sound

[3] (3.4)

Sandwich - "[3] - Released track was a bit of a bore."
40Depeche Mode

[3] (3.8)
41Pearl Jam
Lightning Bolt

[3] (3.3)

Sandwich - "[2.5] - As to be expected."

dan - "Pearl Jam have settled in a nice little comfort zone recently, and they're good enough to pull it off for at least another album. 3.5."

[3] (3.4)

dan - "Dreams is a really nice tune imo and if Beck does a full album in that style it'll be a nice change of pace for him. 3.4."

ArsM - "Beck will be good, but I hope it follows the style of Wow over Dreams probably will be a 3.5."

[3] (3.5)
44The Afghan Whigs
In Spades

[3] (3.5)
45Broken Social Scene
Hug of Thunder

[3] (3.6)
Little Fictions

[3] (3.5)

[3] (3.9)
48The Horrors

[2.5] (3.8)
49Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
The Tourist

[2.5] (2.6)

Sandwich - "[2] - That debut seems so long ago now."
50LCD Soundsystem
American Dream

[2.5] (4)
51Lana Del Rey
Lust For Life

[2.5] (3)
Emperor of Sand

[2.5] (3.9)

Ovrot - "New Mastodon will be a hard 3.5"

[2.5] (3.6)
54The xx
I See You

[2.5] (4)
55Rage Against the Machine
The Battle of Los Angeles

Zack de la Rocha solo

[2.5] (3.8)

Doof - "I haven't got a good feeling about this one."

Joeman82 - "New RATM is going to be as good as Renegades of Funk. 3.0" (Ed: It'll be Zack solo)
56Brian Eno

[2.5] (3.2)
57Belle and Sebastian
Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance

[2.5] (3.8)
Something To Tell You

[2] (3.4)
59Taylor Swift

[2] (3.1)
60Steel Panther
Lower The Bar

[2] (3.5)

Scuro - "New Steel Panther will be a 4 at least."

[2] (3.3)

rabidfish - "Too little, too late. [2.5]"
62Brand New
Science Fiction

[2] (4.6)

Sandwich - "[2.5]"

TVC15 - ""Will Brand New get 4.6 average tho?" Not before I give it a 1"

Joeman82 - "New Brand New is gonna be a 3.5"
Machine Messiah

[2] (2.9)
64Charli XCX

[2] (3.6)
65Circa Waves
Different Creatures

[2] (3.3)
66Surfer Blood

[2] (3.4)
10,000 Days

[1.5] (5)

Chuck - "look out for new tool in 2009"

Joeman82 - "New Tool is a probably-not-worth-the-wait/5"

TheMrAlexK - "The new Tool album will be an N/A because it won't be released in 2017."
68Robbie Williams
The Heavy Entertainment Show

[1] (1.4)

Cimnele - "robbie williams will pop his clogs"
69Mount Eerie
A Crow Looked At Me

OvDeath - "I predict Mount Eerie [5]"
70ScHoolboy Q
Schoolboy Turned Hustla

Chuck - "ScHoolboy Q [5]"
71The Menzingers
After the Party

onionbubs - "new menzingers will prob be a 4 if it sounds like the single"
72Marilyn Manson
Heaven Upside Down

[3] (3.6)

Scuro - "Manson's SAY10 will flop, 2-2.5"
Impossible Shot

onionbubs - "(if) new glassjaw will be a 3.5-4"
74The Shins

[2.5] (3.2)

Boney - "I second the Shins 2.5"

Davil667 - "New Coroner, hyped af."
Future Politics

poly - "new Austra will be a 3.5-4"
77Artificial Brain
Infrared Horizon

Ovrot - "New Artificial Brain album will be a 4.5"
78System of a Down

[1.5] (3.4)

TVC15 - "New System of a Down will probably be a 2 tbh"

Joeman82 - "New SOAD is going to be a 3.5 as well"

TheGreatQ - "New SOAD will suck, 2.5 at the highest unless Serj reinvents his voice and Daron learns to write lyrics again."

[3.5] (3.8)

Balerion - "I predict if new Sleep comes out it will be somewhere around 4."
80The Wrens

[3] (3.7)
81Death Grips
Bottomless Pit

[1.5] (3.9)

TheMrAlexK - "New Death Grips will be a 4-4.5"

TVC15 - "If Death Grips manages to somehow outdo themselves again it'll probably be another 5"

rabidfish - "If their last single is any indication, New Death Grips will be pretty interesting. [4]"
Rip Bladee

[2.5] (4.1)

hal1ax - "hey look out for '17 bladee doof ! 5/5...u shit gibbon"
83The Birthday Massacre

TheGreatQ - "I'm really looking forward to The Birthday Massacre's new album. Superstition was great, and if they refine that sound further or even just keep with it the new one will be a solid 4 for me."
84The Magnetic Fields
50 Song Memoir

[3] (3.6)

Divaman - "I'm hoping not, but I'm predicting that the new 50 Song Memoir album by the Magnetic Fields will be a case of quality sacrificed for quantity. Rating - 2.5-3"
85At the Drive-In
in•ter a•li•a

[3] (3.7)

Satellite - "new atdi will have no higher than a 3.5 user avg."
86Laura Marling
Semper Femina

Boney - "The new Laura Marling will be a 3.5 is my bet. Her last was disappointing but the single from the new one is good and she's got my boy Blake Mills producing it."
87Clarence Clarity
No Now

[3.5] (4.1)
88Nine Inch Nails
Hesitation Marks

[3.5] (3.9)
The Grinding Wheel

Snowdog - "I'm pretty excited for the new Overkill album, the Grinding Wheel, that will come out in a couple months. I think they've aged a whole lot better than many of their thrash peers, and I'd think their next album would be somewhere between a 4-4.5 given how amazing their material has been throughout this decade."
90Kendrick Lamar

[4] (4.1)

TheMrAlexK - "New Kendrick will have 5 potential of course"
91The Hold Steady
Teeth Dreams

[3] (3.4)
92Mark Lanegan

[3.5] (3.6)
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