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Graduation: The Album Stories

So I finally graduate high school today. Feelings are kind of mixed. I'm definitely happy to start my new life in the Fall, moving to New Hampshire/Boston for college. But also I'm starting to feel that cliche feeling of, "Hey I'm 18, I think this is the first step to feeling old." But I should treasure being young while I still can haha. But I decided to make a list of some albums that really mean something to me. I have a ton of favorite albums, but only some actually have a story that will stay in my mind every time I hear them. Analytical moments that create memories and will have a strong backstory every time I come across them again. Felt like sharing the albums that really speak to me in a way.
Turn on the Bright Lights

I came across these guys last year around the time they released, "All the Rage Back Home." It was an exciting single so I decided to backtrack into their discography after hearing how much of a classic their debut was. It took a shit load of listens to this album for it to finally connect with me. I loved the lyrics and the sharp and on point guitar progressions/melodies in each song. I introduced this band to my, what I would like to consider my first real girlfriend, and she didn't really like them so I at least had something to call my own taste. The day she broke up with me I wasn't really sad although a couple days later it really hit me and to this day I sometimes have her work her way into my subconscious even though I've tried to forget. But on that day when I left her house I put this album in and made my way driving home. All the emotions that were going through my head just soaked into this album and that is when I really felt something between me and the music.
2The Beatles
The Beatles

I have a review of this if you want to check it out and have more of a pinpoint description at what I'm getting at. All my life I have been a fan of the Beatles, I grew up on them just like most people did (whether we wanted to or not) but it was always albums like Abbey Road or It's Been a Hard Day's Night. There's something excruciatingly weird and oddball about this record that has defined me with repeated listens. Every song even if you would consider it filler I feel as though is the epitome of me. It's hard to explain, but the album is so strange, fun, mysterious in all its glory if there was ever an album to describe me I would pick this.
3Nick Drake
Pink Moon

This is my go to album for when I can't sleep. Every time I turn it on and get into bed, it becomes a time to reflect on what ever is going on through my head. I can have all these crazy thoughts racing through but when this comes on, everything in my mind can just be at ease and relax. Every song is beautifully done and this has gotten me through some rough nights. But whenever this comes on, I will always feel alright and I can finally get some sleep.
4Steve Miller Band
Fly Like an Eagle

It was the second time camping with my friend last year. It was about 1 in the morning after me and two of my friends went out onto some train tracks to shoot some fireworks and fire crackers. We went back to the campsite to be invited by one of my friend's dad's friend (if that makes sense). He was a classic hippie but in 2014. We all had at least 3 or 4 beers in our system all relaxing by the fire talking about life, sharing jokes, and what not while the radio from his trailer was blasting classic rock. A couple people went to bed, leaving maybe 5 or 6 of us still at the fire. "The hippie" at that time after a couple minutes of silence was just like, "you guys wanna get stoned?" Of course we were all like sure, and then the radio started playing, "Space Intro/Fly Like an Eagle" as we were passing a bowl around. Good times, I can remember everything about that night and how fun it was. Many inside jokes and hours worth of stories happened in that one night.
5Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

This is solely put here because this was the first CD I ever bought. When they were hyping the release for this and sharing all the music videos with the art direction by Boneface, I was so eager to buy this album.
6Portugal. The Man
In The Mountain In The Cloud

In late 2013, early 2014 I was going through a lot of depression mainly caused by religion at this time. It was one of those times where you start questioning everything and I was raised in a very very religious dad's side of the family (parents were divorced and I decided to move in with my dad because the school in that area was much better and things were getting rough.) Not trying to start anything I'm just telling what was going through me. The bible just wasn't making any sense to me, it seemed silly. I started watching all these scientific videos if you will and doing as much research as I can. Every day during that summer I'd go on a bike ride through the country and I would play this album on my journeys. The messages in this album were a turning point to a new mindset and I think it was for the better, I finally felt free and I didn't need to worry about things, I was at peace with not knowing everything and I didn't want religion in my life at that point.
7Alice in Chains

In middle school I was a huge Nirvana nerd. Like everyone growing up you always try new looks, different attitudes, different lifestyles to try and find who you are (though none of us knew back then that it was normal to not know who you are yet, especially at such a young age) but I was trying to search for who I was. I was dressing like some stereotypical grunge guy. Nirvana wasn't doing enough for me so I was introduced into Alice in Chains. This was a major point in my life where music was starting to control me. I never got big into music until like 7th grade, and this is when I really started dreaming of being in a band one day and creating a legacy like these guys.
8Black Sabbath
Master of Reality

Now to 8th Grade! My best friend and I had the coolest fucking science teacher ever. We were all such good friends we'd go into school early for "extra help" but what it would really turn out to be was chilling in his classroom for 45 minutes and jamming Black Sabbath on his powerpoint board. My friend introduced me into Ozzy Osbourne, Deftones, Chevelle, Tool, etc. all in 7th and 8th grade. We'd even go to his house and his dad would play Tool for us while fixing eating dinner. But in school the first time my teacher played, "Into the Void" I instantly loved it. I asked him what the song title was and if he could play it again once it ended and he got a big smile on his face and said "Now you're talking!"
9Mac DeMarco
Salad Days

First album I ever sat down and listened to it all the way whilst stoned out of my mind. One of the best 35 minutes of my life, it felt so good. Lying on my bed about half a year ago, just chilling with the lights off with this blasting in my ears. I didn't want it to end, there were probably better albums to get stoned to, but this was my first and it sure as hell was a ton of fun. I feel the exact feelings I did then listening to it now sober so that's how much it affected me haha.
10LCD Soundsystem
This Is Happening

I was jamming this on Pandora while driving back from my mom's house. It was the song, "Drunk GIrls" that I just about died. I was on the highway and I was shifting into the left lane. Right behind me was a Wegmans 18 wheeler who was already in the lane I needed to get into. I put on my turning signal to let him know I needed to get over. I saw he started to slow down to let me in, so I started shifting into the lane, and just about halfway over the truck sped up immensely almost clipping me from the side. like what the hell man, you were slowing down to let me in? I jerked the wheel back right because if I had stayed there or made the transition he definitely would have caused some major damage at the speed we were going. He passed and my heart was pounding so fast knowing that I could have been hurt or even dead at that moment, and after I started to collect myself and get back to focusing on driving - I started laughing because "drunk girls" could have been my last song.
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