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Thuckabe's Top 36 of 2013

I didn't listen to everything, not by a long shot, but here's what I listened to rand how it fell into rrplace! Who cares!
36Cage The Elephant

This band could have easily faded away with all the other indie rock efforts that fell
victim to mediocrity this year, but something about this album is different to me. It?s
got some originality, it?s got some purpose. It?s a bold mix of everything from scuzzy
garage rock to punk-influence alternative rock. It?s weird at times, but still a solid
effort from a band I didn?t expect much from this year.
35Daft Punk
Random Access Memories

?Discover? set such a massive standard in 2001 for the dance/pop scene, it had me
expecting a lot from this eight-year project. The album has its thrilling moments, Daft
Punk blending countless genres with ease, but it was never quite enough to keep me
entertained for 74-minutes. Blame it on the expectations, but this album never felt
inspired and never quite seemed as relevant as other albums this year.
34Autre Ne Veut

Layered experimental R&B structured around soulful synth-pop. Excellent production,
key vocals, solid record. The album does get a little inconsistent, flying from massive
and innovative works to lackluster fuddy-duddies, but it?s easy on the ears as the
lyrics aren?t filled with the typical hyperbolic shit that frustrates me with other R&B
Holy Fire

Driving from the foundation set by ?Total Life Forever?, Foals attempted to work with a
more encompassing sound on this album, and it kind of works. Starting from
?Inhaler?, I felt the album slowly fell victim to its own hypnotic sound. Regardless, it?s
a great album with some fantastic tracks that just don?t quite blend like their previous
Afraid of Heights

Catchy, in-your-face, low-fi, punk rock. I?ve never really gotten into this band until
this release, not to say it?s without fault, but it?s a great time. They brought their
sound down on this album, matured a little bit, and seemed to have found a complete
sound. There?s some massive songs on here, and they do a pretty good job of riding
that energy through some ho-hum jams.
Pure Heroine

This is a tough album for me since I never really dug into all the hoopla surrounding
this girl. She has a great sound, some honest lyrics, and an attitude that is largely
missing from pop music. The album, however, fails to take me anywhere too crazy as
it tends to get a little monotonous, but, at the same time, I?m excited to see what this
young talent does in the future.
30Buke and Gase
General Dome

This is a interesting album. Indie rock with a few homemade instruments (a buke? a
gase?) that?s rough around the edges, but remains fun and unforgettable. They create
their own sound without going anywhere too crazy. They rely on some influences that
are really fun to pick up on, and it just ends up being a great album.
The Golden Age

A mature, almost overwhelmingly so, beautifully composed record that sticks to its
unique and powerful core throughout. The rhythm and song construction gets a little
repetitive, but its hard to get away from the distinctive sound Woodkid creates. It?s a
wonderful album.
28Arcade Fire

Splashes of excellence with too many ineffective waves. Just when this album and I
start to jive, it tends to hit a sour note that just doesn?t bode well with me. Some
splotchy production, interesting ideas, and repetitive crescendos. I will always be
waiting for the Arcade Fire I fell in love with to come back, but until then, this will have
to do.
27Jon Hopkins

This guy. This guy has a gift at making music that consistently reminds me of how
immense and boundless all of the sounds that pour through our ears are. He explores
and expounds so many genres, coming in touch with the emotion each can draw out.
From his swirling, breathtaking piano solos to the explosive, dynamic electronic
tracks, Jon Hopkins seems to have a very self-aware control over where his albums
take their listeners. This album is no exception. Intricate, pulsing, captivating album
that can get a little long-winded, but remains memorable.
26San Fermin
San Fermin

Folk-pop, neoclassical composition like I would have never imagined. The first listen
took me on a whirlwind that I wasn?t quite expecting, as several different vocalists
with varying styles and ranges carry you through this entire album, all the while being
backed by Ellis Ludwig-Leone?s strong and adventurous music. Upon further listens, I
continued to find more depth and character to this music that goes beyond what a lot
of artists are doing today. An entertaining and brave album.
25The National
Trouble Will Find Me

Standard album for The National, which means another great album for their
discography. They prove, yet again, that you can expect a exceptional effort from this
band at every release - which is something that very few bands can boast. I did feel,
however, that this album slipped into the tedium that was hinted at on ?High Violet?.
Not to say it was a disappointing release, but I am saying that there are signs that this
band may be running low on ideas and energy. Regardless of all that, this album
follows ?High Violet? very well.
Brightest Darkest Day

Lots of people slept on this album. Dark, heavy, dance-inspired synthpop tagged with
raspy, beautiful vocals. The album flows smoothly, in and out of different textures,
never losing its intelligent and original melodies. The album remains accessible to
every listener throughout, making it one of the better debuts from this year.
23Chance The Rapper
Acid Rap

Distinctive, smooth, experimental, catchy. Chance is not an incredible rapper, but has
an original personality and sound that has the potential to make him one of the best in
this new age of rap. I still don?t completely vibe with his rhymes and voice, but the
sound is phenomenal, some of the most innovative I?ve heard since Outkast?s
heydays, and I love the direction it?s pushing hip-hop. I?m excited to see what Chance
does in the future.
22The Naked and Famous
In Rolling Waves

Stemming from their more adrenalized 2010 release, The Naked and Famous explore
a more expansive and calming sound that?s almost incomparable to any track they
previously released. The contrast, for me, worked perfectly. The mature, almost
haunting, electronic pop is simple and addictive. It?s a smart album by a band that
realized that to stay relevant in today?s music you have to dedicate to not just
changing your sound, but believing in it. It has its flaws, but it showed signs of a band
that wants to become more - something a lot of bands failed to do in 2013.

Dance pop without the annoying, nonstop dubstep drops. Thank God. It?s been a long
time since something this refreshing and innovative came along the electronic dance
scene, so my appreciation of this new wave of music may be exaggerated, but it?s
hard to find anything wrong with this album when it hits its high points. It?s tight, it?s
accurate, it?s 90s, it?s awesome. The most inviting dance record this year.
20The Darcys

This album is an accomplishment. Light, alternative, accessible, indie rock. The Darcys
encompass so many sounds, hardly missing any step, while the tones and rhythms
glide together in a way that make you have to stop doing what you?re doing and just
listen. The album can writhe on at times, but, at the end of the day, it?s an album that
gets better with every listen, allowing you to find new character and sound each time.
19Olafur Arnalds
For Now I Am Winter

Neoclassical electronic music laced with somber, light lyrics. Arnalds has always been
an exciting artist to follow, but this album is exceptional in its massive ambition and
cutting-edge, delicate character. I wish the vocals carried more weight, as some of
the songs seemingly lack enough musical courage to foster a complete album, but it
still remains a masterful, innovative album that demands and deserves your attention.
18Cloud Cult

Always emotionally raw and exposed, Cloud Cult seems to always have a strong
control over where their artistry takes its patrons. Moving from earnest and brittle to
passionate and forceful, this album reverts back to what was expected from the band
in the early 2000s. While they don?t completely capture the profound beauty from
those albums, they do a fantastic job at remaining innovative while holding onto the
individual sound that makes them so unique and accessible in the first place.
17Born Ruffians

People didn?t like this album. I loved it. It may not be as endearing as their previous
albums, which probably scared off a number of their fans, but it is the best album
they?ve released in their career. It remains catchy and fun indie rock, all the while
focusing on its deeply personal writing. It doesn?t necessarily push boundaries, I think
it lacks ambition at points, but its memorable.
16Kanye West

Oh, Yeezus. Profound, annoying, ahead of his time, pretentious, and awesome. I think
this will be a cornerstone of music production in years to come. I hate the lyrics so
much, but the sound is so fascinating and perplexing, I can?t ignore it. I don?t know
what else to say.
15Laura Stevenson

The qualities that make up this album are difficult to summarize. It is a sweet and
heartfelt album that remains stunning throughout, sometimes devastating. Every one
of Stevenson?s albums has been a step in the right direction, and this album sounds
like the apex of what her americana pop is capable of, which makes me excited to see
what happens next.
14Night Beds
Country Sleep

Expansive indie folk rock. The voice is rich, but the music remains even more so.
?Ramona? is so good, easily one of the best tracks of the year. The album almosts
bears itself down while trying to remaining consistently beautiful, but it nearly does it
without fault. It is a fully-formed and mature album pumped full of soul. My favorite
debut from 2013.
13Local Natives

I remember explaining my thoughts of this album when it first came out as ?amazing?,
not so much for what it is, but for what it came from. ?Gorilla Manor? was fun and
poppy, immature and awesome. Local Natives reinvented themselves with this album
in a way that didn?t sacrifice the elements that made them so great in the first place.
They are growing into a signature sound, finding consistency and chemistry in all the
events since their debut. It is anxious indie pop, heartbreaking and profound, but
clear and concise. I can?t wait for their next release.
12Queens of the Stone Age
...Like Clockwork

This album will probably garner the title of ?classic rock album? eventually and fully
deserve it. So refreshing to see an album like this released in a genre that is having
problems finding relevance as of late. It has all the swagger you would expect from
QOTSA, it is triumphant, it explores the boundaries of rock genres, and it is really
cool. A fantastic album.
11The Dodos

Intimate and smart indie rock that doesn?t conform to any other bands or
expectations. No-nonsense, joyful, mournful, translucent music that never disappoints.
The Dodos are always individual in their sound and its innate ability to be therapeutic,
and this album may be the best example of that to date. This album is special and
leaves you wanting more.
10Smith Westerns
Soft Will

I really questioned putting this album in my top 10, but every time I tried to put
something ahead of it, I felt like I was lying to myself. It?s so happy, it contains
moments of excellence, it?s polished and layered. I don?t want to spend my time
defending it, but I just can?t jump on the bandwagon calling this band ?burnt out?.
They?re exciting, they lost their fuzzrock vibe, and followed a more mature sound
while maintaining the happy-go-lucky catchiness. It?s a blissfully and carefully
constructed album.
9Run The Jewels
Run The Jewels

Killer Mike and El-P got this. Deep chemistry, never overshining the other, best in the
business. It?s a beast, it?s exciting, it?s the most rewarding rap album of 2013. It?s
heavy and powerful, but never sacrifices its form. It sounds so glorious I could cry,
but I?m always too busy listening to two of the best rap artists go off the chain.
8 Sigur R?s

I?ve become very fond of Sigur R?s over my lifetime, they?ve found a spot in my
favorite bands of all time, and they?ve never failed to entertain. But, after over 15
years of writing outstanding albums, my expectations began to slip as I didn?t count
on them to change their sound or do anything overwhelmingly great or different on
this album. Yet, they seemingly stripped their sound down and added a heaviness and
depth to its base that was very unexpected. It?s beautiful and gritty. It swallows you
up in its immersive sound and doesn?t let go. Sigur R?s rediscovered themselves and
pushed their sound to places I didn?t expect, and it?s marvelous.

Post-black metal, shoegazer dreamcore - or something like that. Whatever it is, it?s
easily one of the best album of the year. It is a beautiful album with moments that will
surely make you lose your breath. Calming and chaotic, explosive and engaging. It
may sound daunting, but once you open it up, you won?t regret it. It?s a masterpiece.
6Radical Face
The Family Tree: The Branches

One-of-a-kind style and sound that strips you down to your essential being. This
album is the second part of a trilogy of albums, and it is perfectly placed. Structurally
similar with its piano and guitar progression to its predecessor, but the detailed
production is infectious and the lyrics draw you in. Comfortingly dissonant, always
dense, and consistently powerful.
5Vampire Weekend
Modern Vampires of the City

Every part of this album is so thoughtfully placed and played you will have to listen to
it plenty of times over to fully grasp just how excellent this effort is. I?ve never really
appreciated anything this band has brought to the table, but this album is important,
not just to their discography, but to music in general. It?s concise, varied, and
beautiful indie pop that?s full of lyrical genius. These guys deserve every bit of praise
they?re garnering. It takes guts to release something this honest, and it takes skill to
make it this amazing.
4Son Lux

Cohesively orchestrated album that?s loaded with intelligence and innovation.
Neoclassical electronic music that brings in a perfect balance of all its bewildering
influences in order to create a controlled and glorious adventure. Meditative at times,
relentless and frantic at others - this album had me at first listen and never let me
down. This album?s expressive music opened up my imagination and seemingly
painted it with musical movements. A fantastic album and one of the best of 2013.
3Justin Timberlake
The 20/20 Experience

Everything that has been missing in popular music exemplified by one album:
experimentative, energetic, challenging, and expertly crafted music. My mom loves
this album, my sister loves this album, my brother loves this album, my grandma
loves this album. This is an album that suits every listener?s needs. Funky and
energetic pop that flows through everything JT has ever attempted in music, and then
some. Smart, carefully crafted, and well worth the wait. Despite his second release of
the year finding many speedbumps, this release was nearly without fault. Superb.
2James Blake

It seemed like James Blake attempting to top his dynamic debut from 2011 would be
next to impossible, but this release, if anything, is an improvement. It?s packed full of
soul, immaculate songwriting, and angelic blues. It?s concrete in its passion and focus.
Blake learned from his few missteps and eliminated them. Production is through the
roof, bringing even more life to his distinct ambient bluesy pop. His sound continues to
crescendo throughout the album, never lacking calculated and intelligent layers,
showcasing one of the best artists in music today.
1 Typhoon
White Lighter

The most memorable albums are the ones that distract you from life, the ones you
return to at anytime and remember immediately why it changed you in the first place.
This is one of those albums. It represents a life lived and a life lost. Every sequence of
it is vital to the full product. Just like life, the album is only attained through a full
listen. Every song is pieced together in perfect orchestration, deep and vital, peaks
and valleys; it is the most complete album of any I?ve listened to this year.
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