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iTokoloshe's 25 Of 2013

The 25 metal albums that made me mosh in 2013. These are in no particular order. Honorable rmentions include: Arcite - The Escape Key; Funeral for a Friends - Conduit; Palm Reader - Bad rWeather; Phil Anselmo & the Illegals - Walk Through Exits Only; Red Fang - Whales & Leeches
1Asking Alexandria
From Death to Destiny

Danny Worsnop demonstrates his growth and versatility as a vocalist. I never imagined myself saying this, but the album has a
fantastic blend of glam metal, brutal breakdowns, groovy riffs and radio friendly hard rock
2Bleed From Within

Britain's answer to LoG? Maybe, but an unfair comparison as BFW have their own sound. The album does punch you in the face
and doesn't relent. Scott Kennedy channels his inner Trevor Strnad in his vocal delivery. This is the best BFW album yet, and
show's so much promise for their future
3Bring Me The Horizon

Hard to believe that this is the same band that released Count Your Blessings. The progression between each album has been
astounding. This album is an absolute monster, with some amazing (and surprising) melodic parts. And if you don't like BMTH
or this album, there are some Oli Sykes lyrics on the album for you, "You're a ****"
4Bullet For My Valentine
Temper Temper

Barely made it onto this list. It?s a good album, not great. Its good if you listen to it and don't compare it to the first 2 BFMV
albums. The problem is that you can feel that they are playing within themselves and not taking any risks. Matt Tuck and the
Welsh wizards do throw in some new sounds and there are some brutal moments, but just not consistent enough
Crown of Phantoms

The new Chimaira or the Chimaira-Daath supergroup don't miss a beat and have released another great album for the catalog.
It still sounds like Chimaira, but with some minor tweaks. The backup vocals from Sean Z are great and add depth. The added
technicality of Emil Werstler's songwriting, whilst maintaining the Chimaira groove adds some complexity. As a contributor on
their funding campaign for the album, I was hoping for a good album and I wasn't disappointed

Fantastic debut album from the Melbourne 8 stringers. As heavy as a ton of bricks but with some great melodies. The Aussie
scene is blowing up at the moment with amazing metal talent. Circles are one of the best of a good bunch of bands
Winter Kills

My biggest concern for this album was that some of the Coal Chamber nonsense would rub off on Dez and appear on the
album. Fortunately that didn?t happen and we got another beast of an album. Not their best or most creative work, but it still
delivers a pretty mean uppercut
8 Facing the Gallows

A local South African band (yes we have metal music here as well) punching above their weight and delivering a quality
metalcore album. Huge breakdowns, monstrous riffs and non-stop carnage. They are opening for Asking Alexandria in early
2014 and should get the crowd properly pumped up. If you haven't heard of them or heard them, find their album on iTunes
and give it a shot
9Ghost B.C.

I am a big fan of the Ghost storyline. The music and the lyrics don't feel like they should fit together, but they do so well.
Similarly, when you see the band you don't expect the type of music they play. Great contrasts, but they work so well. An
awesome album to get your Lucifer on with
The Divinity of Purpose

Roundhouse kick. That's the best way to describe the latest offering from Jamey Jasta's crew. It's the most diverse of their
albums to date, but still kicks you in the teeth. Jasta's lyrics are as uplifting and positive as ever. If you close your eyes whilst
listening to the album, you'll lose yourself in a circle pit
11Heart of a Coward

Take your hats off HOAC, this is a stunning album. Technical aggression at its best. They've built their own sound and
perfected it on Severance. Jamie Graham briefly shows a softer side, before reverting back to his furious norm. I'm a sucker
for 8 string guitars played well, and HOAC are amongst the best in the business
Old Lies For Young Lives

I'm always sceptical when the lead vocalist changes especially after an epic album like Dead Ends. However, Heights smashed
my fears out of the park. They've changed their sound slightly to accommodate the new singer. As a result this is quite a
different album to their debut album, Dead Ends. But the results are the same, I still feel like I've been beaten up by a
supermodel wearing nothing but her lingerie. Brutal and gorgeous
Late for Nothing

Another band with a new singer. Courtney LaPlante slips in seamlessly and adds more diversity to the already overly diverse
band. Their music may be unpredictable, but what is predictable is how well they fit everything together. The songs have more
structure than they have had in the past, but lose none of their explosive nature
14Killswitch Engage
Disarm the Descent

And another band with a new singer. Not really new, as Jesse Leach is actually the original vocalist returning after 3 albums
away. He's brought back the brutality to KSE, who still remain at the top of their game

You want Meir (more in Norwegian), hell yeah we did. The catchiest metal out there at the moment, and its not even in English.
The hooks are huge, as you'd expect from a bunch of crazy vikings (including three guitarists) and an owl. Great artwork from
John Baizley as well

Wow, how many styles can you fit onto one album without it feeling forced? As many as you like if you are Northlane. Every
track leaves you guessing at what's coming next. Technical riffage, 8 string madness, crooning melodies, ambient
backgrounds. Epic album from the Aussies
Higgs Boson

Take a deep breath before listening to this album. It is non-stop and unrelenting. Another great band from York with some
incredible fury
Serpents Unleashed

The return of Skeleton Mitch and the best blackened thrash out there. The album is consistent, focussed and not a second is
wasted with filler material. Great stuff again

Still not sure how Max Cavalera continues to release album after album year after year. Savages is the best thing from Soulfly
in a while. There seems to be a new intensity in the band, possibly sparked by the youthfulness of young Zyon Cavalera on
drums. Groove, growls and great songs

Whilst this is only an EP, it reveals a band with a lot of promise. Sitting somewhere between Northlane and Circles, Stories is
another great up and coming Aussie band full with 8 string goodness and that Aussie flair
21The Black Dahlia Murder

Is it a criticism to say that it's more of the same from BDM? I don't think so. As violent as ever with hilarious lyrics as always.
I'm still convinced that Trevor Strnad has multiple personalities as each of his different screams/growls/shouts sound like he's
possessed by a different demon
22The Defiled

I'm possibly biased here, as I'm a big fan and contributed to the funding to record this album. This was my most anticipated
album of the year and it didn't disappoint. The songs have so many layers, that you don't appreciate until you've had a few
listens. The electronics and riffs fit together naturally enhancing each other. Stitch D's vocals are raw and emotive. The band
has grown significantly over the past few years. Whilst I do prefer their first album, Grave Times, this album is still an absolute
23The Devil Wears Prada

American metalcore which isn't following the latest trend or hiding behind a formula, it's hard to find. TDWP have released
another good album, not as good as Dead Throne, but a cracker nonetheless. The clean vocals are too clean, but don't feel
forced and fit into the songs well. The harsh vocals are signature TDWP and set the tone for the songs
24The Dillinger Escape Plan
One Of Us Is The Killer

The force is still strong with TDEP, with what's possibly their most accessible album to date. Although I use the word accessible
lightly. Still as chaotic as a food fight
Vengeance Falls

I was stuck on the fence with this album for a while. I could hear too much David Draiman influences and am convinced that
he's singing the harmony at times. But ignoring his influence on the vocals, it is a good album. Matt Heafy and his team write
great music and to be honest the use of screamed vocals on the album (whilst not as consistent as I would like) is very well
placed and enhances each song. Not their best work, but still worth a spin
26The Fratellis
We Need Medicine

I know, I said 25 and this isn't metal. But the energy from the re-formed Fratellis is unbelievable. The most enjoyable album of
the year
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