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Top 20 Favorite Radiohead Songs

I'm not a huge fan of "The King of Limbs", but this song came closest to
representing what I look for in Radiohead. The bizarre beat and lyrics kept me
coming back for more.
19Pyramid Song

What a weird song. Considering it's basically just a simple piano pattern, this is
quite a feat. At one point Yorke referred to this as the best piece of music they'd
ever released. While I don't agree with such a blanket statement, I can't deny its
18Down is the New Up

This "In Rainbows" b-side deserves all the praise it can get. For my money you
could switch this with "House of Cards" and you'd get a much album as a result.
17Street Spirit (Fade Out)

I'm tempted to call this the saddest Radiohead song, with the possible exception of
"Exit Music (For a Film)". Nevertheless this one ingrained itself in my mind with its
fantastic music video, which remains one of my favorites.

Can you say "underrated"? I've never understood the hate this song gets. It comes
in at the perfect moment in "OK Computer", reviving the album from a sleepy
interlude with "Let Down", "Karma Police", and "Fitter Happier", and provides a
crowd-pleasing rock song all by itself. Also, cowbell.
15Fake Plastic Trees

An early hit for Radiohead, this song is essentially what you'd get if Jeff Buckley got
immensely depressed and recorded himself weeping. As a huge JB fan, this one is
right up my alley. This is still one of Yorke's best vocal performances.
14Everything in Its Right Place

The song that launched Radiohead into the new millenium, "Everything in Its Right
Place" defined a generation of copycats and bandwagon-jumpers. The fact that it's
a beautiful piece of music often gets lost in the shuffle as a result, yet it must be
13Paranoid Android

What else could possibly be said about "Paranoid Android"? Everything you've heard
is true. It's the modern equivalent of "Bohemian Rhapsody". It's the best rock song
to come out of the 90's (even if it's not my favorite...). It, along with it's little
brother "Airbag", form the best one-two punch of excellent songs in the entire
Radiohead catalogue. If you somehow haven't heard this song yet, do so
12The Trickster

This B-side from "The Bends" strikes me as a song that really should've been left on
the album, perhaps replacing "Sulk". It looks toward their later work on "Amnesiac"
and "Hail to the Thief" by being exceedingly creepy yet oddly danceable.
11Life in a Glasshouse

Radiohead albums always end with an amazing song that either subverts or
encapsulates the sound of the rest of the album in some way. "Life in a Glasshouse"
is no exception, mutating into a jazzy finish evocative of 60's jazz albums like
"Bitches Brew". The lyrics are excellent as well.
10Jigsaw Falling into Place

I remember hating this song when I first heard it. For some reason it's a shower
rather than a grower. But once it does grow on you it never lets go! The lyrics in
particular are some of the strangest in Radioheads career by virtue of them being
basically straightforward!
9The Amazing Sounds of Orgy

Incredibly awkward title notwithstanding, this song creeps me right the fuck out!
Everything from the whispered vocals to the primal drumbeat reinforces the uneasy
atmosphere. For sheer horror factor you can't get much better than this in the
Radiohead catalogue.
8The Daily Mail

This song should have been on "The King of Limbs". Actually no, scratch that. "The
King of Limbs" should have sounded more like this song.

If you want to hear Radiohead do a loud rock song you couldn't go much better
than "Just". Apparently this song was written by Yorke as an exercise to see how
many chords he could fit in a single song. I don't know if its true, but the songs
complicated structure remains the most interesting song on "The Bends", in my
6There, There

I've always thought this should have been the opener on "Hail to the Thief". It sums
up that albums sound in a mere five minutes, and proceeds to be one of the best
songs on the album, certainly the creepiest.
5The National Anthem

I know I'm probably the only one, but this song makes me visualize an entire story
solely through music. That alone gets it a high recommendation in my book. Jazzy,
danceable, eclectic as hell, and utterly entertaining.
4Weird Fishes/Arpeggi

This is probably the prettiest song that they've ever released, and that is truly
saying something. There's something hypnotically gorgeous about the swirling guitar
arpeggios as the song slowly moves toward its climax. For such a long song (5:20)
it just flies by!
3A Wolf at the Door

This song just comes out of nowhere! "Hail to the Thief" is already a pretty odd
album, but rapping is not something I ever would have expected from Yorke. The
fact that he pulls it off is doubly impressive. The hopeless, resigned vibe the song
gives off keeps me hungry for more.

Again, who would have expected Radiohead to try something like this? I certainly
didn't, but their foray into electronic music paid off dividends, and "Idioteque" is the
result. I'm tempted to call this my favorite techno song ever, but I'm not really sure
if this IS techno...
1The Tourist

This song is perfect. Any time I'm feeling stressed I simply have to play this song
and I instantly relax. There's just something about the guitar solo at the end that
sends me over the edge. The use of the triangle at the very end is my favorite end
to any album I've heard.
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