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Dark Souls Levels + Bosses Ranked

Finally finished Dark Souls, an incredible game that I totally recommend to ranyone that wants a rproper challenge. Bosses and levels are ranked in rorder of difficulty, levels don't take the boss rinto account
Dreaming Neon Black

2Arcade Fire
Neon Bible

Sen's Fortress - this probably wouldn't be nearly as high if I hadn't started it at the point in the game when the Drake Sword
becomes pretty useless, so it was filled with REALLY hard enemies and horrific traps. The bonfire took forever to get to and
there were 100000 ways to die before I got to it. There are some awesome items to get here (Lightning Spear, loads of cool
3The Gathering

New Londo Ruins - even with Artorias' Greatsword, the ghosts make this very difficult and after the ghosts, the Darkwraith
Knights are even worse. It would probably be ok if there was a bonfire, but there's only so many times you can run here from
Firelink Shrine before it becomes really tedious
War All the Time

Anor Londo - one of my favourite levels, mainly because it looks so beautiful, but it's not easy. The part when you run past the
two knights with monster bows to get to a bonfire took me ages and ages and ages and ages to finish, and the rest of it has
tricky enemies. Fortunately you kill that bastard Lautrec here
5Brand New
The Devil and God are Raging Inside Me

Blighttown - a real step up from the Depths; all the enemies here are tricky, it's very easy to get poisoned or to fall to your
death, the swamp at the bottom is very hard to navigate and getting in or out via the moving wheel is seriously hard
6 Godspeed You! Black Emperor
Allelujah! Don't Bend! Ascend!

Lost Izalith - perhaps my least favourite level, maybe because of the giant legs a the start that take FOREVER to kill, maybe
because there's another horde of fire breathing statues, maybe because the bonfires are placed very sparsely, maybe because
the titanite demon is even harder than the other ones, AND respawns, and maybe because you kill Solaire here and he's
awesome; all in all, not fun at all
Marrow of the Spirit

Demon Ruins - so many reasons to hate this, whether it's the multitude of capra demons, the lava all over the place, the hive of
fire breathing statues that are impossible to take out en masse or fact that it looks seriously intimidating. Fortunately, there's
always a bonfire nearby so it could be worse
8Coheed and Cambria
The Afterman: Ascension

Depths - this is mainly so high because of the tunnels with curse frogs everywhere, getting cursed is frighteningly easy and the
way out is really hard to find. Slime falling from the ceiling is bloody annoying too
Through Silver in Blood

Tomb of Giants - dark, tough enemies and fatal drops all over the place, this is a serious bitch especially if you don't know
where you're going, but the baby skeletons are an incredible way to get humanity
Gray Light

The Duke's Archives - probably my favourite level in the game; quite tricky with loads of strong crystal warriors and mages, plus
a garden full of crystal giants. The part when you escape from jail is one of the best in the whole game
11Where Mountains Meet
To Be Lost

Painted World of Ariamis - the weird zombies that explode with poison stuff when they die are very frustrating and the demonic
birds are a pain to defeat, quite a cool place though
12Garden of Shadows
Oracle Moon

Crystal Cave - invisible paths, crystal giants and huge magic butterflies, nuff said, still an awesome area though
The Silent Enigma

The Great Hollow - this is the first consistantly aggravating area, mainly because falling to your death is so easy and the weird
frogs can curse you
Me From Myself, To Banish

The Catacombs - this got on my nerves a lot before I killed the mages that made the skeletons respawn, and even after that
the wheel skeletons at the bottom are a pain
Worship and Tribute

Undead Burg - this is high mainly because it's the first proper level that you face, so it's pretty tough for noobs. The dragon on
the bridge remains a problem for the rest of the game though

Undead Parish - the metal boar is seriously annoying if you come here at a low level, and the knights can be a problem if they
surround you but otherwise alright
17Dream Theater
Train of Thought

Lower Undead Burg - although there's no bonfire, this is a pretty easy area to rush through, poison dogs are annoying though

Darkroot Garden - The tree people can be punishing if they catch you off your guard, and the Forest Hunters deal a lot of
damage, but it's easy to kill them using a safe spot
The Map is Not the Territory

Darkroot Basin - very few enemies here, but the crystal giants do a lot of damage
20Circle Takes the Square
Rites of Initiation

Kiln of the First Flame - Really cool, dramatic area to finish off the game with. There are only Black Knights here, and after all
the trials I'd already faced, they felt like child's play
21Porcupine Tree

Northern Undead Asylum - Fairly punishing as a tutorial, but not too much of a challenge. On returning I was powerful enough to
take out the Black Knights easily, so not a problem

Ash Lake - Awesome place, well worth getting through the Great Hollow to get to. There are very few enemies here and all of
them can be avoided easily.

Unquestionable Presence

Ornstein and Smough - hardest boss without a doubt, every mistake can lead to instant death, killing one of them at the start
whilst avoiding the other is tough work and then killing the strengthened version is even worse and takes ages
25Alter Bridge

Chaos Witch Quelaag - I can't see how anyone could fight her without the NPC you summon; she deals serious damage and
chases you so much that it's impossible to turn around and get a hit in, plus her magic attack is lethal
26The Used
The Used

Capra Demon - this wouldn't be anywhere near as hard if it was in an easier area; as it is you're in an enclosed space and have
to deal with poison dogs as well, so the fight can easily end in about 5 seconds
27 The Stalactities
Dark Matters

Taurus Demon - the first serious boss you face, and not in an easy area; it took me ages and ages and ages to work out a
strategy (I just threw firebombs eventually)
Leave a Whisper

The Bed of Chaos - different from all the other bosses in that you don't fight it directly; you weaken it and then kill in one hit.
I found it really frustrating because getting onto the root that leads to its heart was a bitch, especially when he swept me
A Farewell to Kings

Gwyn - very tough and scary fast, fighting him him with light armour is a no-go, I used Iron Flesh and tanked him, worked after
a few attempts
30The Prodigy
The Fat of the Land

Stray Demon - his red mist blast attack is really nasty, but if you stick close to him he's easy prey. Still took me ages to get it
31Red Hot Chili Peppers
By the Way

Ceaseless Discharge - fighting him from a safespot is really the only way to do this, but he can still hit (and possible 1 hit KO)
you if you get it wrong
32Rise Against
The Sufferer and the Witness

Nito - the skeletons in the area make this pretty tough, and his waveofdeath and bladeunderyourfeet attacks are hard to
dodge, but if you stick close he's manageable
33Pink Floyd

Gaping Dragon - hits very high and has huge health, but can be dodged easily
Century Child

Four Kings - I didn't find them nearly as hard as I expected; I just used heavy armour and went for a very offensive attack plan
and then boom, they died on my second attempt

Centipede Demon - very strong, and the lava-filled area is horrible, but dodging his attacks isn't a problem and he takes a while
to recover after he strikes
Start Something

Seath The Scaleless - his curse breath is dangerous and he has a lot of health, but time your attacks right and he's not too bad
Hold Your Colour

Iron Golem - really easy to kill, since he can't hit you if you're under his legs, surprisingly straightforward for such a hard area
Still Life

Bell Gargoyle - fighting two at once isn't easy, but with Solaire's help they're not too hard
39Machine Head
Unto the Locust

Demon Firesage - some powerful attacks, but easy to dodge and doesn't take long to kill, killed him on my first attempy
40Awake in Sleep
Awake in Sleep

Asylum Demon - the first boss, pretty difficult way to start the game; it takes a while to wake up to the fact that it's pretty
bloody hard

Dark Sun Gwyndolin - his magic packs a punch, but is easy to block using arena pillars, otherwise a walkover. The area you fight
him in is really cool
Blood Mountain

Moonlight Butterfly - I summoned Witch Beatrice, who basically killed it for me, pretty easy
Master of Puppets

Great Grey Wolf Sif - seriously easy if you block enough and conserve stamina, killed him on my first attempt
Rust in Peace

Pinwheel - ahahahahahaha lol, joke of a boss, killed him in 4 hits
46Children of Bodom
Follow the Reaper
47In Flames
Sail With the Tide
49At the Gates
Terminal Spirit Disease
50Dire Straits
Making Movies
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