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Balrog The Master

This guy, really? Well shiiit, he gonna be easier than a Deku Scrub
1Marvin Gaye
I Want You

So, I got no big hard fuck bro's like the Goron's left cos they all double crossed me
and threw me in the moat...
One Nation Under A Groove

But hopefully with this new threat comin to town in the form of Balrog, we could
team up against this cat.
3 Curtis Mayfield
Sweet Exorcist

Trippin tha fuck out bro, apparently this kids got crazy kar-a-tay brothers who spit
fire from their hands an such. Us Hylians need to stick togetha!!
4John Coltrane
Blue Train

Even tha fuckin Gerudo's have offered their help man! but that could be just to get
in the Royal Families good books. Fuck knows man, I just miss the parties... Lon Lon
bash got cancelled due to the fracas, and I've turned all Grog on people...
5Ornette Coleman
Free Jazz (A Collective Improvisation)

I'd even take the Hero of fekkin Time to come save the day, an I don't even know
what we're all so scared of... Help us though Link bro??
The Pre-Fix for Death

An to make matters worse, Malon wont talk to me, she's all hissy fittin about cos I
been spendin time with Midna... Those farmhand girls really don't believe you if you
say you'r going to hang in tha fuckin Twilght Realm do they??
7 Duke Ellington
Monkey Jungle

So yeah, friends gone, girl in a mood, big threat to come to town, no hero
present... and I ain't donning no green dress bitch!!
8Oliver Nelson
The Blues and the Abstract Truth

So say this Balrog comes to town? What he gon do? Few punches, and what?
9Isaac Hayes
Hot Buttered Soul

Deku Tree chew this mofo up and spit him back out?
10Yusef Lateef
Eastern Sounds

Dampe bury yo motha fuckin ass alive bruh!
Liquid Swords

If you ain't got no horse, no sword and no wits bout you mang, you wont even
cross the field!
12Dr. Octagon
Dr. Octagonecologyst

Tell you what broseph, I'll help you out. Give you a one way ticket to the Lost
Fuckin Woods!!! U MAD BOI???
13 The Seatbelts
Cowboy Bebop

Yeah you could knock me the fuck out but jeez, hopefully all Hyrule got each others
14Bliss N Eso
Flying Colours

Zelda an the goddesses gonna carve you up, addin to that if LInk and the Gerudos
turn up... That's all three owners of each bit of the triforce in yo face!!! Bye bye
15Bill Withers
Still Bill

although that could also not happen, then we're fucked. Unless the Gorons, my
former bros come out and help us. How you gonna feel hittin a rock Balrog?? You
ain't so cool...
Joyful Rebellion

Take u spirit temple man, scare the shit outta you, then Kaepoa fly you over
Kakariko (where the greatest parties were held btw) drop you down the well, feed
yo ass to Bongo mah dawg!
17The Weeknd
House of Balloons

After this hellacious ride, you can get lost up to Termina man, moon fallin on yo
fuckin head! BANG!!!
18Larry Young

So yeah, Hylians, band together. This ain't no party, or no craaazy trip this time!!!
19Lee Morgan
Search for the New Land

Kill this mofo straight dead. Then leave each other in peace!!
20Miles Davis

No more warring, and no more backstabbin or nuthin!

Just a friendly Hylian community. Yeah we'll throw crazy bashes occasionally.
Bringin up Neymar, Rauru, Yoshimitsu and the crews. But nows a time for action.
Let's extinguish these street fightin terrors... wait, hold up...
22Art Blakey

Kazuya and Heichachi are swinging by man, just in time for Balrog's visit!!!
23Sly and The Family Stone
There's A Riot Goin' On

Hyrule Town Wins: Continue?
24Fela Kuti
Expensive Shit

We can only hopee...

This black music can be the soundtrack to your entrance, your battle, your ass-
whooping and yo fuckin leaving of Hyrule. Bro I'm confident, MISHIMA/ZORA Faction
gonna get you spooked. Night Night Bro. Play that Wind Waker, Toon Link. Epona
giddy the fuck up!!! Indigo-Go styleeeee!!! We are ready Balrog. Party Time after!!!
Bringing Great Bay to Lake Hylia, just do us proud and kill those Capcom bitches!!!
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