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11.17.14 Mmxiv09.12.14 ??????????????
12.12.13 Cooke does mmiii, bitch.07.15.13 Enter The Tekken
07.08.13 Twenty Thirteen: 1/2 Way Point06.09.13 Wanting To Address My Love For Baseline
05.01.13 Fuck You Radio Raheem!04.19.13 Ba-ba-ba-ba Who Loves The Sun
04.17.13 A Link To Tha Past Ii03.27.13 Being A Total Broda
03.18.13 Prog Lyf02.20.13 Wongalicious
02.10.13 Mika Huseman, Carey Jeffers, Adrienne B12.05.12 Girlfriend's Ill..
11.12.12 Best Game Intro's Ever11.12.12 Wanting To Disappear Or Live In Another
11.11.12 Adventure Time, Regular Show, Totoro An11.11.12 Top 10 Everything Man...
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Searching For New Sound And Hoping To Find Perpetual Bliss And Live Perfectly And Give Love Accordingly...

Anyone sick of the same old shit?

like fuck talk about depressing, fuckin amaze though am i right? blows you away
time after time!
2Yume Bitsu
Yume Bitsu

massive influence for bands like EITS and the like? still sounds modern and
groundbreaking today, up there with Godspeed IMO
3 SubArachnoid Space

bliss the fuck out bro, where the fuck are we going nowwww??
4Motherhead Bug

one of the those albums not to play when sleeping, fucks shit up :'(
5David Grubbs
The Thicket

some classy shit here, the guy needs more respect and love mann. genius???
madcap bro from somewhere strange.
6Air Liquide
The Increased Difficulty of Concentration

swirling and swirling, song of storms got nothin on this shitt!!! okay im sorry I lied,
forgive me guru guru!!
7Cul De Sac
China Gate

this is crunchy, cereal kinda music! not too good to have with milk on though, fucks
shit uppp!!! rock and rolll!!
Friendly as a Hand Grenade

and with that my mind exploded!!! listen to this clean bros!!
9Colin Newman

we've got such spunk for a young group of people!
10Peter Frohmader
Through Time and Mystery

still swirling mannn!!! make it rainnnn
11Savage Republic
Tragic Figures

so yeah I'm sat baked in the windmill in Kakariko, the cuccoos are talking to us and
giving us some crazy shit to listen to... fuck shit up!!! take my rupees, it all sounds
good to moi!!!
12Stephan Micus

some spirit temple level shit here my bros!!!
13Birdsongs of the Mesozoic
Magnetic Flip

perfect for that romantic trek across Hyrule Field with a young Hylian you're trying
to woo!
14Ambitious Lovers

After you get back from the field, this is a good one for the bedroom. Get your funk
on Guru!!!

Better than the Indigo-go's and no fucking Ocarina in sight! Chicks dig guitars
Link!!! Fuck this is one to lose your virginity too!
16Diamanda Galas
Diamanda Galas

And this feels like you've been pecked by one too many cuccoos!!! Guru get them
outta here, Grog on the case or some shit!!! This shit is fuckin me up!

This is my jam mofos!!! Tripping out in the Lost Woods goin all Stalfos'd up.... Shit
this is the best thing!!! GYPSY AS FUCK!!!
18Shalabi Effect
Shalabi Effect

"Imagine if all this was just a pixelated figment of someones imagination ahd we
weren't really here at all..." Shit those fumes from the potion shop ain't helping
19La Dusseldorf
La Dusseldorf

Holy feck!!! Goron's trapped under ice in Zora's domain or am I just wigging out
again??? Damn you Guru, if only my brother Darunia was here!!!
20Kaleidoscope (US)
A Beacon from Mars

soundtrack to a Gerudo raid! They took our stash and I can't wake up man!!! Lost
in Hyrule, the mystery spot! No place for a #based kid!!! #deathmountaincrew help
a niggah out!!! I WAS JUST PLAYINNN!!!!
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