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Some good, short Metal instrumentals?

Hi guys,

I need some help finding some short (less than four minutes) metal instrumentals. If you know any, feel free to post the name, band name and approx. duration. Thanks so much!
I don't really mind which type of metal, but preferably something along the lines of thrash or melodic death.

Thank you all.
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Not really what your asking for in terms of thrash/melo death but how about , Voice of the Soul from Death's Sound of Perseverance.

Also if you dig some Tech Death - Obscura - And All Will Come To An End from illegitimation might do her for you

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Fallujah-The Flames Surreal 3:30 (Death Metal)
Galneryus-United Blood 1:47 (Power Metal)
Galneryus-Arise 2:09 (Power Metal)
Blind Guardian-Trial By The Urchon 1:44 (Power/Trash Metal)

That's all I could think of atm ^_^

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You could try Cosmic Sea by Death from their Human album. It goes over four minutes, but stays under five. I hope this helped!
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Got a couple more for yah eh.
Megadeth- Into the Lungs of Hell. So Far... So Good... So What? (Thrash)
In Flames - Jesters Dance - Jester Race (Melodeath)
Marty Friedman - Black Orchid - Can't think of the album sorry (Thrashish i guess)
Iron Maiden - Transylvania - Iron Maiden (NWOBHM)
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Corelia - Mute Swan (1:51)
Periphery - Icarus Lives (Instrumental) (the music section is <4 minutes)
Animals as Leaders - Point to Point (1:44)
Sithu Aye - Islay (3:40)
Scale the Summit - Balkan (3:58) (or most of the other stuff on The Collective)
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maybe it is...
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The Red Chord - It Came From Over There
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Digging: Ne Obliviscaris - Urn

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Originally Posted by HighandDriving View Post
Woe, Is Me.
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In Flames-Acoustic Medely
Darkest Hour-Ethos/Pathos
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In Flames -Dialogue with the Stars.
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hey HEY hey HEY hey HEY
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Metallica's Orion is a classic, buuut over your time limit. Maybe you could shorten it a bit.

damn, I'm all out of ideas
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Basically anything In Flames does that's instrumental is the best thing ever.
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^ I agree with TimJim
however I do particularly like The Crying Orc by Burzum,
[id] by Veil Of Maya, and Dreamscape by In Flames.
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The Hellion- Judas Priest (more of an intro actually)

From Skin to Liquid - Cannibal Corpse.
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