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New bands for me...

Brad Sucks, Darwin Deez, Nine Inch Nails, Death From Above 1979, MSTRKRFT, Justice, Eels, Filter, The Glitch Mob, Grandaddy, Jason Lytle, Hot Chip, LCD Soundsystem, Massive Attack, Mew, Modwheelmood, Radiohead, Ratatat, Red Hot Chili Peppers, Shit Robot, SONOIO, Sparklehorse, Starfucker, Third Eye Blind, Trampled By Turtles, Gorillaz, Yuck, Weezer, and Death Cab For Cutie are some of my favorite bands but recently I have been into music that is more electronic/bass based. I like a strong drum beat and a more complex musical basis as well. I have really been digging Death From Above 1979, LCD Soundsystem, and Justice lately. Does anyone have some good band suggestions for me? I know most bands in the genre and I was wondering if anybody could give me some new ideas.

I enjoy making music to, here's my latest for those of you that are curious:

I use Sputnikmusic and Pitchfork for all of my album reviews that I read and I will never replace Sputnik. I am also new to the forum, so hopefully my first post is acceptable. Thanks guys!

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Have you treid Miami Horror? They make pretty good dancable eletronic stuff, with a sort of ironic disco sound. Catchy stuff.
Does It Offed You, yeah? also seems like a great fit for you, I recommend you to check out their first album.
You've a wicked taste in music, btw.

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new band from nyc, pretty good stuff:
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Night Engine - UK band, kind of Bowie-esque sounding
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!new! Yen !new!

This Band is brand-new! Check it out!

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Originally Posted by sarahbanks195 View Post
Night Engine - UK band, kind of Bowie-esque sounding
these guys are really good! shame they're not on Spotify
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Creo Falso, new band from Chile
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some dfa1979 action:

DZ Deathrays - Bloodstreams
Bass Drum of Death - GB City
Japandroids - Celebration Rock, Post-Nothing (but I'm sure you have heard these fellers)
PS I Love You - Death Dreams, Meet Me at the Muster Station
Civil Civic - Rules (electronic+electricguitars+loudasfuck)

All 2 piece bands. All of them will kick your ass. The first being extremely similar to dfa.

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hey HEY hey HEY hey HEY
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some electronic lazy-chill beat stuff, but IMHO very, very nice

Chet faker (check out his cover of No Diggity. He's gonna be big)
ta-ku "late nyc" album, only about 25-29 min long. also features a song with chet faker.
onra "chinoiseries" album, more beatsy, but everything based on 70's vietnamese pop music. amazing. Try the songs "the anthem", "relax in mui ne", "i wanna go back"
chinese man, songs "racing for the sun", "indi groove", "7th street"
lack of afro, the song "the basis"
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So homo for Morrissey
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Awesome thread. I've been looking for music but I'm the kind of guy that gets stuck on a band for a veeeeeeery long time (sometimes deservingly so, sometimes not). Also trying to test my forum profile...
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Some really nice interlinking riffs and smooth vocals, backed with catchy bass hooks
Or one of my personal favourite bands - mathy riffs, awesome hooks this town needs guns
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if you like the dave matthews band than list to my song! it will remind you of crash into me!
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1post can make difference
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Have you ever heard about discover your own music
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Try "NightBox" they've got some new stuff out that is funky mellow.

Ps: you should try using that's where I've been finding a lot of legit new music. Great indie selection, thats how I found Nightbox.
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Try This is a Standoff. Been listening to a lot of them lately
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here is my new video clip from my new album recorded only with cello overdubs, i tried to create a cello orchestra sound, let me know what do you think.
thanks so much!

hi guys, i would love to hear your feedback about my new video clip i recorded 2 years ago and filmed last month in brooklyn, the music was recorded only with one cello with overdubs.

-link to the full album to listen, the style is classical indie-
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I also enjoy making music I'm in a couple bands "The Funtime Brigade" and The Chimney Swifts" working really hard to make a living playing music! I'd love if you'd check us out!

The Funtime Brigade

The Chimney Swifts:
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+1 to NightBox, I've actually listened to them a bit before.
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Chikka Moyo does This Charming Man

Brilliant interpretation of this classic song.
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