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check your fb inbox dan
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Umm I guess I can post about Deathcore here...

The only even remotely good band is Through The Eyes Of The Dead...they used to be Deathcore that is...Carnifex' Lie To My Face is pretty sweet. TBDM came from that scene too.

Other than that...Suicide Silence sucks ass, Whitechapel are just uberfags
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maybe it is...
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Originally Posted by Dimmu Burger View Post
Didn't get this. Anyone?
sent it to you ages ago on fb, you even said thanks!!
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I really like the stab at deathcore, even though Animosity is an elite deathcore band.
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Originally Posted by nevertoolate View Post
sent it to you ages ago on fb, you even said thanks!!
I signed up but didn't get the email back saying I was approved or whatever.
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god i missed this

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