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Rocking drums

There's a Rockin' drum solo in our song Gaurantee I wanna know what you guys think.

If you want the tab just send me a message on myspace.
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I dont think there was anything "rockin" about that song.
Tune the guitar.
drums we eh.
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bored 20 seconds in tbh.
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Retarded Chipple
is the worst player here
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Singles around the kit, I deffo want a tab for that!

Serious though, it sounds like you guys are quite young and haven't been playing very long. The solo/fill isn't really worth talking about for various reasons and after a few months/years you'll look back and cringe at all your material anyway.
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Surrender Now
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Only put up material that you want other people to listen to. You don't want people listening to that.
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Reading the (harsh) replies in this thread, I feel bad that I don't have audio here at work
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Decent. How long have you been playing mate?
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hahaha are u freaking kidding me
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The drumming is tarrable.
If you are the drummer, maybe you should do this tab.
I'm guessing you guys are pretty young, work more on everything, and then upload stuff.
I had more of a rockin' solo when I first started than that rockin' solo and I sucked beyond belief.
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Amor Vincit Omnia
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Probably the worst sounding song I've heard, only because of the video camera.

How old are you and how long have you been playing?
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Dave Mason
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Guys, there really is no reason to be so hostile to this young chap.
He's come to this forum looking for feedback and you've just shot him down in flames. We've all been there. None of us started at the level we are now.
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Haha jeez people just tearing into this kid.

keep up the good work my man.
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He's pretty solid on the time and his singles are clean. Not big fan of the guitar though :P.
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Originally Posted by rohbit View Post
He's pretty solid on the time and his singles are clean. Not big fan of the guitar though :P.
no they aren't
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Bonham isn't good. Period
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Yeah pretty much.
From a song writing stand point though...naw not even going to kid.
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You know what... nvm what I said. They posted 5 almost identical threads on all the forums just to get hits. Kinda lame on their part. Sometimes, kids need to get their *** shot down in order to learn a lesson or two in life.
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i want the tab post it here that was the best fill i've ever heard, so good don't know how you manage to pull stuff off like that
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