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Lyrical Challenge Rules

How to participate in the lyric challenges

1) The winner of the previous challenge chooses a topic word, and begins a new thread where songs will be submitted. The new thread must be in the format:

a. Where # is the challenge number
b. Where TOPIC is the the topic word
c. Where Date is the closing date for entries (one week from start date)

2) Participants have one week to enter a song. This song MUST include the topic word, or it is an invalid entry. Remember that there is an "EDIT" button which allows you to make any changes to your song.

3) When the week is over, the thread is closed, and no further changes are permitted.

4) A voting thread is opened where participants (and anyone else who wishes to vote) rank the songs from best to worst, 1 being the best. Critiques are encouraged, and may be done in any format you wish to do them in. Participants who do not vote are not allowed to enter the next challenge. The only requirement is that you be able to justify your votes if asked to and that the names be placed in the order that they appear in the challenge with their numeric rank placed after the name DO NOT place the names in rank order.

5) The voting thread remains open for one week. When this week is over the average rank will be found for each participant and whoever has the lowest is declared the winner. (The lowest score for each particpant will be dropped before averaging to avoid personal prejudices.)

6) The winner chooses the topic for the next challenge.

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You Need Sunshine, Vitamin... S&L Mx Sarcasm Princess. Look-out, I bite... Or does that turn you on?
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What follows is a comprehesive summary of the Rules


[i] Lyrics must be your own work

[ii] Lyrics must contain the topic word (or a variant) at least once

[iii] The title of a song can NOT be used to fill the quota of contain a challenge word ie. If the word is "purple" then the song can't be called "The Purple Cloud" and not contain purple again.

[iv] Acceptable variants of a word are:
  • its tense (past, present, future)
  • its plurals
  • its context (verb, adverb, noun, adjective)
  • similar words or synonyms and antonyms are NOT allowed only variants of the topic word.
[v] Music-related infomation is not allowed. This includes guitar interlude/solo or moment of silence type phrases. LYRICS ONLY. This is a lyrics forum, the Audio Arena is for posting music. You may however in a header (before the begining of your lyric) or a footer (at the bottom of your lyric) include a note on the style of music ie. This is a Slow Gentle Accoustic piece OR This is a really heavy screaming sort of lyric etc etc.
References to how to play the music or posting of chords is NOT allowed.

[vi] Enter ONE song per challenge


[i] Vote ONLY in the voting thread which will be created after the challenge thread has closed and all entries are in.

[ii] Use only one post to vote, do NOT post multiple voting posts... if you need to make changes, use the edit button.

[iii] You must vote for everyone EXCLUDING yourself.

[iv] To Vote you give every person (NOT including yourself) a rank of Best (1) to Worst (Depends on the number of entries.

[v] There is to be no tied ranks and no predjudices.

[vi] Although it is not compulsory to post a critique of every song, if asked to, you must be able to justify your scores.

[vii] Votes must be your own, do NOT copy other peoples votes.

[viii] Anyone can vote, but voting is compulsory for those entered in the challenge

[ix] If you do NOT vote you will be DQ'ed and will not be able to enter the next challenge (unless under extreme circumstances, ie the forums were down)

[x] The winner chooses the next topic or may choose another person to pick the topic

[xi] The new topic must be choosen withing three (3) days or the "rights" will go to the next available person.


Once the voting is closed, all incomplete or wrongly completed votes are discarded, the remaining scores are tallied for each person then each persons lowest score is removed. The scores are then averaged and ranked from lowest to highest, the lowest scores being the best. This then displays the winner, who will pick the next topic unless DQ'ed (by not voting)

Being DQ'ed (by not voting) is definately something that should be avoided as it will:
  • Stop you from entering the next challenge
  • If you win you will NOT be able to choose the next topic.
  • If you win you will NOT be credited as the winner in the winners thread.

Challenge Entries are open for one week, once they close the voting will open for one week. The winner then has 3 days to pick the next topic and post it in a new thread. (or if unsure ask a more experience person to)

The Replies Thread is open for the whole 2 weeks after which a new one will be started.

The Challenges Last a total of 2 weeks.
Entries are open the first week.
Votes are open the second week.
You can't change your entry once voting has started.

Well Thats it... Any Questions Just Ask! HAVE FUN!

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