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Sad But True
The New Krup
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Guyatone SVm5 Slow Volume pedal

I reeeeaaally like this pedal but I can't afford to keep it as it's superfluous to my rig. And I need the money. RRP is 135 but I'll ship it for 100. Brand new condition only used to at home and one practice.
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I have seen this pedal on ebay, check it out.
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WTB: Cheap PA Head

My trusty for 10 years Peavey unit just died. I'm not looking for quality. Just functionality.
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Looking for a low end PA head
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Alan Death
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Selling: Used Jackson King V KVX10, CT/MA pickup/dropoff.

Hi, I'm selling my black Jackson King V KVX10 for $250 cash-in-hand. I live in Simsbury, CT, and am willing to drive a fair distance for the trade. The guitar is in decent condition, but could use a bit of work to really get it to shine. Email me at
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Bruce E Kinesis
All Lights ****ed
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Prices include UK shipping and payment by paypal gift or bank transfer, if you'd like to pay another way get in touch

Electro Harmonix LPB-1 - 18

In good condition with box

Tapco Link.Usb 2x2 audio interface - 40 shipped

With 2 inputs can be line, balanced mic or guitar level; headphone and line out; phantom power; built in 'kickstand'; protection bars for the knobs and antislide coating, perfect for live or travelling use without worrying about it breaking

In good condition boxed with instructions, driver/software disk

Snarling Dogs Super Bawl Whine-o - 40 (heavy)

Wah with three different ranges to tune to your needs, external volume control and boost toggle switch. Footswitch for on/off is under the toe, secondary footswitch engages second inductor to change the tone on the fly.

Some dings and one minor fault; the status LED does work but the LED to show when the second inductor is engaged does not.

Boss RV-2 - 80/WTT

In good condition, no box. A few dings as expected of a pedal this age. Has room, hall, plate, delay, gate modes. Mono in, stereo out. Sticker on the bottom is missing I'm afraid. Very rare, made in japan.

Would love to trade (gladly including something else!) for another reverb; open minded, try me.

Mammoth Sound Audio Diffrakta (crayons) - prototype - 25

This is a Lo-fi filter/distortion pedal handbuilt in the UK by Mammoth Sound Audio. This prototype has only a volume control; there are two knobs shown but only one of them does anything! Very cool pedal, nicely decorated.

Interested in trading for:

3PDTs, Neutrik/REAN enclosed jacks
Reverb pedals
DOD Vibrothang
Weird things

Perhaps you know someone with a use for:

A Creative NOMAD Jukebox Zen NM (30GB) with a broken hard disk? 5

A Trinity Pro RC motor for a proper remote control car: NOS... 10
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British Beef
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For Sale: Laney VC30 210, mint condition, never gigged 370 ono for collection from bristol or bicester near oxfordshire (UK)
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The Transporter
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WTB: Boss DD-3
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The Transporter
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fkn ebay wants more than they cost new wat
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Mx UK night invasion club
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safe bruddas.
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Marshall JCM800 2210 head

email me for more details @
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Death greets me warm, now I will just say goodbye. Goodbye...
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So since this thread has all but died, has anyone had any luck selling gear on other sites like eBay or craigslist? I've got two amps I'm trying to sell.
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classic ando
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what are you selling joe

i probs cant afford atm but hey
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