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Top 100 Punk Albums - The Definitive list

Here they are. The long-awaited results of the epic quest to find the top 100 punk albums.

1. Dead Kennedys - Fresh Fruit For Rotting Vegetables
When Jello Biafra answered East Bay Ray's advert in a local music paper few could have predicted the outcome would be the greatest punk album of all time. Fresh Fruit is a half-hour minute rollercoaster ride through the harsh underbelly of the american dream. From the bouncy Let's Lynch The Landlord, to the barely controlled chaos of Chemical Warfare, from the classic Faux-fascist anthem California Uber Alles to the haunting screech of the timeless Holiday In Cambodia, this album delivers. The songs are often gloriously offensive such as I Kill Children and Kill The Poor but all contain the bitter sarcastic edge of Jello's lyrics which are perfectly complimented by Ray and Klaus' guitar work. This is an album that sounds like it was written for a forthcoming apocalypse or mental breakdown, the perfect mix between the minimalism of In God We Trust Inc and the expansiveness of Frankenchrist where all the songs can provoke, educate and make you want to rock out like a crazy fool. The best punk album of all time and definitely not one for the idiots.

2. The Clash - London Calling
Just looking at the front cover of this album made me want to buy it, although I had never really listened to The Clash before that. Although still teeming with punk rock attitude and left-wing politics, this album moved away from the traditional punk sounds, experimenting with rockabilly, folk, ska, pop, and reggae. Standout tracks include the title track, the Paul Simonon-arranged reggae number The Guns of Brixton, swooning pop of Train in Vain, the '50's-esque Brand New Cadillac, and the bright ska of Rudie Can't Fail. Named the Best Album of the '80's by Rolling Stone, this was a true breakthrough in the punk rock scene.

3. Operation Ivy - Operation Ivy
The punk influenced ska-punk sound of Operation Ivy is clearly portrayed in this album. Tim Armstrong sets the rythmn of upbeat guitar, whereas the pick-style ska bass cuts through and is easily heard. "Sound System" is a prime example of their ska-punk sound, and "The Crowd" shows their punker side. This album has set the woodwork for the third wave of ska, and will be remembered as a piece of important history forever.

4. Streetlight Manifesto - Everything Goes Numb
On this album, the Keasbey era Catch 22 boys and a new horns section amaze, and show people what ska-punk should really be about. Driving drums, stupidly fast rythm guitar sections and the ever boppy horns make this album a ska-punk force to be reckoned with. Actually, on second thought, THE ska-punk force to be reckoned with. Best ska-punk album of all time? Certainly the most well rounded.

5. Propagandhi - Today's Empires, Tommorrow's Ashes
A dramatic departure from their previous albums, TETA marked a maturing of Propagandhi's sound. With a new bassist, harder music and the same brilliant lyrics that can join two seemingly unconnected political and historical subjects at will. With furious songs such as March Of The Crabs, Fuck The Border and Back To The Motor League covering topics from middle class hypocrisy to the repression in the Phillipines, Propagandhi proved themselves once again as one of the best punk bands of the 90s. So all together now, "I LIKE TO PARTY FUCKIN' HARD!"

6. The Clash - The Clash
The Clash established themselves as one of the standout groups in the burgeoning punk scene of the UK in 1977 with this album. It is a brilliant effort, a masterpiece of punk, if that can be said. With far left leaning politics and stick-it-to-the-man lyrics, they became both a musical and political force to be reckoned with. The vocals of Joe Strummer, leads of Mick Jones, and driving basslines of Paul Simonon make it a hot choice for Best Punk Album. It was released in two versions when the record company thought the UK version unfit for American consumption, but the UK version is considered the better (despite its lack of White Man In Hammersmith Palais, a Clash classic).

7. C'ock Sparrer - Shock Troops
Cock Sparrer could've been the next Sex Pistols if they'd not refused to buy Malcolm McLaren a drink but instead of wondering what could have been they produced this classic album. Addressing issues like patriotism, the failure of the punk movement, working-class pride and their day-to-day existence on timeless singalong anthems such as Where Are They Now?, We're Coming Back, Take 'Em All, Riot Squad and Watch Your Back, Shock Troops is probably the best Oi! album ever created.

8. Leftover Crack- F'uck World Trade
After a long break and a few tours Leftover Crack comes out with their second full length album. Here they bring back some of their Choking Victim ska sound but also incorporate sounds from rockabilly, folk, and just plain straight up hardcore. Stza's vocals are ever grating, charging his politcal lyrics even more. Ezra's guitar still has those upstrokes, but many more added hardcore power chords, and Alec's bass still going back and forth between ska and punk. Many say this album was the best of 2004, many say it was the best ever, but it sure was the best from Leftover Crack.

9. Stiff Little Fingers - Inflammable Material
"Inflammable Material planted in my head, It's a suspect device that's left 2000 dead". So starts Stiff Little Fingers classic debut album. The 'Irish Clash' summed up what it was like to be young in Northern Ireland during the troubles. With killer riffs, great basslines and socially conscious lyrics that attacked the IRA and the army (Wasted Life), record labels (Rough Trade) and displayed a witty bitter humor (Barbed Wire Love). The first independent album to breach the UK Top 20 this album is a both an important landmark in music history, a great record and gave a whole generation new hope for an Alternative Ulster.

10.The Toy Dolls - Absurd Ditties
The Toy Dolls had been putting out music for a decade when they recorded their best album with Absurd Ditties. It was filled with brilliantly catchy songs featuring cheesy yet hilarious lyrics, Olga's distinctive vocals and mammoth solos as Toy Dolls songs always were but on Ditties there were differences with the acoustic intro to My Wife's A Psychopath, the redneck jaunt in Drooling Banjos and the hard rocking, pseudo-classical Toccata in Dm sitting comfortably alongside more traditional TOy Dolls songs like the dual-solo Sod The Neighbours or Alec's Gone (about Coronation Street oddly enough). Absurd Ditties showed that The Toy Dolls were, and are, one of the most under-rated punk bands around.

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11. Sex Pistols - Never Mind the Bollocks
Put simply, if most people were asked to name one band, and one album that was the definition of "punk", this would be it. The only full length release from the band, The Sex Pistols were the original band that drove the establishment up the wall, famously having their single God Save The Queen banned from being top of the charts on the week of Queen Elizabeth II's silver jubilee, thanks to it's incendiary content. Although this is a highlight of the album, the same basic themes run through the album, including on other highlights Anarchy In The UK, EMI, and No Feelings. Even though the Sex Pistols, in particular bassist Sid Vicious, simply couldn't play their instruments, and have recieved criticism for being manufactured, this album remains punk's most enduring classic album to the general public and as such deserves to be thought of as a classic of the genre, and essential listening to anyone who either likes, or wants to understand punk music.

12. Rancid - Let's Go
Released in 1994 as their second full lengh, lets go is full of tight melodies and hooky choruses. A great album for people getting into rancid or punk. Lars frederiksen, Matt freeman and tim armstrong are at their best vocally. Although there are songs that stand above others(salvation, st mary, nihilism) this album goes strong until the very last song.

13. Black Flag - Damaged
Released in 1981, it was the first Black Flag album with Henry Rollins on vocals. It was also their most famous, most popular, and arguably the best Black Flag album. It is one of the most important and influential albums in punk and hardcore. The album kicks off the with absolute classic, Rise Above. From there, it goes onto classic after classic like TV Party, Gimme Gimme Gimme, Six Pack, and Thirsty and Miserable. The album ends with the haunting, intense, and almost scary Damaged I. It is in many ways the perfect end to this excellent album.

14. The Specials - S/T
The late 70s and early 80s in Britain were a time of social and racial unrest but during this time The Specials led by Jerry Dammers created this punk-influenced ska classic that confronted the issues facing the youth of the time. Mixing the bluebeat sound enjoyed by their mod elders with the uncompromising punk ethic The Specials created one of the era's defining albums. With the stark beauty tracks such as the anti-racist Doesn't Make It All Right or the singalong Dawning Of A New Era, the dual, contrasting vocalists, Hall and Golding sum up the feelings of a generation while referencing the last one with songs like stupid Message and A Message To you Rudy over the incessant ska created by a group of hugely talented musicians.

15. Refused - The Shape of Punk to Come
This 1998 album from late great Swedish Hardcore band Refused was somewhat of an experimental record, incorporating different instruments and styles, including a violin in "Tannhauser/Derive" and included an acousticsong to finish the album, "The Apollo Programme Was a Hoax". But this record also included some greats such as "New Noise" and "Deadly Rhythm"

16. Bad Brains - Bad Brains
Defined by many as the quintessential hardcore release of all time, Bad Brains exploded on to the hardcore scene with the release of their S/T. While not their first recordings, the tracks on this album held nothing back as opposed to their demo releases. On their S/T disc, Bad Brains released some of the most un-relenting hardcore to date. But this album is not just another strictly hardcore release. There are dub tracks on this album that are stunning such as "Leaving Babylon". The hardcore songs are done so perfect and combine what all is good about the original hardcore style. The energy? Amazing. The talent? Extraordinary. The album? Timeless.

17. Against Me! - Reinventing Axl Rose
Starting off with a simple, quiet, drum roll that gradually gets louder, this album doesn’t use loud guitars or standard punk drum beats to get their music heard. Instead, they vent their emotions through poetic lyrics, incredible lead and background vocals, and plenty of musical talent. This album is sing-a-long paradise, and remains fresh with each track. Tackling personal and global politics, Tom, the lead singer/guitarist will leave chills down your spine as he screams his heart out. Some tracks to watch out for this are “The Politics Of Starving,” “Jordan’s First Choice,” and “Walking Is Still Honest.” We also mustn’t forget the awesome choruses that lie songs such as “Baby I’m An Anarchist.” The album ends perfectly with the song “8 Full Hours Of Sleep,” which fades out into feedback. Mixing hardcore, punk, anarcho, and folk, this album really shows the punk community what it is really capable of nowadays.

18. Choking Victim - No Gods, No Managers
The first and only full length record from this New York City Ska core band. The album mixes the ska sounds of guitar and bass with the distortion, heavy drum beat, and vocals of a hardcore punk band. Sturgeon's vocals grate against any one's ears who can't handle his hardness, and the quick somewhat distorted upstrokes from Ezra and Sturgon's guitars contrast the gritty vocals. Alec's bass is true to ska fashion in some songs, and hardcore in others. All combined with the quick drum beat that makes Choking Victim skandable and moshable.

19. The Ramones - The Ramones
The album many say started punk, along with The Clash's self-titled and Sex Pistols' Nevermind the Bollocks. This album establishes the fast and fun sound of punk rock. The album focuses on the mind of a bored teenager, one who is obsessed with horror movies and hanging out with their friends. Songs like 53rd and 3rd describes what the streets of New York were about for Dee Dee. The album mixes love songs like I Wanna Be Your Boyfriend and Listen to My Heart with songs about sniffing glue and covers of old classics like Let's Dance. This truly is a classic album and influenced what punk rock is about today.

20. Dead Kennedys - Plastic Surgery Disasters
Moving away from the thrash they had experimented with on In God We Trust Inc DK and expanding on their Fresh Fruit sound whilst attacking everyone from Frat Boys to Federal Agents. Full of witty metaphors and barbed sarcasm Jello's lyrics were backed up by Klaus' bouncy basslines, Ray's demented surf-guitar and DH's driving drumbeat. From the sublime pop-punk Moon Over Marin to the masterpiece that is Riot. Plastic Surgery Disasters proved DK one of the best punk bands of all time

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21.Minor Threat - complete discography
This all encompassing Discography of the legendary DC hardcore band Minor Threat is a must listen for anyone interested in hardcore. Singer Ian MacKaye has become a great figure within the punk and hardcore communities. He helped form and give life to the Straight Edge movement and Minor Threat is a great influence for most hardcore bands since their formation in the early 80's. Great songs include "Filler", "Salad Days", "In My Eyes" among many others.

22.Rancid - And Out Come the Wolves
This album, released in 1995, made rancid to one of the most well know punk bands. Ruby Soho was a major mtv and radio hit, Maxwell Murder is also known for Matt Freeman's bass solo, and Time Bomb and Roots Radicals are hits of their own. On this album rancid tried to do something they never had done before: ska (time bomb, daly city train, old friend). Featuring Lars frederiksen's outstaning vocals on songs like Roots Radicals and The War's End, this album is filled with classic tracks and great lyrics such as Journey To The End Of The East Bay (about Operation Ivy). A great album featuring alot of Rancid's classics on it.

23.Minutemen - Double Nickels On The Dime
An album that may not be punk in sound but certainly is in ethic. With highly-politicised lyrics, inspired song-titles and above all, excellent musicianship featuring brilliant basslines from Mike Watt, tight drumming from George Hurley and great guitar work from DBoon this album defied musical boundaries to create a truly unique record. With over 40 songs, at least 30 over which are great, this album has too many highlights to mention and remains a testament to the talent of the now sadly departed Dboon and his great musical chemistry with Watt and Hurley.

24.Circle Jerks - Group Sex
When Black Flag frontman, Keith Morris, left the band to form anothern band, many were skeptical. How could one produce a band that is even comparable to the revolutionary Black Flag? To Morris, the answer was simple. Take what was good about Black Flag. The aggression, the intensity, the abrasiveness. Make it more aggresive, more intense, more abrasive. That's just what Morris' new band, The Circle Jerks, accomplished in their debut release. The band was able to make some of the fastest, catchiest, and most intense music to date. The album ranged from political songs like "Paid Vacation" to humorous songs like "I Just Want Some Skank". Featuring future Bad Religion guitarist, Greg Hetson, the Circle Jerks created one of the most influential albums in hardcore history.

25.Black Flag - The first 4 years
Even in it's early beginnings, punk music was becoming stale. It was not until Black Flag formed, that the entire world of music was laid flat on it's back. The first four years of the band's lifespan were certainly the most influential, and now that period of time has been documented on this album. Having to replace band members constantly could not deter this band from putting out some of the first incarnations of hardcore. This record has all the recordings done in the band's early life including work from members such as Keith Morris, Chavo, Dez, and of course the legendary Greg Ginn. From the pure anger in "I've Had It" to the poetic brilliance of "Damaged I", this album contains it all from the band that embodies punk and helped give birth to hardcore.

26.Catch 22 - Keasbey Nights
Ska punk mastermind Tomas Kalnoky’s first big band, Catch 22 came together in late 1996. They spent two years touring almost non-stop, before signing to victory records to record their first full length album. “Keasbey Nights” quickly became a hit in the world of ska and punk. The group had amazing bass lines, and horn parts that you could be stuck humming for weeks. Everything seemed to fall perfectly into place for this album. Tomas’ vocals seemed to be fit the music perfectly. This album starts off with the fast paced “Dear Sergio” and includes the song “Keasbey Nights”, which has one of the most addictive and sing a long choruses you will ever hear before it finshes with “12341234”, which is an amazing song with a minute long acoustic intro, followed by several more minutes of fun and excitement, closing the album in a perfect way.

27.Leftover Crack - Mediocre Generica
After Choking Victim broke up the former band members were left with nothing to do. They soon reformed with a new drummer and became Leftover Crack. With this album they took many written but not recorded Choking Victim songs, plus some new songs and made a good debut for this skacore band. They lost of their true ska roots for a more hardcore sound, but you can still hear the ska influence in songs as Gay Rude Boys Unite. But also showing their pseudo-politcal side in songs like Nazi White Trash and Atheist Anthem.

28.Exploited - Punk's Not Dead
The group that defined street punk and popularised it, this debut album set off what punk rock should be about. The Exploited were formed in Thatcher era England and their songs reflected that. Not with political insigt, but angry lyrics speaking out against the fucked society in which they were living. Released in 1981, the punk scene that was so budding 4 years ago might of been dieing, but Wattie refused to believe this and shouted out in the title track of the album that it was not. The album is solid street from Punks Not Dead all the way to the last track, I Believe in Anarchy

29.The Misfits - Static Age
Possibly the best release by one of the best punk bands of their time. Boasting some of the band's best material ever written and has a better production than most of their releases. This is the album to spawn the on coming bands and fans of this classic punk rock sound. Be sure to listen to such greats as Hybrid Moments, We Are 138, Bullet and the infamous One Last Caress.

30.Bad Religion - Suffer
Ah, Suffer, one of my favorite albums. Originally released in 1988, then re-mastered last year, this album still ranks as one of the top Bad Religion albums. The cover art is awesome, the kid on fire is memorable. The cd bursts out with the banging rifts of You Are The Government, which sets the stage for the rest of this amazing cd. On this cd, they seem to have sound their sound and set into it. They begin to drift away from the hardcore feel seen on the albums on Hell/80-85, and into more harmonic stuff that has come to define Bad Religion. Hetson and Gurewitz rip up the place together, with Gaffin singing at the top of his game.

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31.Propagandhi - How to Clean Everything
The first album from Canada's foremost progressive-thrash pranksters was an exercise in how to have a message while having fun. Their self-deprecating humor, righteous anger, tongue-in-cheek slogans and stolen riffs combined to create an album that surprised the band with it's success. Alongside such traditional political fodder as sexism, religion and racism sits less serious songs such as 'Ska Sucks' and 'This Might Be Satire.' Often thought-proivoking, always entertaining, Propagandhi proved with this album that they never have and never will pledge allegiance.

32.NOFX – Ribbed
According to Fat Mike "this was the first NOFX album people liked". They took a little bad religion, di, rkl, and came up with the nofx sound. People started to enjoy themselves at NOFX shows. This album opens with the powerful song "Green Corn" and the power keeps up right to the very last song "The Malachi Crunch" which is a classic NOFX tune. This album also shows there diversity in music styles with ska songs such as "Food, Sex & Ewe" and "I Don't Want You Around" to the jazzy classic "Together On The Sand". It combines powerful punk songs, ska, jazz, and good old NOFX humour with song like "New Boobs" and just look at the album cover its a hudge red NOFX condom. With Fat Mike actually starting to sing good (kind of),his outstanding bass lines, some of Steve (who quit to join a rock band) and Melvins best guitar work, Bad Religion style harmonys, and Smellys million mile and hour drum beats this album was one of NOFX's best

33.AFI - Black Sails in the Sunset
The guitar fades in and the drums crash, the album begins. This is just the intro to the album. But just beyond this description of the first part of the intro lies symbolism for not only this band, but for the future of punk after this album's release. Originally pictured as a one-dimensional hardcore band, AFI's Black Sails In The Sunset catapulted the band into recognition for their signature sound. From the hard, yet still melodic songs like "Midnight Sun", to their straight-forward hardcore songs like "Porphyria Cutania Tarda", to their more somber and brilliant material such as "Clove Smoke Catharsis", Black Sails In The Sunset is a monument in hardcore and a precursor to the present-day incarnation of melodic hardcore.

34.GBH - City Baby Attacked by Rats
Released in 1982, it was the first album of the famous street punk band (Charged) G.B.H. Packed full of loud, fast, and hard songs like the title track City Baby Attacked by Rats, I Am the Hunted, Slut, Big Women (Big women, I like the size. Big women, flabby thighs), and the 5 minute classic Bellend Bop. The album keeps you pumped up and contains some pretty nice drum and guitar work. This album is nescessary for any fan of street punk or punk in general.

35.Conflict - The Ungovernable Force
The Ungovernable force see's Conflict in their prime. The album takes on subjects ranging from police brutality, to environmental degradation. With this album Conflict showed that they beleived fully in the anarchist movement of the 80's and they also one of the leading names of the movement. The music is thrashy and the vocals aggresive, exactly what is needed in a punk rock album. Key songs are Force or service, This is the ALF, and the title track The Ungovernable Force

36.Bad Religion - Against the Grain
Against the Grain is considered by many to be the peak of Bad Religion's career. A perfect example of hardcore / punk rock beyond 1985. Fast songs sung at break neck speed with harmonies and leads for all to enjoy. One of the essentials to punk rock and a backbone of the industry. Numerous tracks off this album would later be used in a 'best of' cd entitled 'All Ages'. so that just goes to show you how good it really is.

37.Bad Religion - No Control
How a band can accomplish making a follow-up album to one that instantly became a landmark in punk rock is one task that seems beyond any band out there. However Bad Religion's No Control somehow successfully accomplished this feat. Featuring some of the catchiest guitar riffs you will ever hear and some of the smartest political lyrics that stand the test of time, No Control is a truly timeless album. Many fans wondered if the band had hit it's peak after Suffer. Could No Control actually rival that success? A few tracks in, you will see that Bad Religion had done it once again. The band had managed to outdo themselves and after releasing No Control, they went on to make many more records. You might say that if it weren't for No Control, one of the world's most influential and remarkable punk bands would not be around today.

38.The Ramones - Rocket to Russia
The Ramones first album may have been the one that kick-started the UK punk explosion but this is the one that really got the kids all hopped up and ready to go. Their third album saw the Ramones at the peak of their powers before they began to slip into self-parody. With classics like Cretin Hop, Sheena Is A Punk Rocker and Teenage Lobotomy, this album replete with all the simple catchy music that you would expect from the band that every pop-punk band since then has imitated in some way.

39.Dropkick Murphy's - The gang's all here
This is the album that introduces the Al Barr/Ken Casey switch off after Mike left the band. It is the second album of the 4 full albums they have released and is full of irish-influenced punk anthems. It starts off with the raging "Blood and Whiskey", ends with an unexpected play of Rick Barton's answering machine and in-between it will rock your face off. This album is most likely better than you.

40.Fugazi - 13 Songs
Post-hardcore genius from the father of straight-edge. Featuring Minor Threat of Minor Threat and Embrace, Guy Picciotto and Brendan Canty of Rites of Spring and bassist Joe Lally, 13 Songs compiled their earlier EPs into one hard-rocking package filled with musical intervention and more importantly, great songs. Tracks such as Waiting Room, Burning and Lockdown inspired countless great bands. With this album Fugazi changed hardcore, and music, forever.

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41.Anti-Flag - Die for your Government
This was the first album from Pittsburgh punk rockers Anti-Flag, and its often considered their best. Combining crunching rhythms and catchy melodies, courtesy of Justin Sane lightning fast beats from Pat Thetic, insane basslines a la Andy Flag, gang vocals, old-school punk rock attitude, and extreme liberal politics, what's not to love about this album. It includes such classics as Die For The Government, Fuck Police Brutality, Punk By The Book, Red White and Brainwashed, and Rotten Future, as well as an essay about the deplorable state of the scene, showing that they truly do care. A must-have for anyone who even remotely likes punk rock.

42.Gorilla Biscuits - Start Today
Armed with one of hardcore's most popular records, The Gorilla Biscuits almost instantly became one of the most respected bands throughout all of hardcore even to this day. Start Today is defined by many as the definitive Youth Crew record. It is hard to argue against that definition because Start Today contains the heart, sincerity, and pure raw energy that is lost in so many other albums by most any other band. This album contains strong anthems like "New Direction" and short blasts of the most intense hardcore as shown in songs like "Good Intention". The impact of the album is simply amazing. You will be hard-pressed to find any big hardcore fans that do not listen to the Gorilla Biscuits. A good percentage of hardcore bands today owe their success to the Gorilla Biscuits. Without Start Today, pretty much all hardcore today would be a lot different.

43.Dead Kennedys - Give me convenience or give me death
Released after the band had split up. This reminded fans what an amazing band DK had been. Filled with previously hard to find classics such as their version of I Fought The Law (And I Won) about murderer-cop Dan White, the anthem for social-rejects in In-Sight, the bitter portrayal of corrupt cops in Police Truck or great single version of two of their most famous tracks, Holiday In Cambodia and California Uber Alles. The same Dk trade-marks were there, excellent musicianship and killer lyrics, none more so than on the albums twin highlights, the classic frat-boy lampooning Too Drunk To Fuck (which even breached the UK charts despite being banned) and the hilarious anti-rock star Pull My Strings performed live at a San Francisco music awards.

44.The Vandals - Hitler Bad, Vandals Good
This album has some of the greatest songs ever by this band. I don’t really know how to classify it. It has some pop-punk elements and some punk elements, but what really matters is that it’s a great album. These guys know how to do very good. The sound is perfect, not too hard and not too soft, if you know what I mean, that’s in part why I don’t know how to classify it. Anyway, this album has everything you can ask. Catchy melodies in the vocals, some funny parts, nice and funny lyrics, cool guitar parts, great bass lines, and good drumming as well. I think it’s the best album by this classic punk band. Recommended songs: People that are going to hell, I’ve got an ape drape, Euro-barge.

45.Iggy & the Stooges - Raw Power
The legends of proto-punk, the band credited many times for inventing the real punk sound and attitude. This third album from the band was a chance taken by David Bowie's management to help his pupil, Iggy Pop have one morehit album with his band. Although it was missing some key members the band still out an album true to its name, Raw Power. With a songs like Search and Destroy and Your Pretty Face is Going to Hell, the Stooges pull off a powerful final album, to go down in punk history.

46.Rise Against - Revolutions per minute
This 2003 release from Chicago Melodic Hardcore band Rise Against spanned many different sounds within the punk spectrum from the more hardcore such as "Dead Ringer" and "To the Core" to the more catchy melodys like songs "Like the Angel" and "Heaven Knows" and even a cover of Journey's "Anyway You Want It". A very solid album from a great band.

47.X - Los Angeles
The L.A. punk band that grouped with a former Door, a surprise to all. X were a unqiue band in their scene, being female fronted and being produced by legendary Doors keyboardist/organist, Ray Manzarek. This album debuts the band as reminicesnt of the New York art-punk scene. With poetic lyrics from both John Doe and Exene Cervenka. Songs like "Your Phone's off the Hook, but You're Not" and "Johnny Hit and Run Paulene" are punk classics and shape the X trademark sound, and their sped up cover of the Doors Soul Kitchen shows them paying tribute to one of their influences. Los Angeles is truly a legendary album for the L.A. Punk scene.

48.Wire - Pink Flag
Released in 1977, Pink Flag is something of an oddity, being a post-punk album made before punk music had truly blasted its way onto the scene. Taking in 23 songs in less than 40 minutes, it's clearly immensely punk in feel, although many people consider it to be atypical of the genre, due to the fact that while this album is in no danger of ever feeling stale, as the songs seem regularly to be based around one idea, which then, as it ends, finishes the song with it, meaning that the songs themselves jump between one another, there are elements of "progressive punk" present here, such as on the opening track, Reuters, and Lowdown, which vary the band's sound. Pop hooks also infiltrate the album, such as on the last two tracks, Dot Dash and 12XU. Although Wire's other albums are also great, this is their finest hour.

49.Misfits - Walk Among Us
One of the bands most popular albums, with classics such as Skulls, Mommy Can I Go Out & Kill Tonight and Vampira. Numerous songs on the album are all about B Horror movies which seems to be Danzig's obsession in his songs. If your going to listen to one Misfits album it might aswell be this one.

50.The Stooges - Fun House
This is one the best raw proto-punk records that everyone should have in their collection. From it's raw powerfulblues riffs with iggy screaming and howling to 1970's wailing sax along with smooth bass riffs makes it all come together. Dirt is the only slow song on this CD but it doesn't let you down either with it's bluesy guitar type style. The lyrics are mainly about sex and violence. This records titles "fun house' defiantly describes the whole album. This album IS a classic.

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51.The Germs - (MIA)
A very average punk album from a very average punk band that has been elevated to the realms of greatness because they're singer was a stupid junkie who OD'd by whining Sid-Vicious idolising, death-worshipping morbidly obsessed stupid 14 year olds like Fat Mike.

52.Propagandhi - Less Talk, More Rock
"Less Talk, More Rock" is a more feeble attempt compared to their first "How To Clean Everything" in 1993. Propagandhi however proves their progressive thrash with their melodic, fast, and quick witted songs. Although it's their weakest album it is still a very quality album and Propagandhi conveys their message through the same way as their other albums. Songs like "Refusing To Be A Man" and "Anchorless" keep the songs varied and have a slower beat to them. Truly a classic album but not as well done as the others they released.

53.Subhumans - The Day The Country Died
"And it all went quiet in the city."- Subhumans - Subvert City. That is how more or less the action a human takes after hearing this album. The Day The Country Died is a blast of intelligent lyrics, fast music, and unrelenting energy. The album never lets up. From the end of "All Gone Dead" when you hear the chants of 'It is fucking war!' to the ambience closing out the record, the album is just a brutal shot in the face for punk music. Combining amazing anarcho lyrics and incredibly catchy instrumental melodies, The Day The Country Died is sure to live on forever as one of, if not the, essential anarcho release.

54.Social Distortion - White Light, White Heat
Over a decade on from they're brilliant debut Mommy's Little Monster, Social D proved that bands don't always deteriorate with age. Well produced, some say too well produced, this album retained the band's original punk ethic and hard-rocking spirit. Tight and muscular, this album is definitely worth the effort.

55.The Filaments - What's Next
This is the second full length by this band and you can easily see a change of their sound. While the first album was absolutely street punk with a hard sound and just with some (not very abundant) horns, this second album is street punk too but not so rough, more varied, carefully well produced and with an ska approach. This is a good album to start listening to them and then to move to their other songs. This album has much more horns than the first, the songs are catchier and it is, in my opinion, more original and their finest album. I absolutely recommend it to fans of ska, ska-core, street punk and punk in general because I think all of you can like it. Certainly a great record. I suggest you to listen to these songs: Western double standards, Bastard Coppers, B.P.C.

56.The Damned - Damned, Damned, Damned
The debut from the grandfathers of UK punk rock was one of the most influential punk albums. The album art alone shows what these guys are all about: just fucking around and doing what they want.. Its an amazing album that helped define the early years of punk along with Ramones and the Sex Pistols. The album opens with the classic Neat Neat Neat, easily one of the best punk songs of the era. The cd has a good mix of faster paced and more mellow songs such as Feel The Pain. After this album and its follow up (Music For Pleasure) their sound mellowed and after that The Damned would slowly step away from punk into more goth rock type music.

57.Social Distortion - mommys little monster
Long overdue, Social Distortion's debut release, Mommy's Little Monster, is a powerhouse of punk-influenced rock and roll. The band was around for just about four years before releasing this album. The majority of bands around at the same time didn't even survive that long. But pretty much every owner of this album surely knows that it was definitely worth the wait. The album is pure gold from start to finish. Like nothing else at the time, the band managed to combine punk and rock & roll perfectly. Many others have tried to imitate, but no one can come close to the sheer brilliance in which this band combined the two genres in Mommy's Little Monster. Featuring punk rock anthems like "Anti-Fashion" and "Mommy's Little Monster", this album shaped the band to be one of the premier forces in punk history

58.Descendents - Milo Goes to College
The album that helped set the blueprint for the pop-punk genre. The Descendent created a furiously fast album featuring lyrics that mattered to them and fronted by the titular Milo, this album made simple lyrics mean something while retaining a stupid sense of humour. Songs like Parents, Suburban Home and I'm Not A Punk really connected with it's teenage audience who felt confused in a modern America. This album is undoubtedly a classic and essential for anyone who listens to pop-punk.

59.Buzzcocks - Singles going steady
Releasing a album packed full of the band's catchiest singles is ideal, but challenging for a band like The Buzzcocks. Ideal for the reason that the Buzzcocks made some of the single most coolest, catchiest, and infectious tunes of their time. Challenging for the reason that it couldn't have been an easy task choosing only 16 tracks and knowing that so many others were left out. However, the songs were apparently well-chosen. Singles Going Steady was the result of the choosing, and has become arguably the best Buzzcocks release. It is certainly one of the most popular. From the simple Ramones-esque songs like "Orgasm Addict" to the slightly more complex and technical "Ever Fallen In Love?" The Buzzcocks compiled songs that will be stuck in your head for the rest of your life into one disc.

60.Fear - The Record
Fear were obnoxious and loud and they didn't care. The debut classic, The Record introduced their blues-influenced punk sound with catchy-music and sublime lyrics that range from the pointless (Beef Baloney) to political (Let's Have A War) to the brilliantly offensive (New York's Alright If You Like Saxophones), Fear typified the in your face punk attitude perhaps better than any other band and The Record was their best album by far. Fronted by Lee Ving, some say fear's party-oriented ethic betrayed the point of punk but how can you resist the album that told us that 'New York's alright if you've got Tuberculosis', if you want to get pumped up and laugh with some classic 80s hardcore punk, The Record is the record you want.

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61.Big D and the Kids Table - Good Luck
This seven-piece ska band out of Boston, Massachusetts plays some of the most energetic ska today, in and out of the studio. Their first full-length off of Asian Man Records is filled with catchy horn lines and vocals that you can't help but love. Complete with many of the band's greatest songs that are the crowd's favorites at their live shows, including: Can't be Caught, Myself, 5 Kids Down, She Won't Ever Figure it out, and Take Another Look.

62.The Clash - Give'em Enough Rope
Whilst it is regarded as one of the weaker Clash albums, Give 'Em Enough Rope is often under-rated as it it's chronological positioned between the twin behemoths of London Calling and The Clash. despite struggling against meddling producer, Sandy Pearlman who attempted to Sanitise the band The Clas still produced a memorable album concerned with personal experiences (like almost getting killed in Jamaica with Safe European Home) and more vivid images from Britain's city-scapes. Give 'Em Enough Rope is well worth a listen if you're a Clash, or indeed a punk, fan.

63.The Unseen - Lower Class Crucifixion
One of the few street punk bands on A-F Records and one of the most popular street punk bands in America today, The Unseen recorded this album with fast guitar riffs and pissed off lyrics yelled out furiously by the whole band. You will find yourself singing along from start to finish, especially in songs like Children of the Revolution, In the City, and Goodbye America.

64.The Adicts - Sound Of Music
The second album from clockwork pop-punkets The Adicts may not have their most famour tunes but it is their best album. Keeping the catchy melodies and fast-paced music from their debut Songs Of Praise, The Adicts kept up the pace and even improved on their debut classic. Key songs include Chines Takeaway, Joker In The Pack and My Baby Got Run Over By A Steamroller. This is a must-have album.

65.Crass - The Feeding of the 5000
In '78, Crass recorded "The Feeding of the Five Thousand." This was Crass' first album, and due to their limited funds and exposure at the time only 5000 copies were pressed, hence the name. The album starts with Asylum, a spoken word track in which Eve scathingly attacks Christianity. The rest of the album is fast, hard punk, with intelligent political lyrics and catchy, though at times somewhat abrasive music. The Feeding of the Five Thousand solidified Crass as one of the best punk bands at the time, and to some, of all time.

66.Strike anywhere - change is a sound
Strike Anywhere came together at the turn of the century, with the intent of sharing their messages with a country engulfed in political ambiguity. They came out of Richmond, Virginia, and were soon gaining recognition with their signature sound. The band became known as a political force and had much success with their first full-length album, Change is a Sound. With their debut, Strike Anywhere capture a signature “Melodic Hardcore” sound, and pull away from their original approach, which was very 80’s hardcore influenced. From the radio opening from “You’re Fired” all the way to the screaming end of the song “My design”, this album is 29:30 of pure energy.

67.Crass - Christ the Album
This is quite possibly Crass's most distinctly intense album, and maybe even their peak. The songs are more experimental, and they put a lot more focus on the music itself, drawing away from the usual 1:30 bits with repetitive drumming and unintelligible guitar. Even the lyrics are longer. The insert by itself makes a very good read. Disc 2 also has a lot to offer, and even though a lot of people stick with just the first disc, you really don't get the full effect of their message unless you hear this part too.

68.Discharge - Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing
Discharge are one of the most influential punk bands of all time. While this album musically is more hardcore than "Why", It is just as good, perhaps even better. Cal seems more angry than ever, lashing out about the devastation war causes along with mainly other political topics. The guitars are simple with the occasional solo thrown in for good measure, and the drums with the same pounding beat. Key tracks include The Blood runs red, Protest and survive and Drunk with power

69.The Damned - Machine Gun Etiquette
This album came out around the time of London Calling and has something in common with it in that marked an evolution in sound of one of the UK's first pnk groups. From the sublime bassline on Love Song to the raging Anti-Pope and the brilliantly poppy Melody Lee (with lyrics stolen from a comic book) The Damned proved that punk wasn't just limited to 3 chord blasts but their highest achievement was the epic Smash It Up that rounds off the album.

70.The Adicts - Songs of Praise
The band that made pop-punk acceptable to street-punks and kickstarted clockwork-punk with their distinctive image recorded and mixed their classic debut album in just 24 hours. One of the catchiest albums ever made, their irreverent lyrics and sing-a-long tunes gained them many fans. With love songs about psycho uber-christian Mary Whitehouse (an early version of Tipper Gore for all you American's) and the brilliant Viva La Revolution, The Adicts remain one of the defining bands of the period.

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71.7 Seconds - Walk together, rock together
One of the greatest releases by the greatest posi hardcore band. This album contains the strength and positivity that a good hardcore albums needs. With the most popular title track's sing alongs or the cheeky cover of 99 red balloons this album never fails to entertain. Not only a great album, but was also produced by the man Ian MacKaye himself. If you get any old hardocre album this should be one of them.

72.A Global Threat - What The Fuck Will Change
A global threats last street punk album after they turned rockabilly, what the fuck will change was released on punkcore records. This was a global threats last street punk album after mark unseen left the band. This album was filled with Marks loud screaming vocals and fast up beat music on songs like The Power and Stop the Violence.

73.Reagan Youth - A Collection of Pop Classics
This collection from 80s punk band Reagan Youth is a great album in which their music reflected their name — ironic, bratty, and opinionated. Containing their albums Volume 1 and Volume 2 this album is filled with great tracks. They retained a humorous edge whilst making serious political points on songs like Jesus Was A Communist and Miss Teen America. This album makes you wonder what else Reagan Youth could have achieved if it wasn't for the tragic events that befell vocalist Dave Insurgent.

74.Gang of Four - Entertainment
The year is 1979. Bored with the current music, four young brits tried making a different record for their own entertainment. Out popped Entertainment!, one of the greatest post punk alubms to date. Their debut album contained lyrics that made sense only sometimes, simple drumming, odd guitaring, and agressive bass playing that together combined to make a frustrated energy that forced it's way to the front. That frustrated expression above all else, makes this album a must own for any music fan!

75.The Filaments - Skull and Trombones
The Essex boys' first album, they combine super fast punk with a horn section, and come out with some great results. This album would lead them onto the amazing '...Whats Next?' and all the hype in England about this band is well deserved. Good solo's, ultra fast drums and the dual singing of The Filaments leads to a brilliant album, that would be followed by an even better one.

76.Link 80 - 17 Reasons
This skacore album truly shows 17 good reasons why it is on this list. From the first bassline intro to the last trumpet blast the boys of Link 80 pump out the ska punk and ska core that they are famous for, and they do it with style. Nick sings, shouts and talks on topics from the devil to Julie's journey, and is sure as hell pissed off about it all. The musicianship is also superb, especially the bass, and they even pull out the electric organ for a surprise solo. All in all, this cd will get you dancing, singing, young and angry.

77.Adolescents - The Adolescents
The Adolescents self-titled debut came out in 1981 and struck straight at the heart of the California hardcore scene with it's simple and angry songs. From the opening chant of Amoeba to the epic Kids Of The Black Hole and the blink-and-you'll-miss-it Self Destruct. The Adolescents rebelled against their neighbourhood in the uber-conserative Orange County to create a brutal classic filled with snotty vocals, raging guitars and in-your-face pissed off attitude.

78.Oxymoron - Best Before 2000
The best of album from Oi! revivalists Oxymoron charts their musical journey from the simplistic, angry early days to their later anthemic Oi! epics. With songs like Dead End Generation, Big Brother and Faces From Below rocking harder than most other nineties band this album showed that Oi! certainly wasn't dead.

79.The Varukers - Blood Suckers
The Varukers took part in the simple yet devistatingly effective formula laid down by Discharge and play it as fast, as hard, and as heavy as they could. The album is regarded the bands best by most fans and is one of the best Uk82 albums ever made. The Varukers were one of the leading bands of the time. Key tracks include, Protest and Survive, I dont wanna be a victim, Android, Nowhere to go

80.Peter and the test tube babies - pissed and proud
Strangely enough their debut is a live album. This features most of their 'famous' tracks. Banned from the pubs, Maniac and Elvis is dead are a few of the top tracks on this album. If you like your punk fast and hilarious, then this is the band for you. "There were so many bands going on about fuck the system, fuck the government, fuck the police and all that crap, we just wanted to do something different" claims lead singer Peter Bywaters.

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81.Tiger Army - S/T
There is an eerie feeling when you first pop in Tiger Army's debut album. A new American psychobilly act that is already signed to Hellcat without any previous releases? What was so different about this band that put them above the rest? After a short while, your questions should have been answered. After a yell by Nick 13, the band's lead singer and guitarist, the album just explodes with punk leanings yet still maintaining a rockabilly feel with the tone and stand-up bass. The album features strong punk based songs like "Moonlite Dreams" and excels in the rockabilly areas with songs such as "Neobamboom". This album was surely a defining moment and a breath of fresh air in a time when the psychobilly scene that was going stale.

82.Husker Du - Zen Arcade
Mainly recorded in one phenomenal eighty hour period, what many people percieve as Husker Du's finest moment perfectly encapsualtes the spirit of punk music, with some of the bleakest and loudest music recorded in the last 25 years. Owing a lot to the lives of Bob Mould and Grant Hart (the two songwriters for Husker Du, who were both homosexual drug addicts), this album constantly sounds as if it is in danger of lurching off the rails altogether, but instead veers along through a forest of chaotic guitar riffs, basslines, and, above all, some incredibly powerful, angry vocals, that leave the listener astounded at how much force goes into the music. This album is viewed by many as one of the greatest alternative/punk albums ever recorded, and varies from softer moments, to hardcore screaming, to the album's closer; a brilliant 15 minute jazz/punk/rock/psychedelic extended jam.

83.Aus Rotten - ...And Now Back to our Programming
The perfect blend of crusty music and anarchist lyrics are in this album. Anarcho has long been a genre of punk not defined by its musical ability, but its lyrical sense. Aus-Rotten holds to this. With a sound not everybody could enjoy, but those who do can't get enough of it, they balence it out with intelligent hard heating lyrics about sexism, fear of immigration, world economics, and general anarchism. The music of each song is similar but that doesn't take away from the fact that the lyrics are in your face and intelligent.

84.Chaos uk - 100%, 2 fingers in the air punk rock
3 words to sum up this album. 'PUNK.AS.FUCK'. Like their parteners in crime Disorder, Chaos UK were the epitome of the 'Noise not music' mentality. However this album, half live, half studio recorded see's the band belt out some new 'uns such as the Alcoholic, Happy Spaztik and Ronnie, as well as some of their old material like No Security, Red Sky at night, 4 minute warning. The bands orignal bassist Chaos takes over vocals after original singer and does a bloody good job of it

85.Carry On - A Life Less Plagued
The debut album from Carry On is a furious onslaught on the ears. Packing 12 songs into 18 minutes, this album may seem short but any longer and your senses may never recover from raw vocals and furious guitars. Whilst the lyrics are standard edge on songs like X's Always Win, the sheer angriness of this album raises it above the competition and placed Carry On at the forefront of the current hardcore scene.

86.The Partisans - Police Story
The most well known Welsh punk band belt out a brilliant debut album of fast Uk82. Expect political lyrics and fast thrashy guitars. Recorded when they were teenagers. Key tracks include Police Story, No Time, No U Turns, Arms Race

87.Refused - Songs to Flame The Fans of Discontent
Who said Scandinavians can't rock? No-one actually but if they did they'd eat their words after hearing this offering from Swedish Hardcore band Refused. Released in 1996, a pre-cursor to their masterpiece A Shape Of Punk To Come, it's still well worth a listen. The variety on songs like Return to the Closet and Worthless Is the Freedom Bought, this album shows a band on top of their game. A must for any Hardcore fan.

88.Exploited - Troops Of Tomorrow
The second album from street punk greats, The Exploited, it is one of the landmarks of British punk. The album was unlike the catchy hits of The Damned or cleverness of the Pistols, it still held its own with its rage and energy of pure punk rock. There is also a blatent heavy metal influence in many songs, and traces to the british hardcore punk bands such as Discharge. This album laid down hardcore-punk groundwork while still keeping the street-punk energy.

89.Germs - GI
Like number 51 but not as good. Seriously.

90.Dag Nasty - Wig Out at Denko's
It is very rare that an album comes along that most people could really appreciate. But Dag Nasty's second full-length album, Wig Out At Denko's, really is capable of accomplishing such a feat. By combining a more melodic form of hardcore with emotional lyrics, Wig Out At Denko's is truly a unique record. Brian Baker creates some of the most irresistably catchy guitar riffs on this record with songs like "Safe" and "Dag Nasty". The music is so melodic, but is still somehow harder than a lot of old hardcore. The lyrics are well thought out and better than most bands then and still today. The lyrics are all about failure and imperfection, but more importantly to keep on trying. Wig Out At Denko's has every right to be named a classic album from some of the forefathers of emo and melodic hardcore.

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91.Dead Boys - Young, Loud, and Snotty
Cleveland early punkers who escaltaed the level of violence, nihilism, and ugliness of the punk movement to an extreame new level. The band was perfect for the budding New York CBGB scene with influences from such greats as The Stooges, Alice Cooper, the New York Dolls with Stiv being the ultimate punk frontman. Young, Loud, and Snotty wasn't just an album title it was a title for the band itself. Even after years of being around, this album still packs a punch to anyone who listens to it.

92.The Oi! Scouts - Boots for the Breakdown
If you could describe this album in one word it would be: raw. Combining the sing-a-long choruses of Oi! with the abrasiveness and aggression of street-punk this album is an uncompromising attack of the corruption of the American system with buzz-saw guitars, driving bass and incessant drums on songs like Boots for the Beatdown and Thugs this album is a must for any street-punk fan.

93.Judge - New York Crew
In just 5 tracks New York's Judge establish themselves as leading lights of the NY hardcore scene. The songs are all furious and betray a punk aesthetic that packs a powerful punch on songs like Fed Up and Warriors which are good enough for any listener to want to join their crusade.

94.The Dead Pets - too little too late
The Dead Pets debut album album was a kick in the balls to a UK punk scene that was become stale. Filled with catchy rock 'n' roll influenced brass-heavy punk anthems The Dead Pets wasted no time in establishing their trademark sound with singer Sweeney Todd instilling the humor with lyrics like "Uncle Festa, Child Molester!" and humourous sound samples. The Dead Pets retained their sense of fun whilst creating a great album.

95.Bouncing Souls - Maniacal Laughter
The second album from New Jersey pop-punkers the Bouncing Souls is one of the best and most under-rated punk albums of the nineties. Fillred with self-explanatory songs like The BMX Song and The Nerds, The Freaks And The Romantics, The Boucning Souls sang about the things that mattered tom them and didn't give a shit if nobody else cared about it. With simple but prominent bass-lines and distinctive vocals The 'Souls created a modern punk classic.

96.Agnostic Front - Riot,riot,upstart
The classic album from one of New York's premiere Hardcore bands from the early's 80s, Rio, Rio, Upstart while released in the late 90s still holds the true skinhead influenced NYHC of Agnostic Front. The bands political lyrics and general anger are still found in this album, just like all earlier albums. It is full of energy and pride, just showing that a band can stay true to its roots, even a decade after being formed.

97.The Virus - Nowhere To Hide
The Viruses second release from punk core records was their best album so far. On songs like another day goes by and Working for the company really brings out their UK 82 sound with Paul’s rough vocals and Jarrod’s fast drum beat definitely proves The Virus To be one of the best bands on the scene.

98.Nekromantix - Return of the loving dead
More shit pseudo-psychobilly on Hellcat. Is this what passes for a great punk album these days? Everyone who voted for this is retarded.

99.Anti-nowhere league - We are the league
The debut album by the league almost instantly placed them as one of the best bands of the time. Formed by bikers with a love of punk rock in 1979. The albums lyrics range from beastialty, to bondage, to pure filth, with Animals growling voice perfectly complementing the not too fast music. "So What" was covered by world famous thrash metallers Metallica after they had name the league as one of their big influences. Key tracks include Animal, So What, Streets of london

100.Horrorpops - Hell Yeah!
With their debut album "Hell Yeah!" The female fronted psychobilly band "The Horrorpops". While eerie rockabilly music is the norm for this genre this band does it with a bit of a happier twist, mainly from the female singer’s voice . The bass is decent from Patricia, but I guess that’s okay considering she has singing duties too. The bouncy drums from Niedermeier are great, and the two guitarists (Kim Nekroman and Karsten) are good, but the bass and drums, making them harder to hear on certain parts of the album overshadow them. However, they all do a great job in playing anything from the faster "where they wander", to the amazing Surf song "Horrorbeach". Is this a good album? Hell Yeah!

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Here is the list of the people who did the reviews. If I missed you out I'll edit you in. If you don't like the reviews that's your fault. You had the chance to do them
El_Shizzy: 81, 33, 24, 16, 25, 53, 54, 59, 42, 37
MILF Hunter: 35, 68, 80, 84, 99, 79, 86, 47
88 Fingers Joe: 75, 4
fat_boobies103: 21, 46, 15
redstainedeyes: 2, 6, 41
Brain Squirmin' Like A Toad: 83, 8, 19, 18, 27, 96, 91, 45, 28, 88
Silvermedalmafia: 74, 76
sketchyjoe: 14, 31, 20, 1, 5, 77, 69, 9, 10, 43, 70, 7, 92, 93, 94, 23, 95, 62, 98, 51, 89, 40, 85, 87, 78, 64, 54, 73
Ska Pirate: 26, 66
Jaw Knee B. Goode: 32
CDR_Cool: 30, 56
ihatecelebrities: 61, 63
eatyourpaisley777: 39
honkybrewster: 67
thepo: 17
Med57: 11, 82, 48
Skankinbassist: 3
Anti-Prefix: 52
oopyman: 13, 34
SkateMASTERbater: 12, 22
Sk8SkaNJ: 36, 71, 29, 49
oi_bass77: 97, 72
DDM: 100
Lynch_Me: 50
albert_bass: 55, 44
Major General Despair: 65

Thanks to everyone who contributed.

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Originally Posted by sketchyjoe
72.A Global Threat - What The **** Will Change
A global threats last street punk album after they turned rockabilly, what the **** will change was released on punkcore records. This was a global threats last street punk album after mark unseen left the band. This album was filled with Marks loud screaming vocals and fast up beat music on songs like The Power and Stop the Violence.
Rockabilly? This is completely inaccurate. Also Until We Die was after WTF Will Change and that surely is a street punk cd.
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Originally Posted by Nihilism'99
Rockabilly? This is completely inaccurate. Also Until We Die was after WTF Will Change and that surely is a street punk cd.
Originally Posted by sketchyjoe
If you don't like the reviews that's your fault. You had the chance to do them
So shut the fuck up you ingrateful little shit.
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Sorry sir, just pointing some misleading info. No need to be so harsh.
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Good stuff
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good evening
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Wow, this is probably the best definitive list that I have ever seen. Excellent job, and keep up the good work, old chap.
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Originally Posted by Nihilism'99
Sorry sir, just pointing some misleading info. No need to be so harsh.
You had the chance to write it. You didn't. So it's your fault.
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Sorry I should end my life right now.
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Great job, glad to see a desent punk greatest album list, and very glad to see Operation Ivy up so high
Edit : FFFRV is a deserving winner
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Nice job.
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tastes like haaate
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Sketchy, you did way better than I ever thought possible when I started this. I'm really glad you did this instead of me. Also, sorry about not doing any reviews, I completely forgot, and it's my fault. All in all, a masterpiece of a poll.
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This should be made offical and stickied as it's a pole made by punks, created by punks and it's better than any magazine i have ever read have ever produced. As Chips said.... it's a masterpiece
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OMFG sean!
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Congrats. you make all make the punk forum worth comming too.
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handsome squidward
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good show chap.
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Jaw, Knee, B. Goode
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As said before this is a masterpiece!
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Brain Toad
Best Ex-Supermod Ever
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Awesome Job Joe, you did a suberb job, if there was still rep I'd rep you. I think all the punk mods should rep you for such an awesome job done!
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Cut To Fit
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This is awesome -- my dictionary. Nice job man.
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pedro durruti
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I liked your 17 Reasons blurb silver, good job Joe and everyone else who helped
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Great stuff, the best top-whatever punk album list i've seen, not surprising though.
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Sick on you!
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1/3 of the list blows!
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