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Max Headroom
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Imagine you punched a guy so hard he turned into a door...
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Report Problems/Make Suggestions/Ask Questions

Recently Ive noticed a fair few people asking questions about cars, like how do turbos work, and stuff like that. So I thought it might be a good idea to make a thread where you can ask your questions about cars.

There are plenty of people here who know lots of stuff about cars, so ask your questions and they should get answered. Just ask anything, it doesnt matter how stupid it might seem.

Cya later.
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Does this site work better on something not named IE??

I need help. I cannot post or create threads in any forum except this section. I also go under "edit avatar" and there is no option for a custom avatar.

Is it a bug, do I need to be registered a certain time/certain # of posts, does IE just suck? I figured these aren't the reasons though...

Thanks for any help.
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drowning in pudding
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There's a 24 hour wait before you can make a thread if I'm not mistaken. It also could be IE, I don't know anyone on here that uses it.
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Ok, thanks, I'll wait it out. And it's my fault for being stuck in the year 2000 and using IE still :/
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I'm new on the forum, i'll Be interested to create a new topic on "The Jam Session" Exclusively dedicated to share free original guitar Backing tracks i realize and post everyday on youtube.

My Youtube Channel is MegaBackingTracks you can see here:

If you're all right to let me post, i'll update everyday with two new Orginal backing with style, Key, Bpm and chords progression.

I think it's a good opporutnity for players to practice on my tracks.

Sincerly, Thanks to asnwer me.

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Hi can i post video from my youtube channel dedicated to backing track on the forum? thanks to answer me
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