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Alright, I think this should settle some questions

First, a link to my explanation of the Ska Waves that people seem to have constant questions about: [URL=]The Waves[/url]

Now, here is a big list of newer Ska bands and why they are worth listening to. Bands in bold but not underlined are by Jas. Band italicized with names in bold are by individual users credited in the post.

[Spunge] - A band from the United Kingdom. Generic but fun. Kicking Pigeons in the Park and Lyrical Content got me onto this band. The rest of their songs aren't bad but don't hit as hard as those two do. You can listen to clips on their [url=]website[/url]… just remember they’re just clips…

3DayBenda - Another local band, one of Valley’s favorites, they blend ska, rock, emo, and a metal, and it comes up trumps! They've got better since I first saw them, and make you want to dance. Listen to some songs on [URL=]purevolume[/url] or [url=]myspace[/url]

Against All Authority - Skacore band from Florida. If you like Choking Victim you will like this band (and vice versa) but personally I think this band is much better. The music can be hit or miss, and the vocals aren’t to easy on the ears but they’re worth listening to for the lyrics. Skate or Die isn’t really their best song, but it really shows off what make the skacore genre different from skapunk. When the ska part comes in there is a slowing of the beat which is what makes a breakdown a breakdown. Their [url=]myspace[/url] and []purevolume[/url].

- - EXTRA SONGS: [url=]All Fall Down[/url], [url=]Dinkas When I Close My Eyes[/url], [url=]Just an Obstruction[/url]

- - They recently released a split with Common Rider and you can listen to a song on [url=]purevolume[/url]

APB - Based in Leeds and around since 1998, these guys make sweet ska/dub. Lots of horns, you get the impression that the music is really important. Recently had quite a large line-up change, and "re-formed" though they never split. From their [url=] label website[/url]: “APB’s sound is an eclectic mix of 2 tone ska, reggae & dub flavourings underpinned by strongly anti-establishment lyrics & incredible bubbling reggae keyboards.”

Area 7 - A band from Australia. I found out about them because they did some horn work for The Living End. Like [Sponge], a lot of their stuff can be a bit generic. But they are good and I imagine fun to see. Nothing wrong with their music, just nothing that really stands out, but worth checking out if you really like all things ska. They don’t seem to have anything available for download or streaming, but you can go to their [url=]website[/url]

Arrogant Sons of Bitches - Or ASOB. Amazing Live band. They recently released a new album that had been in the works since 2003. Their music has always been great, but their singer has only recently become understandable. The music and lyrics are frenetic and aggressive and almost surprisingly good. Their website is down, but their []myspace[/url] has a few songs.

- - Their side project [url=]Bomb the Music Industry[/url] is great too. It’s not quite ska, but it does have that same energy. All of BtMI's songs are free for download on their site. The idea behind BtMI is to make music that never makes any money. So far I think they’re doing pretty well with that.

Bandits of the Acoustic Revolution/Streetlight Manifesto/early Catch 22 - I'm lumping these bands together because the driving force behind all three bands is the same. Thomas. The Singer/Guitarist/Songwriter. The lyrics are just amazing. No one does breakneck lyrics like him. Then there’s the music which is usually just as fast. He gets the best musicians to play with him and it shows. Anyone would like these bands, not just people who like ska. Also, he has an extreme diy mentality. The reason Streetlight doesn't tour as much as most people would like is that they won't play venues that aren't all ages.

- - All songs from the BOTAR ep A Call To Arms were initially free on their website. They ran out of bandwidth and now they can be found [url=]here[/url]. There is also some misc Streetlight stuff in the parent directory.

Big D and the Kids Table - From Boston. Good all around band. Lyrics a bit immature at points but still very good. The singer has a unique but strong voice. They are fun as hell live and Good Luck is a "must own" album for the skapunk genre.

- - A few songs off of How it Goes are on their [url=]myspace[/url]

- - EXTRA SONGS: [url=]Myself[/url] [url=] The Difference[/url]

Blame It On Edd - One of the best pop-punk/punkska bands (without horns) that I've seen successfully play ska. They've played with big bands to come through, including Rx Bandits. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] and make some very good music.

The Blue Meanies - A sick sick band. Unfortunatly... They aren’t really together anymore. Kiss Your Ass Goodbye is a fucking crazy album. Imagine polka and ska and techno synth speed horns. Confused? Get it and find out. Their other albums aren't (in my opinion) nearly as good as KYAG, but full throttle is often listed as their groundbreaking work. So if you like the KYAG, get Full Throttle and decide for yourself.

- - A SONG: [url=]Acceleration 5000[/url]

Capdown - Another UK band that makes sick music. One of the resons I don't really listen to them is that in most of their songs I can't understand the lyrics at all. They’re a skacore band with some ridiculous sax playing that reminds me of guitar solos. Songs are on their [url=]purevolume[/url] or [url=]myspace[/url]

Catch 22 (post Keasby Nights) - Just because Thomas Left, doesn’t mean you should ignore Catch 22. They are still a very talented band; unfortunately their lyrics took a pretty serious hit. In Alone in a Crowd they tried to sound like they did when Thomas was around and kind of succeeded. It’s still a pretty good album because the singer that replaced Thomas was a good singer and a good lyricist. In Dinosaur Sounds they stopped trying to sound like old Catch 22 and have another new singer. The new music is good in its own right so long as you don't compare it to old Catch 22. You can listen to Wine Stained Lips on [url=]purevolume[/url]

Catch-It Kebabs - Now legendary renowned local heroes of the Ilkley/Leeds area, Kebabs are a 10-piece with the recent addition of Beefy. They play jazz/ska/punk but don't pigeonhole them! Their combination of excellence and loveliness means they make friends and tour almost constantly, even though they're still in college/uni. Amazing. See their [URL=] purevolume [/url] or their [url=]myspace[/url]

Choking Victem – I don’t really like this band, but so many people like them that I have to give them a mention. The recording quality is, for the most part, poor, the vocals bad and music only decent… for the most part. The major exception is Crack Rock Steady, which may be one of the best songs every written. Some of the other songs are still god awful, but there is stuff worth listening to too. 500 channels isn’t bad, and it’s on [url=]purevolume[/url]

Chris Murray - The closest thing I have to an Idol. He used to front a band called King Apparatus but they broke up and he went solo. He records all of his music by himself and owns (or runs [or works at]) a club in California and performs there quite often. His voice is great and he has guest vocaled for some amazing bands. I'll leave you with this [url=]website[/url]… just click on the listen link. You can also look at his [url=]myspace[/url] but the Chris Murray purevolume page is some guy from Dublin, not the one I know and love

- - EXTRA SONGS: [url=]One Everything[/url] [url=] We Do the Ska[/url]

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Common Rider - What Operation Ivy should have become. This is the Singer from Op Ivy's newer band. Unfortunately they broke up a while ago. But the music is still amazing. What you loved about Operation Ivy is here (brilliant lyrics and good basslines and great ska influenced music). The band is full of good musicians. They aren’t amazing but they’re good. The guitar work is simple but catchy, the bass lines are good but not overdone and the lyrics are what you would expect from an Operation Ivy songwriter.

- - You can get some songs off of this [url=]website[/url] and this [url=]website[/url]

- - They recently released a split with Against All Authority and you can listen to a song on [url=]purevolume[/url]

Dance Hall Crashers – A group lead by 2 female singers and good musicians. The girls can really sing but the music gets a bit repetitive. Since there really aren't many other female fronted ska bands that is generally ok. Their old stuff is closer to two tone, and their newer stuff is a lot poppier. They don’t really tour anymore, but they do have a [url=]myspace[/url].

Daycare Swindlers – A punk band that has some really good skapunk songs. They’re broken up now but they were supposed to be a very good live act. From their website: “80's influenced melodic hardcore punk rock with some ska-influenced songs.” They have some mp3s on their [url=]website[/url].

Distorted Penguins - Ska/Alternative/Rap – Zappa introduced them to me, but they are kind of local to me (ie within 3 or 4 hours). Their debut cd was good and their new cd is even better. They have a lot of talent and potential. They also have a [url=]myspace[/url] and a [url=]purevolume[/url].

The Filaments - British punk band, mostly play punk, but when they play ska they do it bloody well. There's a new ska track in the works which is amazing, let's hope it's on the next album! They have a [url=]myspace[/url] but they aren’t together anymore.

Fishbone – They sometimes play ska. Usually they play so many genres that you can’t define what they are. Very talented and diverse. They've drifted from ska since their earlier stuff into more experimental and varied stuff, but its all very good. You can watch a video for their cover of sublime’s date rape on their [url=]myspace[/url] assuming it works on your computer…

Five Hours by Ska Pirate - Five Hours are a pop punk band with a ska flavor (no horns), from Louisville, Kentucky. They wrote extremely catchy songs such as "Peanut Butter and Jelly" and "No racist soul". The bass lines will blow you away, and it's just the kind of music that will have you dancing and singing along - if you can keep up. They broke up in either 2001 or 2002, and everyone is still waiting for a reunion show. They have a [URL=]purevolume[/url] and a few songs for [URL=]download[/url] and a [URL=]Myspace[/url]

Five Iron Frenzy - Whats that? A listenable Christian band? Yeah, there are going to be a total of two on this list (well, technically Chris Murray and the Slackers have songs that mention god but I mean ones that have songs directed at youth group kids). In any case, they’ve broke up a while ago. The guys voice is amazing though. The band is pretty good too. You can listen to a few songs at their [url=]myspace[/url].

The Forces of Evil - the singer from Reel Big Fish's side project. They are really good pop ska band. Poppy yes, but the songs are more like early Reel Big Fish, only the singer's voice has gotten astronomically better. These guys are probably fun as balls live. They have a bunch of free songs on their site... here: [url=]Angry Anthem[/url], [url=]Go To Hell[/url], [url=]Maybe Im Wrong[/url], [url=]Mistake[/url]. And if you want to see a [url=]myspace[/url] page, you can

Game Show Host - They call themselves ska-dub-reggae-core, and they are pretty much veterans of the local (Portsmouth) scene now. I really really liked them when I saw them, they seem really laid back and the saxophone player used to work at the bar at the venue. I haven't seen them play anywhere for ages, I can only assume they're on some kind of hiatus, hopefully not permanent! Download Segregate, DHF, and A Change Is As Good As A Rest from [URL=]purevolume[/url].

Harpoon Larsen - Ska-punk stuff, sometimes reminiscent of Big D. I haven't brought a proper copy of their new EP yet, but I'm hoping it's better recording quality than the last. They've only been around a year, but they've been on nearly every ska bill in the area since (a combination of luck and judgement), and also the guitarist seems to be everywhere I go - even when I'm in London or at Reading! They have a [URL=]purevolume[/url] and a [url=]myspace[/url]. They’re unfortunately breaking up soon.

The Hippos – The Hippos are one of my favorite bands. The Hippos fit the ska sound, sort of, but I wouldn’t call them a ska band. Their first album was ska, then they went all moogy. They made beautiful synthy music and had some great lyrics. You might be able to listen to We’re Here [url=]here[/url] on Fanscape

The Impossibles – This is skemo, that is, ska and emo. Some of the most creative and imaginative lyrics sung and screamed over great ska and pop-punk riffs. Anthology is one of my favorite albums ever.

- - EXTRA SONGS: [url=]Widowmaker[/url] and [url=]Enter, Return[/url]

Jaya the Cat - I don't really know what it is about them. Their lyrics are really good, but other than that, all the music is pretty simple. It just sounds so good together. They are probably my third favorite band on here. See what I mean by visiting their [url=]myspace[/url]

The Junglists - Another band that Kith can testify for, they're ska-ish with a violin. They are lovely guys, and are climbing the ladder of scene-ness fast. Either go to their [url=]myspace[/url] or their [URL=]purevolume[/url] to get a better understanding.

King Apparatus - Chris Murray's old band. I could not find these online so I broke down and bought them without hearing anything by them except a song on an Asian Man VHS tape. Those albums are easily two of my favorite albums. King Apparatus is a top example of the post RBF poppy skapunk sound. At least on the first album. On the second one the influence is more Elvis Costello and does some really interesting things with ska. This song is more of an example of their first album: [url=]Michael and Anne[/url]

King Prawn - More rap than ska at times, they sound different than most things. But great. They are unfortunatly broken up... too many of the great bands are... but they are still great to listen to. You can sample songs [url=]here[/url] by clicking on multimedia->sounds

Less than Jake - A starter ska band. A lot of people really like them and claim to love ska. But their ska stuff is really bad. Now that they’ve switched to Pop-punk and their singer has learned how to sing and write good lyrics, they’re actually pretty good. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] and a [url=]purevolume[/url]. I will say, The Science of Selling Yourself Short is a pretty good ska song.

Link 80 by Peter (ihatecelebrities): Asian Man Records skacore straight out of the famous East Bay. The band is currently on hiatus and has been since 2002, but most fans anxiously await their return. Link 80, although having one name, is basically two bands- Nick Traina Link 80 and Ryan Noble Link 80. Same band, two very different sounds, yet always played that good ol' skacore. Punk vocals and hardcore breakdowns with an occasional ska riff and many catchy horn lines. RIP NICK. Download songs from [URL=]Asian Man Records[/url] or go to their [url=]myspace[/url]

Mad Caddies - Great band. Trumpeter is probably the best in ska, though the rest of their horns are nothing special. Their musical variety is only matched by Fishbone. Monkeys is a crazy song that captures the trumpeter at his best, but their songs are typically great. They have a few songs on their [url=]myspace[/url] including Monkeys.

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Milk2Sugars - Ska-punk band, you might also recognise the legendary Matty Pee who helped out with TheSka and PunkerMentality (he's pretty smart at internet design things). You can look at their [url=]purevolume[/url] and find a few songs.

The Mighty Mighty Bosstones - The Originators of Skacore. They know how to do ska and put on an amazing show. They are on Hiatus (code for broken up) and were probably the best of the bands that succeeded during the skaboom of the early 90's. They are also probably a starter ska band but don't put them in the same category as LTJ and RBF because they are on a different level. These guys are pretty easy to find music just look in the dollar bin of your local music store for Lets Face It. They do have a [url=]myspace now[/url]

Mu330 - Chumps on Parade is an amazing album. They do some unique stuff for a ska band. The guys voice is... different. I can't guarantee you will like it because it could just grate on you. The music behind the voice is top notch and they are a blast live. You can find a bunch of songs if you go to their [url=]website[/url] and click on music.

- - EXTRA SONG: [url=]Favorite Show[/url]

Mustard Plug - My definition of a Generic Ska band. Their tempo doesn't really change. That doesnt mean that they aren't fun live, because they are, but I don't really listen to them outside of the car ride to one of their shows. If you really like ska you will probably like them, otherwise start somewhere else, like with the Bosstones. As far as I can tell, the only reason they are as big as they are is that they have been around for a long time and never changed their style of playing when a lot of bands went pop punk (see Less than Jake or The Berlin Project). They have a [url=]myspace[/url] so you can listen to a few songs.

New York Ska Jazz Ensamble - I'm only going to mention these guys because I don't listen to them enough. It should be enough to say that it has members from the Toasters and Skatalites and they rock. I only don't listen to them because at the end of the day they were just a side project and I'll never get to see them live. They have a few song samples on their [url= fd]website[/url].

No Doubt (Pre Trajic Kingdom) - No Doubt, even today, is a really good band. Just no longer a ska band. Losing Eric Stephani to the Simpsons killed the last ska influence in the band. But before that they made amazing Ska/Funk albums. The whole band was very talented. Gwen used to use her voice with emotion and threw it all over the place. Its sad to hear her controls it now. Their first three albums are great.

Operation Ivy - The definitive Skapunk band. The Specials started ska punk but OpIvy defined how we know it today. They spawned Rancid and Common Rider and way too many knock-off bands (or not enough… depending on how you look at it). Incompetent drums, bad guitar, catchy basslines, intelligent social lyrics shouted into a mic are what made Op Ivy so great.

- - [url=]Various Bootleg Downloadables[/url]

The Pietasters - The Pietasters are great live but I don’t really listen to them. They have a very light punk influence but they’re closer to the Slackers and Chris Murray than any other skapunk band. They’re very talented and have a loyal following. They also have a [url=]myspace[/url] and a [url=]purevolume[/url] site.

- - Other free song - [url=]Malmo[/url]

The Planet Smashers - Another one of those Generic Ska bands. But they are from Canada which is a plus in my book. On one hand, they have Explosive, which is a great song. Then they have the Coolest Guy in the World, which is a terrible song. On their [url=]myspace[/url] they have 3 pretty good songs

- - [url= 3] Explosive(Featuring Neville Stales of the Specials)[/url]

Reel Big Fish – One of those starter ska bands. Their single songs give the impression that they are pretty generic, but that’s not true. They actually release pretty solid albums with pretty good variety. They sometimes play rock, sometimes play ska, and usually try to have depressing fun. For a while they went Jam bandish and that sucked, but they seem to be back. The Fire off of their new album is probably one of the best songs they’ve ever released. You can listen to it on their [url=]myspace[/url].

The Rudiments by Peter (ihatecelebrities): Another Asian Man Records band, also from the East Bay, that I like to describe as Fishbone meets Operation Ivy. They are pretty crazy in their songs, and have silly/funny lyrics. Most of their ska can be found on the album Circle Our Empire, but you can also hear some great punk on their album Bitch Bitch Bitch. Find songs at [URL=]Asian Man Records[/url]

Skanking Pickle - Fronted by Mike Park, the operator of Asian Man records, which is probably one of the best labels around. Anyway, the band. The band is pretty crazy and off beat. The music is usually pretty good. I don’t like Park’s voice, but a lot of people don’t care. The lyrics are usually pretty silly. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] with a few songs.

Spitvalves - Band from Florida. I actually bought one of their albums but regretted it. It said on the inside "Thanks for buying our album and not ruining the music industry by pirating" which made me laugh because I never would have bought the album if I hadn't downloaded a bunch of their music beforehand. So, in order to not ruin the music industry by pirating I'm not going to post one of their mp3's. Im sure that the band will thank me. They are a solid skapunk band though. Think the Suicide Machines, only not as good.

The Stray Bullets – One of my favorite bands. They play fast, simple skapunk with breakneck political lyrics. Like Jaya the Cat, there isn’t anything complicated about what they play and yet they are one of my favorite bands. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] and a [url=]purevolume[/url] with 2 great songs.

Sublime - You know sublime. I don't need to tell you that they were amazing. Now you can see either the bassist or the drummer in the Long Beach Short Bus... but I don't really recomend it.

The Suburban Legends - Choreographed Dance Moves! Anyway, other than that they are a solid band with an amazing live show. If you’re looking for a serious band, look elsewhere. This is a group of very talented musicians making some of the most enjoyable music you’ve ever heard. Listen and understands by going to [url=]myspace[/url] or [url=]purevolume[/url].

Suicide Machines - This is a band that knows how to do live shows and how to play punk and ska. They don’t usually blend them together, but their ska songs are good and the punk songs are great. They’ve been around for a long time and keep getting better. You can see some newer songs on their [url=]purevolume[/url] or [url=]myspace[/url].

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The Supertones – Another Christian band. They’re pretty good though. Well, when they’re not praising Jesus they’re pretty good. See, they have worship songs which are long and boring… then they have other songs which are either about reforming the church or not about god at all, and those songs are usually really good. They have a [url=]myspace[/url].

The Slackers - Third wave band that sounds like a 1st wave one. They don’t make bad songs. The singer can really sing. They used to have a lot of songs on their website, but now they just have one on their [url=]myspace[/url]

The Toasters - These guys filled the space between the second and third wave. But very good and important to the ska scene in new york. Moon ska, started by them, hosted most of the big east coast ska bands at one point or another. These guys have toured with pretty much everybody. And they make great music. You can listen to a shitload of their music on their flash website [url=]here[/url] that I can’t directly link to. EXTRA SONG: [url=]Pendulum[/url]

The W’s – More Christian ska. Kind of 3rd wave traditional. These guys are hard to find on the peer to peer channels. I don’t know if I would download them if I didn’t like 3rd wave traditional or Christian ska. If you seen their album for 3 dollars like I did, you should check it out...

Weapons Of Brass Destruction - This band is out of the westcountry, but is now based near me as well. They describe themselves as "Beachball skacore" and they're just ace. They're fun, a little unlucky, and they know how to work hard at making a name for themselves. They'll be getting bigger. You can find songs at their [URL=]purevolume[/url] or [url=]myspace[/url]

Zero Consent - Another skapunk band, they seem really nice and they gig a lot with bands who come through, and also Harpoon Larsen. I saw them advertise for a trumpet player once on Mx. They have a [URL=]purevolume[/url] and a [url=]myspace[/url]

If you wan't anymore information about the following bands, let me know here and I'll do my best to tell you about them and find some music or host it or someone else will:

20 Fast
Assorted Jellybeands song: [url=] Not Time [/url], [url=] The Rythem [/url], [url=] Deadnabore [/url]
Beres Hammond
Bob Marley
Buck o Nine
Cheap Suits
Desmond Dekker
Ernest Ranglin
Frefory Isaac
Leftover Crack
Lets Go Bowling song: [url=]Oatmeal for X-mas[/url]
Littlest Man Band
Mike Mowry
Mike Park song: [url=]Challenging Me[/url], [url=]On that Stage[/url]
Pot Shot song: [url=]Radio[/url]
Prince Buster
Ruder than You
Rx Bandits
Save Ferris
Ska Boys and Guests
The Skatalites
Slapstick song: [url=]Theres A Metalhead[/url]
Slow Gerhkin song: [url=]Trapped Like Rats[/url]
Slightly Stoopid
The Chinkees song [url=]Big World[/url]
The Clash
The Filaments
The Rudiments song: [url=]Wailing Paddle[/url]
Tokyo Ska Paradise Orchestra
The Toots and the maytals
Uncle Brian
Voodoo Glow Skulls
The Smooths
The Specials
Unsteady [url=]Tokyo[/url]
Howards Alias
The Porkers
King Django
Route 215
Les Cameleons
Chemical Reaction
Pez Stomp
My Dad Is Big
The Know How
Shootin' Goon
Racer Ten
Citizen Fish
Lubby Nugget
General Rudie song: [url=] Roadtrip LowQ [/url]
Strike 59

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Hired Geeks? – A crazy ska band that reminds people of Mu330 only with a better singer. The first song on their [url=]myspace[/url] isn’t very good but the other two are sick. One of the best new bands I’ve listened to in a long while.

The Scrub – A ska band out of the UK that plays fun music with really cool horn lines and good vocal play. They’ve got a local following which probably shouldn’t be a surprise. They’re confident musicians and know what they’re doing. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] which I’m sure is a big surprise to nobody.

Skylar – Skylar is/was a sideproject of the singer of Howard’s Alias. It’s a bit slower than Howard’s Alias, but the voice will be very familiar if you’ve ever heard HA. Where HA moved towards the rock end of things towards the end of their career, Skylar focuses on the ska. The technical ability is still obviously there though… in case you were worried. There’s even a [url=]myspace[/url].

$up - $up is a skacore band out of the UK with some very catchy horn lines and a pretty good singer. They’re very hard to find online because of their stupid name but they have a []website[/url] and you can download some songs off of their label’s [url=]website[/url].

Aquabats – The Aquabats are a silly silly band. If you like Blink 182’s way with lyrics, you’ll probably like them. I don’t listen to them much, mostly because I hate the singer’s voice. They’re supposed to have an amazing live show. You can listen to them on their [url=]myspace[/url] or [url=]purevolume[/url]

Ska P – A Spanish ska band out of… somewhere. They play some of the most entertaining music outside of the Suburban Legends. Sure, I can’t understand most of what they’re saying but the horn lines, the vocal melodies, the backing music is all so good that you can listen to it anyway. Their live album is ridiculous. Listen to some songs on this fan’s [url=]myspace[/url]

The Rx Bandits – A prog-rock ska band. That doesn’t really make sense until you listen to them. Progress is considered a must own album up there with Big D’s Good Luck and Catch 22’s Keasby Nights. I think I like The Resignation better, but the do move a little further away from Skapunk on that album. They are a very socially conscious band and that’s reflected in the lyrics, which are about media images, drugs, corporations and education inequality. Their singer may be one of the most talented singers in the skapunk genre. They have a bunch of songs on their [url=]purevolume[/url] and their [url=]myspace[/url]

Howards Alias – Howard’s Alias is a UK band that is very talented. They play a prog-rock ska along the lines of newer Rx Bandits. The singer’s voice is very unique and I love it, but my roommate doesn’t. Their first two albums are two thoroughly entertaining albums and The Chameleon Script is one of the best debut albums outside of Catch 22. You can listen to songs by going to their [/url=]myspace[/url]

Sonic Boom Six – A ska-hop band from the UK. I love this band. The lyrics are unabashedly political and at least even with Streetlight Manifesto’s, if not faster. The singers are a girl and a guy and their interplay makes for a completely interesting listening experience. Sounds to Consume is a great album all the way through (though the dub tracks on the Champion Edition aren’t their best work). Listen to some songs on their [url=]myspace[/url] or [url=]purevolume[/url]

A Billion Ernies – A hardcore ska band. I guess. Their new album is called Stop Calling Us Ska… so maybe they don’t want to ska. Their singer can’t scream but does anyway. When he isn’t screaming he sounds pretty damn good. The musicians are pretty talented. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] and a bunch of songs on their [url=]purevolume[/url].

A Girl Named Craig – A Girl Named Craig are a very popular band and I don’t quite know why. They sound a bit like early Reel Big Fish but not quite as good. Too much rock, not enough ska. You can listen to some songs on [url=]purevolume[/url]

Adequate Seven – Not quite a ska band, but they would probably appeal to most ska fans. Big on the Funk big on the Punk and big on the Horns. They are overtly political and know how to make really catchy music. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] and a [url=]purevolume[/url]

Bonkaponxz – A German band. Don’t worry though, they sing in English. They’re pretty good. They aren’t the Ska-P of Germany, but they’re more than competent. They have quick, interesting horn lines, a great vocalist, and a heavier sound than most foreign skapunk bands. You can download a few songs off of their [url=]website[/url]

The Menzingers – A Ska band that is probably kind of local to me. It’s ex members of Bob and the Sagets and some other band. What’s surprising is how good they are. They call themselves indie/reggae/punk on [url=]myspace[/url] and that’s pretty accurate.

The Cat Empire – An Australian Latin/Hiphop/Reggae band. If that isn’t enough to interest you, I don’t know what would be. They manage to pull it off to. There’s some ska and some jazz in there too. And some Cake influence on the singer. See for yourself on [url=]myspace[/url]

Catch-It Kebabs – A UK skapunk band with a great horn section and quick lyrics. From their label’s [url=]website[/url], “The Catch-It Kebabs’ sound ranges from blazing ska/punk & peppy 2 tone to surging 3rd wave ska & sassy swingcore.” They have a [url=]myspace[/url] where you can hear that first hand.

Daly's Gone Wrong – A skacore band that sometimes strays into emo. They are a bit too hardcore for me, but they play what they want and they are good at what they do. Their new stuff strays a bit too close to emo and doesn’t see to have much to do with ska anymore. But The Fourth Wave is a pretty good album that has a decent Big D influence. You can listen to some of their songs on their [url=]myspace[/url] or their [url=]purevolume[/url]

Dogged Skankers – This band is a French band that I have 6 songs of and love them to death. They make extremely skankable music with a good touch of rock, catchy horn lines and a great singer. You can download one song off of whatever [url=]this[/url] is. I can’t stop myself from whistling along while they play.

Dregtones – Before there was At the Drive in, there was the Dregtones. They’re an ok ska band though the EP I have is pretty poorly recorded. They had a lot of potential, though I’m guessing that if they had stuck to ska they wouldn’t have made it anywhere.

Duff Muffin – A UK skapunk band with quick licks and quick lyrics. The singer reminds me of Big D and the Kids Table though the rest of the music isn’t that complicated. Simple and solid and probably a lot of fun to see. They have a good ability to switch between quick and slow ska riffs. Listen at their [url=]myspace[/url]

Pama International – Pama International is a very chill UK ska band. They play a blend of ska, dub and reggae and know what they’re doing. The dub influence is a bit too heavy for me, but they’ll probably appeal to you if you like a bit of dub. You can listen to two full songs and two samples on their [url=]myspace[/url].

Rebelation – Another UK ska/dub/reggae band. They are very rooted in first wave ska. If the Skatalites are your thing, this band will probably appeal to you. You can listen to them at their [url=]myspace[/url]

Monkey Jacket – From their website “Monkey Jacket is a Pop-Punk Screamo band from Denver, Colorado. Their hardcore influences dominate the local scene with pure pizzaz, along with pizzas.” I’ve only actually listened to the stuff on their [url=]myspace[/url], and those are very good. They also have a lot of support from [url=]21deadmonkeys[/url] which is where I heard of them in the first place. They also have a [url=]purevolume[/url]

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Elvis Jackson – From their website “Elvis Jackson are finest ska punk hard core reggae metal band with great live show and positive attitude.” And that’s actually pretty true. Maybe not the finest, but they sound great on album and probably do a pretty good job live. I think they’re from Slovenia but they sing in English. They’re probably my favorite new band (at least, new to me – they formed in ‘97) and are worth checking out. You can download some songs off of their [url=]Website[/url]. The first album is just minute long samples, but some of the other albums have full songs for download.

Manic Sewing Circle – A young skapunk band with vocals reminiscent of Big D and the Kids Table. They have a [url=]purevolume[/url] and a
[url=]myspace[/url] but purevolume is the only one that has a full song with lyrics. That song is pretty good though.

Flavio y la Mandinga – Flavio. as you might be able to tell, are a Spanish language band that give Ska-P a run for their money as the best Spanish language band. In fact, they give most bands a run for their money. They combine ska and latin music in a way that makes it so you can’t help but get up and move. Go to their [url=]website[/url] and you can listen to a lot of songs in their flash player. It’s not the easiest way to listen to music, but it’s worth it.

Fuzigish – A South African political ska punk band. They’re a bit heavier on the punk than on the ska, but they do both pretty well. The lyrics are quick and consistent and the basslines are simple but effective. There is a definite sublime influence. Have a listen at their [url=]purevolume[/url]

Go Jimmy Go – Go Jimmy Go are a traditional ska band with some Hawaiian influence. If you like the Toasters or the Slackers, you’ll like these guys. They have a [url=]myspace[/url] where you can become their e-friends!

High School Football Heroes – A ska-rock band with energetic vocals and a good backing band. They feel a bit like the Arrogant Sons of Bitches. At times they stray into the punk with horns area, but they’re still worth a listen. They have a [url=]purevolume[/url] and the told me they want to be friends with you on [url=]myspace[/url]

Hot Stove Jimmy – From AMG “Hot Stove Jimmy are a power ska band in every sense. They combine fast ska riffs with a punk feeling, rough vocals, a pounding rhythm section, and a very tight and bright horn section.” To add to that, this band is from the same area as the Blue Meanies are obviously influenced by them. Unfortunately they broke up a while ago and I can’t find anything for you to sample for free.

Hub City Stompers – Hub City Stompers are made up of ex-members of Inspecter 7 and Tri State Conspiracy and a few other bands. Their experience shows in their masterful combination of ska, punk and reggae. Listen to a few songs on their [url=]myspace[/url].

The Super Pineapples – The Super Pineapples are a band out of California with a great sound. They’ve been around since 98ish and it shows. Strong horns, catchy riffs and a talented singer ad up to one band that will not get out of your head. Listen at their [url=]myspace[/url] or [url=]purevolume[/url].

King Django – King Django is a force in the Ska world. He may be the single most influential person aside from the lead singer of the Toasters in the American ska scene. He has produced countless albums, collaborated with too many bands to count, he owns Stubborn Records and has a quite a few releases under his belt. He play’s nearly any kind of ska you’ve heard of and it all sounds pretty good damn good. He has a few of his songs on his [url=]myspace[/url]. Just listen to Reason and try not to move.

Offbeat in Suburbia – Offbeat in Suburbia are a Jersey Ska band and you know what that means. If you don’t, it basically means that they know what they’re doing. Quick gang vocals, the slightest hint of hardcore thourghouly entertaining horn lines and guitar riffs and the ability to capture an energetic sound make this reletivly new band worth checking out either by [url=]purevolume[/url] or by [url=]myspace[/url].

Pain – Pain is a poppy ska band with amusing lyrics and an amazing horn section. They play some pop punk and some funk and have a sound that I can only describe as fun. One of their songs is midgets with Guns. They're in your mouth and they shoot your teeth causing so much pain and the only way to kill them is with a girls tounge. They have an [url=]endorsed[/url] myspace and some [url=]other[/url] myspace.

Satori – Satori is a ska band on Asian Man Records. That’s it’s first plus. It’s made up of members of the RxBandits and features guest spots by Chris Murray and the Exit. It would take a lot to screw that up. A chill blend of soul, ska and reggae that will appeal to you if you like any one of the three. You can listen at their [url=]myspace[/url] or they stream songs on their [url=]website[/url]

Solabeat Alliance – Previously known as Spankboy, this band brings together Calypso Ska and Punk Rock. And Energy. Lots of Energy. You can feel it on all throughout the album from the slower Calypso tracks to the harsh punk breaks. You can download two tracks, [url=]Heroes[/url] and [url=]Set it Off[/url], from Moon Ska Europe.

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Alright, I think I found a place to host the songs I want to... I should have them up tonight if everything goes smoothly.
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[sponge] is actually spelt = [spunge] go on
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You sick, sick man! You never mentioned Streetlight Manifesto!

For shame...

EDIT: Oh... You did You lumped them together with Catch 22 though. Pretty shameful in itself
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Great job writing all that !

I learned some new things today.
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this thread rules
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phenomenal job man, you are definatly king of all things ska. i think streetlight deserved a little more cred though. i'd be interested in learning more about assorted jelly beans, i heard their song on the tony hawk underground and i liked it alot but cant seem to find anything else by them...
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Thanks alot dude this thread helped me find some cool bands, im only new to ska but im getting into it rappidly.
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pedro durruti
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That is very good, a few bands I have yet to listen to but will after reading this.
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pedro durruti
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Alright, just in case anyone wants to know...

Link 80: A skacore/punk band out of East Bay. Their first main vocalist was Nick Traina who unfortunately died a month after he left Link 80 to join Knowledge. Link 80 eventually picked up a new singer that changed their sound quite a bit, maybe even for the better. They have a very punk sound and use distortion a lot. Some really good songs are... Nowhere Fast, Verbal Kint, Peril After Peril and Unbroken

Oh yeah and you Capdown fans might like them, they went on tour with them in the UK awhile ago and did a split with them which I plan on purchasing soon. But they don't sound very similiar so that last sentence was kind of useless. Just check them out

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Wow how long did it take you to right that? Heh you should listen to some more Planet smashers.
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*Screws golden idol of Kithkin*
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Hey, recently saw the "Ska is Dead" tour with Big D and the Kids Table they were awesome! Planet Smashers and Mustard Plug were also there I was just wondering if you knew which of the bands had a song about port-a-potties I can't remember? Anyway your right Less Than Jake is really changing there first albums were really good now the new one is okay but could have been better...I still like them though...
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you like fist punch??
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dudedude, awesome list but Howards Alias, No comply and strike of 59 should really be on there somewhere.
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Kithkin that was the greatest post I've ever read on mx. Very informative! Thank you.
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Ah, i forgot Howards Alias because I just have their cd, no music on my computer... which reminds me that I also forgot the porkers.

I don't know strike 59

And No Comply sound like a bad Chocking Victem to me... so
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Thanks for that list Kithkin. I'm going to listen to some of these bands more constantly now.
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I am slowly uploading the songs. But it is taking longer than I thought. Bare with me
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The first link "The Waves" doesn't work.

Excellent job.
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Your right, Big D, is amazing live.
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Amazing, I like Choking Victim quite a lot though.
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Originally Posted by -El Hefe-
The first link "The Waves" doesn't work.

Excellent job.
I think when Mx updated vbullitain it screwed with the links...

I'll fix it.

Also, I will add:

Howards Alias
The Porkers
King Django

and start fleshing out the Second and First wave band information and adding information for some of the bands in that end list.


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Originally Posted by Kithkin
The Impossibles - I backstabfor4d6dmg and KommieKanada's band. I miss them. The band isn't to shabby either. Emoska if you will believe it. Figures they would be broken up, I would be curious to see which genre dominated the stage show. In any case, If one of them comes back they can explain what is so amazing about this band cause I can't do it justice. EXTRA SONGS: [url=]Widowmaker[/url] and [url=]Enter, Return[/url]
Ehh, when you say their band, you mean... Ferrealz? I had no idea.
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thanks for this thread kithkin, i'm trying to listen to more ska. i pretty much know mustard plug, and i've been to a few of their shows so i also know bands like the planet smashers and big D and the kids table. i also used to go to a lot of local shows. but other then that i'm very new to ska.

but i do really like the ska i've heard. i really like the bass lines. this thread is very informative. the only ska band that i know that wasn't mentioned was the english beat, but my guess is that they were never that well known.
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need more. there's a couple there i didn't know before, but still definitely need more.
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