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Some of the cooooooools..
Come On, Come Over
Kuru/Speak like a Child
Portrait of Tracy
(Used to be a) Cha Cha
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Can someone rec me early-70s jazz-tinted folk (similar to Hejira, Bryter Layter, Solid Air, etc)?
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Recommended Albums
A Love Supreme
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Hollow Severer
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DZA - Five Finger Discount

Raw, raw electronic downtempo
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Punk Goes Pop 3

I recommend that you listen to Fearless Records new compilation, Punk Goes Pop 3. It's really good
And if you like what you hear, you can pre-order it on
The album officially drops on 11/02/10
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Billie Holiday - Just found her box set at Also I recommend... Neil Diamond hah jk
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new music

Hi there,
Where do you think is the best place to post new music on the web??
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Hey guys,

I'm wanting to get started on electronica but dunno where to start. I've heard of the typical names like Calvin harris and daft punk n wat not. But rather than those works, I'd prefer electronica works that focus on an artistic theme/mood (secede and kashiwa daisuke are the only few I know)

So basically, can u rec me any good electronica bands that make conceptual albums like secede and kashiwa?

Grateful for any comments.
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Listen her peoples :

Sounds okey exept the bad english!!
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One great album I found is Ryan Cole's "My Suicide". He's a spokenword artist and his stuff is really really deep. You won't be disappointed. He took tragedies from his life and turned them into some heavy art. You can buy his album at, and I've never been into spoken word art before but he's changed my mind on that.
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Check This Out Amy Winehouse Meets Lady Gaga

New artist coming out wonderful voice
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Recommended Albums
A Love Supreme
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Ocelote Rojo - Pacarina: free download in here
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Hello Guys,
I´m seeking people for recording unusual, unique music, just for fun or maybe a bit more....I need guys with good ideas, sharing the projects, the music, put them together and so on.... Here are my latest "songs":
all you hear is played only on guitar

Hope, I find the right team
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For anyone who likes pop, I recommend Jessie J. She's already had a #1 and a #2 hit in the UK, and her album just came out in the States yesterday. Check her out!
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ol' george bones
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toby keith is awesome
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Thumbs up Recommendation - JT Music Festival

Hey there is a cool line up this year @

here are the headliners

Vieux Farka Toure
The Pimps of Joytime
Loco Por Juana
Sean Hayes
SaritahJeremy Soleʼs Musaics

Full line-up, schedule, and festival info at
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The Russian Futurists feat. Ruth Minnikin - "One Night, One Kiss"

The Russian Futurists are an indie pop band from Toronto, Canada.

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Two jazz artists I highly recommend. And if you know any jazz artists who sound similar I'd appreciate it if you let me know.

The Seatbelts - "Tank"

The Seatbelts - "Rush"

The Seatbelts - "What Planet Is This"

Soil And Pimp Sessions - "Avalanche"

Soil And Pimp Sessions - "Funky Goldman"
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any recommendations for something that is similar to Aphex Twins' Selected Ambient Works (85-92)?
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Great stufff
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Midnight Feast Of Jazz

01. Pimptroduction
02. Come And Get It
03. Lay It On The Line feat. Zoe Gilby
04. Gold Leader
05. Hug Lorenzo
06. Waitin’ So Long feat. Jess Roberts
07. Midnight Feast Of Jazz
08. Mia Sorella
09. Brighter Day feat. Susan Hamilton
10. Hotdoggin’

Nick Pride and the Pimptones are a 6 piece funk/jazz group from Newcastle upon Tyne, UK. "Midnight Feast Of Jazz" was released on May 9th, 2011.
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If you listen, I(t) will come

These are two songs that stuck out to me, back in the days of XM Chill:

I didn't make a pit stop here to just add some sense, I came here because I need to start networking with intelligent folks. I plan on making a difference in the world and I know music is the most powerful tool out there.

Greetings space fans, where ever you are...

This thread must be filled with compelling electronic music, I will see what I can do.

Subscribe to my youtube page, ask me any questions (intelligent ones), get to know me so that you may know yourself, as I already know you:


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St. Germain is an amazing electronica / jazz artist.

Songs : - So Flute
- Montenego Bay Spleen
- Sure Thing

Album : -Tourist
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part I
01. Queenwave
02. A Night and a Day
03. Go Supersonic

part II
04. Temple of the Unfed Fire
05. Contain Thyself
06. Hesperus Garden
07. Grave Prophecy
08. In The Cave

part III
09. My Flaming Thirst
10. Iron Giant
11. The Storm
12. Riders on the First Ark

Queen of the Wave is the fourth album by Pepe Deluxé. It’s an esoteric pop opera in three parts, with the libretto based around the mystical 19th Century novel A Dweller On Two Planets by Frederick S. Oliver. The novel was supposedly channeled by its American author from a cosmic entity called Phylos the Thibetan, who details life in Atlantis and on Venus, sci-fi futurism and reincarnations

Jari Salo (aka James Spectrum) used a range of bizarre and old technologies to get the sound he wanted for the album, including an Edwardian telephone amplifier, a lethal 500000 volts Tesla Coil Synthesizer, a hidden “thunder” effect on a baroque pipe organ, and even an Edison inspired Psychical Predictor.

For Queen of the Wave, Jari Salo was joined by the long time musical collaborator Paul Malmström, a Swedish ex pat who became an official full-time member of the band in 2008.

The album was delayed by two years because of the The Great Stalacpipe Organ, the world’s largest musical instrument. Built in 1956 in an underground cavern in Luray, Virginia, the organ triggers rubber-tipped mallets that strike stalactites to create music throughout a cave system. It took a total of six years to renovate the organ, after which Paul went to Luray and recorded "In The Cave," the first ever original composition for the organ.

Queen of the Wave also includes extensive collaboration with a host of musicians such as Samuli Kosminen of Múm, master heavy metal drummer Kai Hahto and the Czech Film Orchestra, as well as a variety of vocalists: vocal group Club For Five, opera singer Kirsi Thum, Moomins actress Sara Welling, Australian rocker Boi Crompton, and Chris Cote, a native of Boston.

All the profits from the sales of the album will be donated to the John Nurminen Foundation to be used in the Clean Baltic Sea project, one of the most endangered and polluted seas in the world.

The group made five PDF album companions, that can be downloaded from their website for free:

Album Trailer:

"A Night and a Day"


PopMatters Guide to Queen of the Wave
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If you are looking for new music check out the talented Jessica Ashley. her videos and some covers, need more info
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Dream Theater Sucks
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spambot y/n?
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A Firestorm to Purify
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Looking for k- and j-pop recommendations. I like stuff like IU, Miss A, f(x).
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Ras ya know
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Cant leave out the Roots. So many good jams;

Seed 2.0
Guns are drawn
Dont say nothin (Mubling is PERFECT)
Dont Feel Right
The Realm
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