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favorite 2012 mixtapes?

just wondering what mixtapes (mostly from newer rappers) they thought were good
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action bronson - rare chandeliers
kokane - dr kokastien
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yea alchemist collabos are always so smooth, and saab stories is gonna be amazing im sure
hadnt heard of kokane before, just downloaded it
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rap music
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cannot get behind alchemist ever.
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I don't think I actually listened to any mixtapes this year, mostly LPs
Did listen to that Action Bronson tape and it was pretty average for me. Like soby said not a fan of the Alchemist really.
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freddie gibbs - baby faced killa
hit-boy - hitstory
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mine were probably
bodega bamz - strictly 4 my papiz
lloyd banks - v6: the gift
nell - 90s mentality
nell - 305 grind
asap mob - lords never worry
vinny chase - golden army
smoke dza - kony
robb banks - calenders
kids these days - traphouse rock
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That Pro era tape the aprocalypse and rare chandeliers by action bronson, aslo cant remember if joey bada$$ tape was '11 or '12 but that too if it was '12.
oh and Haleek Maul's oxyconteen.

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Joey Bada$$ was '12.

It was also pretty bada$$.
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gunplay-bogota rich, 601 & snort
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"Dear Sam," by Sam Mackey
( Sammackeymusic)

Honest, raw emotion, addiction, pain, hope.

Only 20min too, wasnt so long that i got bored. Good stuff.
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Only check out 3 mixtapes in 2012 - The GHC collaborations

"Melburn Mixtape Vol​.​1"
"30/30 Mixtape Vol.1"

And the other mixtape I checked out - might have actually been released in '13. Can't remember the exact release date..

Free Me: The Mixtape - Candice Monique
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"Dear Sam, - Sam Mackey"

By far the one of the best underground mixtapes i have heard.
Just filled with honesty.
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Ignore Futures
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Immortal technique

Immortal Technique - The Matyr

is insanely good.

(official download link)
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Eskimo King
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Angel Haze - Reservation was amazing and I also have to say rare chandeliers was excellent
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lil b - gods father
action bronson - rare chandeliers
big krit - 4eva N A Day
chris travis - pizza and codine
spaceghostpurrp - BMW

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'12 tapes

Both of big baby gandhi's mixtapes (big fucking baby & no1 2 look up 2), Action bronson's Rare chandeliers, both of heems's tapes( nehru jackets & wild water kingdom), hot sugar's midi murder, and weekend money's Naked city
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"Well Done 3" - Tyga
I was rather shocked by the fact that I enjoyed this. After hearing, "Careless World", I wasn't all too impressed by him. This, however, is something I can get behind.

"Free SmokeOut Conversations" - Dizzy Wright
"All Nighter" - Irv Da Phenom
"Freebasing With Kevin Bacon" - Jarren Benton
"Mixed Emotions" - Moose
"Taylor Allderdice" - Wiz Khalifa
"The Cookout" - Chevy Woods
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odd future
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I havent listened it !!sorry
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