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Fred Phelps got interviewed on MSNBC.

He was lampooned by Lewis Black on 'The Daily Show'

Black closed his segment by saying that he only prays that when Phelps gets to Heaven (a stretch), St. Peter is Freddy Mercury.
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I know I'm late, and I havn't read the rest of the thread, but in response to the original post:

That's ****ing disgusting. Like someone said, who cares whether they support the war or not - they should respect the dead. Those people really make me sick.
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this is fred phelps right? that guy is so ****ed up . people from the Something Awful forums mess with him regularly i think
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Old thread, ****ed up **** though.
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Yeah, it really is. Why isn't he in an institution?

Reading about him and seeing him on the news just makes me feel like a decent person an gives me the drive to try and be a good person my whole life.
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This story raises more questions for me, where are they actually getting their religious information? Because it certainly is not from the bible.
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Originally Posted by WhoDidTheElf
It appeals to some people.

I suppose it appeals to those who oppose the war, but hell man, you have to oppose to the IDEA of the war, not the god damned soldiers who die for their country for their reasons only.

Not that I think they died for a just cause.
I just wouldn't crash their mother-f$*&-ing funeral.
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