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What heads do you use?

What heads do you guys use?

Evans heads for the toms. I'm planning on getting new ones soon. Single-ply. More echo!

I love my snare head though. It's an Attack Old School head. Drumtree Jeff Ocheltree signature head.

No longer in production Must be sure to take care of it...
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Deep-Dish Snare Action
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G2 Clears with mainly stock resos all around.

Coated Ambassador on snares.
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Mr Pink
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I have a different head combo on every kit.
Evans, Remo and Attack heads.
Clear ambassador to coated EC2...just depends on the sound you like. I an liking vintage ambassadors right now.
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Say NO to…
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coated g1/hazy 300, snare

clear g2s or 1s on the toms, sometimes some pins, sometimes coated g2s, just depends

pin over ps3 bass
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Surrender Now
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coated amb over renaissance amb for snare

clear amb over clear amb on toms and ps3 over stock reso on bass
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usually coated emperors on the toms and coated amb for the snare, it varies a lot though
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R.I.P Leo
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Bass: Powesonic clear / Powerstroke 3 Clear (Two 4" ports)
Toms: Clear Emps / Clear Ambs
Snare: CS Dot Reverse / Hazy 300 Snareside
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Time Is Of The Essence
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Jazz Kit: Remo Fiberskyn single ply over clear ambs

Rock Kit: Evans G2's over G1's

I usually use coated Ambassadors on my snares, sometimes the Evans Reverse Dot on the rock snare.
MXDP Peace & Time Keeper
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Truffula Hugger
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Snare: Coated CS Dot over Hazy Amb
Toms: Coated Emps over Clear Ambs
Bass: Coated PS4 over Clear PS4
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clear g2s on the toms.
clear ambassadors on the snare.
emad batter over black eq3 on the bass.
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Drums and is called Jonny
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bass - attack 1 ply no overtone
snare - coated amb / amb snareside
toms - coated emps / clear ambs
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Istanbul Ambassador
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bass - powerstroke III or Emad, depends on my mood while shopping
toms - coated amb over clear amb. Depending on the music I'm playing at the time of purchase, I might also go over clear amb over clear amb;
snare - coated amb over amb snareside, always, no exceptions.

/amb fan
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Not bad at all
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Remo Pinstripes on toms, Evans G2 on floor toms, Remo Emperor on snare, and PS3 on the bass.
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The Ugly Duckling
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all aquarian heads, studio x and classic clear resonants, studio x coated and classic clear snare bottoms on snares and super kick1 with regulator front on kick.
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The groove is here.
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I just ordered Evans J1 etched heads for my toms.
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C is for...
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Snare: Coated g1 over some crap generic remo ones, anybody got any good suggestions for new bottom, looking for big crack, rocky/metal. Prog Rock really.

Toms: Remo Emperor, some alright 2-ply's. need some new bottoms for that, suggestions?
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Registered User
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Toms- Clear G2's over Evans Glass Resonant
Bass- Emad Batter w/ Emad ported resonant
Snare- Remo Powerstroke 4 over Hazy 300
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All Evans heads. I kinda hate Remo.

Snare - J1 Etched Batter, Glass Resonant
Bass - EQ4 Batter, Gretsch Resonant
Toms - Coated G1 Batter, Genera Resonant
RotoToms - J1 Etched

I'm thinking about making my toms J1 Etched as well. I wish I could use calf skin.
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Max Headroom
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Coated Diplomats for my 12" snare / snare-side Dip.
Coated Ambassadors for my 14s / snare-side Ambs.
Coated Ambs for toms / Clear Ambs.
Coated PS4/ Coated PS4 for bass.
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