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Can someone help me. I'm looking for a jazz band that has kind of a latin feel to it. I guess the guitar stuff would kind of be like Carlos Santana's playing. Thanks.

edit: Here's a good example of what I'm talking about

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try this one:
they have a few latin jazz songs on their album. You can listen to it on the site....or just try a search for "latin jazz" on google
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Could someone recommend me something similar to that of Freddie Hubbard's work??
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I haven't been in this thread for a while, but I just came in and noticed the guy up a few posts that mentioned Scott Amendola -- props to you. I love this guy and his music, probably my first dive into avante-garde.

Check him and his band out if you're interested.
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Frank Jack

Have you ever heard of Frank Jack? He plays all over Chicago, strangely mostly at open mics. He does something I've never seen before. He usually does a solo show and creates all of his own music, prerecording some of it, but the kicker is he becomes the bizzare characters his songs are about. To find out where he'll be playing next, what I do is I look at different sites that list open mics in chicago. Sometimes they'll post who will be playing, but other times I just call around and ask people if they'll know where he'll be. Trust me, it's well worth it.
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Does he have any recordings? I'm not close to Chicago.
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gi mi wha mi want
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Disciples of Groove

chemistry and hologram
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I'd recommend some Arturo Sandoval, great jazz, some great drumming too.
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Also 2 local bands:

Way of the Groove (
Jazz Fusion

Great Band, Some pretty talented musicians from South Florida, including Jaco's kids.


Hagus Magagus (
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I dont know.
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Stanley Clarke...

School days definetley great bass and guitar
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page 5 snypa
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Maybe i'm blind (is this the boy band forum?!) but noticed there might be a couple of omissions from an otherwise excellent list of recommendations

Herbie Hancock
- Headhunters
- Thrust
Two exceptional Jazz/Funk/Fusion albums

Chick Corea and the RTF
- Hymn of the Seventh Galaxy
- Where Have I Known You Before
Fabulous fusion fun

Brand X
- Morrocan Roll
- Unorthodox Behaviour
Phil Collins on drums! Some great stuff here tho.

Back Door
- Back Door
Amazing self titled debut album from 3 guys who were totally in it for the music. An original sound with an amazing bass player who practically takes on the roll of bass, rhythm and LEAD guitar just using the 4 strings. Quality.

John McLaughin
- Extrapolation
His fusion days aside, this is one of the finest examples of British jazz ever made. But you should never be without The Inner Mounting Flame, Birds of Fire and Between Nothingness and Eternity (Live).

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any more good fusion jazz listening suggestions?
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Prophetz of Time and Space.

Jerry Goodman(Mahavishnu, Dixie Dregs), Ndugu Chancler (George Duke, Joe Zawinul), Brandon Fields are the mainstays, there are personnel changes from earlier albums, IMHO the best one is the latest, Vibrationz. Some interesting odd-meter fusion work on the last three cuts; one is in 22/8, 8-and-a-half/4 and 5/4, one is 15/4 and the other in 5. Plus some great grooves throughout, thanks to the rest of the players - Munyungo Jackson on percussion, Otmaro Ruiz, piano and Rhodes, Tadashi Namba on synths and Steve Vasco on bass.

If you prefer live, the previous album was recorded at Club Jazz Nouveau in San Fran, but while the performances were excellent, the sound and mix really suck.

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Can somebody recommend me any old school instrumental funk please
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107 reasons why
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I've been listening to some BB king, Miles Davis, and Herbie Hancock. What else should I check out from here?
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thanks soundsmith, i'm checking out the sound as we speak...rock on
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Can you still have fun?
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Tower of Power, The Commodores, latter years Tempations (Papa Was A Rolling Stone), Earth Wind and Fire, James Brown, Parliament and Funkadelic...all essential funk bands for the beginner.

Anyone else i forgot to mention?
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Glenn Beck is a bad man.
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Originally Posted by UncleJam

Recommended Songs
Freak of the Week
You Hit The Nail On The Head
Holly Wants to Go To California
Red Hot Mama

Recommended Album
Uncle Jam Wants You

Other Artists
Red Hot Mama is a great choice, whenever I hear that, it just sounds like a grip-full of fuzz.
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Stop talking about this thread, just make recommendations sheesh.

Whirly Bird- by Count Basie
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Originally Posted by rosenheim
Disciples of Groove

chemistry and hologram
I like those guys, are there any other bands fitting into this sort of genre people could recommend me?

I will recommend

Very good band, the music is just *oragasm*

EDIT: Yeah they have spilt up, and the site might not be around for too long, but while you have the chance you should try and buy a CD, they are really very cheap and fantastic.

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John Mclaughlin
Jaco Pastorius
Django Reinhardt

Mahavishnu Orchestra - Birds of Fire
The Inner Mounting Flame

Shakti - Shakti with John McLaughlin

The Guitar Trio - Passion, Grace, and Fire

Jaco Pastorius - Epic

Lifetime - The Collection
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54-46 That's My Number
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I saw a swing recommendation in the first page so I'd figure I'd suggest two good swing bands.
Cherry Poppin' Daddys
Songs: Zoot Suit Riot, Ding-Dong Daddy of the D-Car Line, No mercy for swine.
Album(s): Zoot Suit Riot

Big Bad Voodoo Daddy
Songs: Mr.Pintsripe Suit, You & Me & The Bottle makes three tonight, Jump with my baby
Album(s): Big Bad Voodoo Daddy, This Beautiful Life

Also any Wynton Marsalis is really good jazz.
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^agreed, on the wynton.
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Dude, U're on the right track but your life can't be complete without the masters of Funk: RED HOT CHILI PEPPERES!
think about it!
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[b]RED HOT CHILI PEPPERS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! for God's sake already!
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franz sanchez
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RHCP? I hope you're joking.

For funk, I can't recommend highly enough the group 'Osaka Monaurail'.
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Im back!!!
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The Red hots are not funk. simple as. what they are are a funk influnced rock band (IMO anyway. the regulars on here may say something else)
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Originally Posted by ib_guitar
any more good fusion jazz listening suggestions?
If it hasnt been already mentioned try Mind Power.
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Woody Herman: Apple Honey, Blues in the Night, Caldonia, Come Rain or Come Shine, Early Autumn, Four Brothers, Four Others, The Good Life, I Can’t Get Started, I Wish You Love, I Remember Duke, A Lot of Livin’ To Do, No Moon At All, Pools, Let It Snow! Let It Snow! Let It Snow!, The Preacher, Red Top, Satin Doll, Sister Sadie, Sonny Boy, Spain, A Taste of Honey, Woodchopper’s Ball

Wes Montgomery: 323 S.O.S., West Coast Blues, Four On Six, Unit Seven, Roundabout, The End of a Love Affair, Whisper Not, Ecaroh, Too Late Now, Satin Doll, Missile Blues

Charlie Parker: Now’s the Time, Ornithology, Billie’s Bounce, Why Do I Love You, Confirmation, Buzzy, Steeplechase, Parker’s Mood, Scrapple From the Apple, Perhaps, Quasimodo, Red Cross, Ah-Leu-Cha, Yardbird Suite, Chasing the Bird, Cheryl, Bloomdido, Thriving From a Riff, The Way You Look Tonight, Another Hairdo, Barbados, Mohawk, Au Privave, My Little Suede Shoes, Bird Feathers, Dewey Square, Donna Lee, I Didn’t Know What Time It Was, I’ll Remember April, Ko Ko, Lover Man, Marmaduke, Merry-Go-Round, Moose the Mouche, Blues For Alice, Wee

Frank Sinatra: Angel Eyes, Bewitched, The End of a Love Affair, These Foolish Things But Beautiful, A Foggy Day, Fly Me to the Moon, South of the Border, Witchcraft, Young and Foolish, Strangers in the Night, The Lady is a Tramp, September Song

Louis Armstrong: Song of the Islands, Ain’t Misbehavin’, High Society, Baby Won’t You Please Come Home, Basin Street Blues, Bill Bailey, What a Wonderful World, ‘Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Blueberry Hill, Tin Roof Blues, Hello Dolly!, I Can’t Give You Anything But Love, West end Blues, I’m Confessing That I Love You, Rockin’ Chair, Struttin’ With Some Barbecue, Weary Blues, Among My Souvenirs

Miles Davis: All of You, Blue In Green, Blues For Pablo, Budo, Footprints, The Duke, Half Nelson, I've Grown Accustomed to Your Face, My Ship, Blue Haze, Budo, Bye Bye Blackbird, If I Were a Bell, Put Your Little Right Foot Out, Well You Needn't, It Aint Necessarily So, Half Nelson, I See Your Face Before Me, Four, Jeru, It Never Entered My Mind, Little Wille Sleeps, Miles Ahead, Solar, There Is No Greater Love, Tune Up, Walkin', Nefertiti, E.S.P, Joshua, Fall, If I Were a Bell, Seven Steps To Heaven, Blackbird, So Far So Near, When Lights Are Low
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