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Old 07-22-2005, 03:31 AM   #871
Volumnius Flush
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Originally Posted by Simon__Thats_All
My God this kid infuriates me.
You believe in God?

Originally Posted by Simon__Thats_All
I started off in this thread trying to have a civilised debate with someone who was obviously misguided.
That's you're problem right there. You have no idea who's right here. Nor do I. But you came in here, Mr. Know-It-All going to show me the light so I won't be misguided. You were wrong.

Originally Posted by Simon__Thats_All
It turns out that I'm arguing with an arrogant brat, who's 3 years younger than me and who thinks a 110 IQ is something to be proud of.
And in all my youthfulness and arrogance and brattiness, I don't resort to name-calling? Or at least not as much as you.

Originally Posted by Simon__Thats_All
I've taken various IQ tests, though admittadly none were done 1 on 1 professionally, and the scores are generally around the 130-140 mark. Well... It used to Before reading this thread I'd agree with everyone saying your IQ doesn't just jump around, but I think this thread has succeeded in making me significantly dumber.
And I'll leave it there to say this. I find it funny how abundantly I'm told, "HAHA your IQ isn't 140!!" Then they go on to say, "But I often make in the 160 range."

It's a ridiculous double standard. I suppose you doubt my claims are accurate? But you expect everyone to believe your scores are true? You fools make me sick.
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Old 07-22-2005, 04:32 AM   #872
tuck down torso
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Hey look I'm a dinosaur I don't exist.
Hey look I'm Bob Saget I do exist.
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blame it on the goose
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2000 years ago a jew was born who changed the world of spirituality

12 years ago a movie was directed by a jew and changed the world of blockbuster standards

one had dinosaurs

one had guys with wings


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