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Tatiana Ali!
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WARNING: Unauthorized copying and distribution of copyrighted material is punishable under federal law. Musicianforums and its moderation staff does not promote illegal behavior.

Here is a list of all the frequenters of Alternative & Indie forum that have shared their Soulseek usernames. Soulseek is a popular filesharing program that can be downloaded at All usernames on soulseek are case sensitive. I have done my best to list the proper cases of everyone's name right here:

3rdplanet is theskyisfallin
40 oz 2 Freedom is 40 oz 2 Freedom
A Spoonful of Supreme is A Spoonful Supreme
Adam-J is adam-j
apache is Talisman
a s d f is rasputin23
AK472 is ak472
allofmeoliveme is allofmeoliveme
The Anxious-Mofo cheesewhiz
ATDIrock is ATDIrock
AverageGuitarist is Lookitssam
badpoetryjesus is funk_that
Bartender is Soultender
biografiend is biografiend
blueyxd is Blueser57
br3ad_man is br3ad_man
Brain Toad is BrainToad
bucket is pizzatini
Bukowksi is Jesus and Tequila
ByeByeByeBeautiful is aidshivs
Carnage Fairy is Mizzilbadizzlewizzle
cb240 is cbarge
Daniel! is DanielN
Danish is Danish
Deathapalooza04 is Deathapalooza04
DeathHawk is dialupsucks
DeniedxGoals is mju4t
Dillingerescp dillingerescp
Excursions is Excursions
False Advertising is False Advertising
Fast Fingers is Fast Fingers
gaslight is gaslight
geenat is geenat
guitarbaz is guitarbaz
Happymeal is masahista
Helmet is GreetDeath678
Iai is Iai
Luxor is IhateUsernames and RyanTaylor
IvanLee is ivanlee23
Jacaranda is Jacaran
Japanese Policeman is TheLatestKiss
Joe Kickass charlieyin
Kappakid17 is eonbluecc
kayakdrum310 is youreinmywebnow1
Knifeboy is Knifeboy
litmunro is litmunro
Little Man being Erased is Little Man being Erased
llama1600 is Tomgabelismyhero1111
Lowend is FlyingShaq!
mango jam is mango jam
manuscriptreplica is head1psycho
MC187 is thekeefe
Meliorative is Meliorative
Metaliq is metaliq
mr_jackalope is mrjackalope
morrissey is mozzamorrissey
mothland is Chutup!!!!!
myiaa is myiaa
Nachochez is Gugliachi
Neon Dub is Neon Dub
niobium is Niobium
obese_breasts is Griffin
ohmygoddessyoursogone is spiffalous
OPIV is opiv
Ornery Cephalopod is Kazzo
Phunphone is Jersceade
pikester is pikester
pinkyeti is gizgizgiz
PinkFreud is PinkFreud
pixiesfanyo is Pixiesfanyo
rbv is rbv4l1f3
rhythm lost is rhythmlost
Renaissance is renaissance086
Riding_Downstream is Riding_Downstream
Robert Crumb is Famous Monster
Sc. is Sc.
Scott Herren is Scott Herren
shane italian is shane italian
sillydave2 is dave10375
sink sink is sink sink
snailboy is snailboy
something vague is Slaapkamers
Sound Boy is Soundxboy
Superpeer is Superpeer
surferkauai is Surfkauai192837465
talk show host is talkshowhost84
Tangy Zizzle is The Big Sleep
Tapeworm is tapewormed
The Ashtray Girl is theashtraygirl
The Purple Water is The Purple Water
theredwonder is theredwonder
thetwaz is thetwaz
Tomahawk is Tomahawk77
tornpictures is CutsLikeDrugs
vallely2004 is vallely
Vietnow is VietNOW
Wanker is Wanker86
Well_Respected_Man is WRM
xizoesira is xizoesira
Zappa is Alex27782
ZEROthirtythree is wk02
Zmev is Zmev

If you want to be added to this list, there are two threads on this forum that you can post in. Also, if for some reason I have mistyped your username, mistyped the cases of any of the letters in your username, if you would like to be removed from the list, or if you have changed your username, you should post in these threads. Please do not start any new soulseek threads, these two are more than enough for me to be watching for updates. Anyway, here are the links:

[URL=""]Soulseek Thread 1[/url]

[URL=""]Soulseek Thread 2[/url]

Have fun.

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Tatiana Ali!
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Also, we have a little chat room on soulseek called "Musicianforums" (again, case sensitive). To join in, right click on the room list, go to "Create Room," and type the room name in. Once you're there, right click on the chat window, and go to "Toggle Autojoin." Cool.
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