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mx roadie
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Good mining games?

Do you play mining games? Which one is your favorite?
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mx roadie
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I play mining games here quite often. As or me it's the best way to earn crypto while playing games and I've alredy got my first coins. Awesome feelings. Never thought that earning crypto could be so easy to do.

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mx newbie
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A bit. Stardew Valley might work for you. It's got mining, crafting, farming, and exploration. Also Space Engineers.

As for me, I prefer gambling over mining games. Currently playing slots. Simple and fast. I hope I continue to get lucky.

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mx newbie
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Elite: Dangerous - there even is a minigame there

EVE Online- if you have too much time on your hand, it's worth playing. Ask for help if you need:

SteamWorld Dig and Steamworld Dig 2 - literally games about mining, single-player, bit short, but quite nice

Deep Rock Galactic - didn't play that one, but it's like Left 4 Dead but instead of survivors and zombies, there are dwarf miners and local fauna
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