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I did it for the nookie
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GG Allin.
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thank men
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Could we just change the Punk forum to the Punk/Hardcore forum? Or maybe make a separate forum for it! I think UG did.
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Mute Print
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There used to be two separate forums, but they were merged due to lack of activity. Pretty much everyone here listens to hardcore anyway, so feel free to post about it here.
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mk vi
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yeah, lets bring back pop punk too
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Oh. Fair enough I guess.
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i miss the hardcore forum's glory days.
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this flesh
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i remember when I didnt post in this forum or its subforums and all I came in here to see was mappy getting beat up on by dfelon or someone else idr

anyways i just wanna say that i dont know where alse to post it tbh
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lead answer

hi, i am going to ask about the leading factor of learning the sexaphone , because i love that instrument.
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Originally Posted by whiteminority View Post
i miss the hardcore forum's glory days.
I miss this entire site's glory days.
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OMFG sean!
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billy i have a problem!
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bVI Ic V7 I
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Originally Posted by DrGolovaCroxby View Post
I miss this entire site's glory days.
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Against All Authority
mk ix
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keep all the hipster fag hippy fucks from liking punk


yeah, man, your fucking scene too
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dfg sdfs
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Shortcut To Last
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I thought I knew what this thread was about... turns out I have no idea lolo
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MILF Hunter
Mcfly fan.
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Where is the punx community thread? I cant find it
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suspect device
mk viii
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infected by hc and emo and screamo fags
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