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The Official Clash & Joe Strummer Thread

Check this s'hit out, yo. It's my first one, so be nice.

Joe Strummer

Born: August 21, 1952 in Ankara Turkey, Died 2002 in Somerset, England.
Bands:The Vultures, 101er's, The Clash, The Pogues, Mescaleros, and some solo work


- Global A Go Go
- Rock Art & The X-Ray Style
- Walker
- Earthquake Weather

-The Clash
-Give Em' Enough Rope
-London Calling
-Black Market Clash
-Combat Rock
-Cut The Crap

-Keys to Your Heart / 5 Star Rock & Roll Petrol
-Sweet Revenge / Rabies
-** LP ** Elgin Ave Breakdown

-Uhhh, none to my knowledge

-Produced Hell's Ditch

Soundtracks and Misc

- Grosse Point Blank
- Docteur Chance
- Permanent Record
- Straight To Hell
- Sid & Nancy
- When Pigs Fly
- Chef Aid
- Kicks Joy Darkness
- Free The Memphis 3
- Small World Big Band
- Theme To Black Hawk Down

Joe was born John Grahm Mellor in Ankara, Turkey in 1952 to a wealthy British diplomat. After being sent to a boarding in school in London, Joe as a teenager began to play folk and blues music along the streets of London under the assumed name Woody Mellor, presumably for his affection for Woody Guthrie and his music.

Joe finally decided "bollocks to this, I'll form a band" and The Vultures were born. Although they played only six gigs at student union events, they formed the basis for Joe's love for performing and his undoubtable stage presence.

Soon after The Vultures broke up, Joe formed "El Huaso and the 101 All Stars" which was later shortened to the 101'ers, named after the squat at 101 Walterton Road, Maida Vale. This band was more succesful than The Vultures, and were well established as an outstanding pub rock band. However, Joe became disillusioned with the Pub Rock scene, and shortly after seeing the Sex Pistols, broke up the band and began to look towards Punk as an inspiration.

Apparently, one day he was walking down the street and Mick Jones shouted that he thought the 101'ers were trash, then promptly asked Joe to join his band.

Thus, The Clash were born, after going through a few s'hitty names like The Heartdrops and Big Girl's Panties.

The Clash quickly became one of the biggest Punk bands around, and in their prime, were bigger than those f'ucks in the Pistols ever were.

Famous for their fiery performances and Joe's wild stage behavior, The Clash quickly got lumped in with the band that were "too dangerous" thus, leading to the expulsion of their concerts from many venues.

The Clash soon began expirementing with other forms of music, and although their later albums were stellar in terms of variety and musicianship, they began to get classified as sellouts, which led to their breakup in 1985.

After poncing about for a few years, Joe decided to get back into the music scene and recorded his first solo albums.

Later, he produced a Pogues album and even replaced Shane on one of their tours for a short bit.

For the majority of the 90's, Joe remained relatively quiet, releasing the occasional soundtrack song here and there, until 1999 when he released the excellent Rock, Art, and The X-Ray Style on Hell-cat records.

After that, he recorded the follow up, Global A Go-Go, which was another solid release to add to his career.

In the midst of recording the album Streetcore, Joe had a sudden heart failure in his Somerset home and sadly passed away on December 22nd, 2002.

EDITuring Joe's career, he had outspoken socio-politcal views, and these often focused less on the happenings of the political world itself, but what was happening in the streets and slums of the globe, and tried his d'amnedest to inspire the poor and apathetic public to get off their a'sses and get a better future for themselves.

Also, in order to help further the progress of modern music, Joe's family and friends have launched Strummerville, Joe's foundation for new music, which gives rehearsal space and recording facilities to upcoming musicians around the world.

^Again, s'hitty, but it does it's job.
I'm just not very good at this

Recommended songs:
Mescaleros/solo-Johnny Appleseed, Get Down Moses, X-Ray Style, Yalla Yalla
Clash-Complete Control, White Riot, Janie Jones, Bankrobber, Magnificent Seven, London Calling

Any criticism/complaints is appreciated, because I want to know if I'm not the only one who thinks I did a s'hitty job.Thanks.

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