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Originally Posted by badtaste
Well, you'd assume that animals do it because there's probably a biological need or instinct. Couple that with a 'great' sensations experienced, and animals will have an extra incentive to do so.
I don't think animals experience the same kind of pleasure humans do. I'm pretty sure humans are the only species who's females have something like a clitoris, same goes for G-spots. I think (the following is purely speculation, I'm not an expert) the difference is that animals' instincts are for what's best for the species, whereas human instincts seem to be overwhelmingly what's best for the individual.

Originally Posted by Herbert_da_fish
I'm not sure if it's 'natural' for girls and boys to act the way they do. Most parents want their girls to be girls and their boys to be boys. Obviously you get the acception- more frequently in homosexuality as the males tend to be more feminine and the females tend to be more masculine.
I think that in homosexuals the tendency to act like the opposite sex is in some way imposed, not by society, but by the individual. Not imposed by a desire to act in that way, but by the need to assert one's identity. For example, if one likes the punk ethics and lifestyle (and music, though that is more irrelevant), one (in most cases) dresses as a punk. Same for goths, rockers, metalheads, religious people (ie. wearing a cross or a kippah). How these stereotype identities get created is a different question altogether, but why people stick with them, to me, seems fairly obvious.

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