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Originally Posted by Convectuoso View Post
No, my point is, Bob Katz knows how to master, he will no when it is a appropriate to add reverb to the whole fucking 2 bus and when it is not. Telling someone who has never properly mastered to get a global reverb is just stupid and will end up with the person wasting whole bunch of timing and wrecking a mix.
(01) The issue is whether it's ever appropriate or not. Sometimes it is. Saying otherwise is bad information. Making exceptions doesn't work, and it doesn't change the fact that sometimes you want to do it.

(02) Wrecking a mix is part of the learning process. You suck when you start out. Everything has a learning curve. There's a reason I always recommend freeware plugins (when I make recommendations).

Originally Posted by Convectuoso View Post
Again, not always the case. The biggest reason Katz recommends adding reverb is actually to help mask discontinuities with edits of finished mixes (for instance, re-splicing consecutive tracks during reverb tails).

Originally Posted by Convectuoso View Post
I think Moss did, and all the things he was mentioned are in Ozone so I was just assuming he was just reading from the GUI of Ozone...
It was in fact Moss that brought it up. A quick read through the thread reveals this. That's not particularly relevant. I'm not Moss. My thoughts are distinct from his.

Part of this issue is that a lot of folks do recommend the Ozone Manual as a handy "cheat sheet" for the mastering process. Their laziness in the matter is on them.

Originally Posted by Convectuoso View Post
Yeah okay so I can't use anecdotes to illustrate a point (that you so clearly missed) but you can quote from a 15 year old book aimed at people with some serious technical understanding?
You can say whatever you want. But the point of your anecdote was "don't do it yourself", which is the opposite of contributing when the thread is about "do it yourself."

Also note that the age of a book is a poor indicator of the validity of its content. Sometimes an old book isn't helpful (a manual for Sound Tools), sometimes it is (Kinsler). For the record, Katz's book had its first pressing in 2002, and my copy isn't from the first pressing.
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