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Originally Posted by Moseph View Post
Check. Note to self: Convectuoso knows more about the mastering process than Bob Katz. Therefore, there cannot possibly be any legitimate use of reverb during mastering, because Convectuoso says so.
No, my point is, Bob Katz knows how to master, he will no when it is a appropriate to add reverb to the whole fucking 2 bus and when it is not. Telling someone who has never properly mastered to get a global reverb is just stupid and will end up with the person wasting whole bunch of timing and wrecking a mix.


I have (granted, it was during the mixing process). For most styles of rock, I'm inclined to agree with you. But it's very much a stylistic thing.

I've done a bit of work in gypsy jazz and Americana/bluegrass where the kick had a bit of reverb and it was completely appropriate. I also did a live outdoor recording of big band swing where the whole mix got treated with reverb: not only appropriate, but in my opinion necessary on that one.

I don't recall mentioning Ozone; or saying that reverb was a necessary part of the mastering process. Only that there were scenarios where it could be used. Don't confuse my posts with someone else'.
I think Moss did, and all the things he was mentioned are in Ozone so I was just assuming he was just reading from the GUI of Ozone. Soon I think most forums will make Ozone and Mastering have the same definition. "Great, the mix is all done, now all we have to do is send it off to someone to Ozone it. I hope he puts a global reverb on the mix because I certainly couldn't be assed gluing the mix together myself."

Don't forget that this thread is about home recording. The whole point is that, for whatever reason, you won't be shipping things off to be handled by a specialist.
Yeah okay so I can't use anecdotes to illustrate a point (that you so clearly missed) but you can quote from a 15 year old book aimed at people with some serious technical understanding?
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