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Originally Posted by Xomblies View Post
also your mix sounds really isolated, use more gates on your close mics and automate them so when the drummer does a roll it's disabled etc, ESPECIALLY on the toms. More room mics/ overheads would glue your drums together and make them sound more natural. Guitars sound really crushed and Fake. Your entire mix kinda sounds crushed as well but not in a good way, your release is set to crackhead speed making it sound jittery, if you have the ssl comp plugin, try setting your release to auto instead of turning the release time all the way down.
I listened to my mix with your critique in mind. I definitely get the crushed feeling from the whole mix, this is mostly because the recording is really dense and I had just thrown a compressor on everything but drums grouped together. I mixed it all in one session, so I might have caught this if I'd taken a break and come back with fresh ears.

The guitar sound is not really fixable, the recording itself is 2 years old and lackluster and I was just trying to breath some life into it by adding some soft clipping.

The drum sound is actually pretty much what I'm going for. I could maybe add some more overheads/reverb to tie it together, but I'm pretty happy with it as it is. Also, I'm using Superior Drummer 2.0 triggered by an E-kit, so your comment about tom mics doesn't apply.

As for the mixes that you linked earlier, they sound pretty good but seriously lack bass guitar. Try boosting 100-200Hz and compressing the fuck out of it, especially with a compressor that can add some soft clipping.
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