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Pedals and Hi-Hat Stands

Tama Iron Cobra LeverGlide Hi-Hat Stand

Pearl 820W Hi-Hat Stand

Pearl Powershifter P112-TW Double Pedal

Pearl Eliminator Double Pedal

DW5002 Accelerator Double Pedal

DW5000 Accelerator Single Pedal

Tama Iron Cobra Rolling Glide Double Pedal

DW5002TD Hi-Hat Stand

DW9000 Single Pedal

Mapex Janus Transmission Hi-Hat System

Yamaha Flying Dragon Direct Drive Double Pedal

Mapex Janus Ergo Double Pedal

Yamaha HS1100 T-Leg HH Stand

DW7002 Double Pedal

Trick Pro-1V Kick Pedal

DW5500TL Lightweight Hi-Hat Stand

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