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Rock & Metal Forum: Report Problems/Ask Questions/Make Suggestions

So, a new thread.

This thread pertains exclusively to the forums of, more specifically the Rock & Metal forum of which you are currently presiding within.

Any or all issues relating to the review site are to be directed to either of its relevant threads.

Issues with reviews are to be posted in this thread:

While issues relating to bugs and larger issues within the review site are to be posted here:

Again, this thread is exclusively relating to the Rock & Metal forums

If you feel that a thread should be closed or a user should be penalised, please make a post in this thread. Most of you know the procedure.

If you have questions about why a thread was closed, how stuff works or anything else that troubles your mind, go ahead and ask here.

A thread should be stickied? Have a good idea to help the forum? Make your suggestions here.

Me, Cocaine, pate, Permanent Solution or Wish will take care of it as soon as we can.


"Off-topic posting" ITT = any post that doesn't report a problem, ask a question (or answer a question, if no moderators are present), or make a suggestion to better R&M will be deleted and eventually result in a ban if constantly ignored. This means that any chatter, sidebar conversations, or general BS will be construed as "off-topic posting," so please don't do it.

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