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Ok well in the Jazz/Funk forums - all we get is "What's some good Funk" or "Recommend me Jazz" all the time and it just feels like your repeating yourself everyday.

Well to make sure this doesn't happen again - I have made this thread so that everyone can post their favourite funk/Jazz artists followed by songs that you would recommend. Also feel free to put in as much extra info on the artist as you wish eg. recommended albums, bio, why you like the artist, if you like this artist you'll probably like.....etc etc. Also state what genre the artist fits into.

Ok i'll start -

James Brown

Recommended songs -
Sex Machine
Papa's got a brand new bag
Living in America
I feel Good
I'm a Soul Man
It's a Man's World
Soul Power
The Big Payback

Recommended album - Live at the Apollo

If you like this artist you will probably like- Curtis Mayfield and Isaac Hayes.

etc etc

Feel free to put in as many recommendations as you want.

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