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I would apologize for busting your balls, but on the basis of your totally insipid conduct here, I'm not certain you have any. Face it matt, you've been outwitted, outsmarted, and outmanned. The only thing left for you now is to resign yourself to the position of being the forum lackey. Hey, no shame in that friend. We were all there at one time, even that maple syrup snorting smartass from Canada, Chuck, who fancies himself some sort of God. There was a time when he was made a bitch, maybe even by someone who still is a member here today, like Mardy or Black Ink. Just to prove there is no shame, for instance at the Supreme Court, the most junior member gets slave duties until a new member is appointed. Occasionally there may be years before a justice dies or retires and a new one is appointed so it may be many years they are the justices' bitch. But not in any way does it diminish the honor and grandeur of being a United States Supreme Court Justice.

Ye are a MXican, an MXer. And you might be the bitch for a long, long time, but you are our bitch, and you are one of us.
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