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Originally Posted by c03131896 View Post
Anyway, I don't remember ever seeing a band that espoused true anarchist beliefs, at least not in any deliberate way. Some bands might throw out a lyric here and there that suggests anarchy, but that isn't the same thing. Anarchy also isn't the same thing as chaos or nihilism or general teenage angst. To my mind it specifically entails the argument that there should be no government, period.

There could be a "principled" anarchist band, I just haven't heard them. I don't think it would be very interesting anyway.
Because they're all corporate shills, all bowing down to their corporate puppet masters in obeisance to the almighty dollar. That's what I'm trying to tell the moron OP. But he's trying to say I'm making an aesthetic theory or something and not an actual point.
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