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Originally Posted by matbla00 View Post
C, I consider myself quite close to the position of anarcho capitalism. And because of the limitations of libertarianism in the intellectual sphere [who wants to hear about property rights in songs] I was looking for something anarchist but more towards the "left" side of the spectrum, whatever the simplification I am making here is.
And honestly, I would not recommend a serious discussion with vc, it has no purpose.
Well, theoretically a song about property rights doesn't need to be any less exciting than a song about monopolies on violence; from a libertarian or an-cap perspective the two are closely linked anyway.

I think of Left-anarchism as being very different from Right-anarchism (which I would say includes anarcho-capitalism). So, if you're an anarcho-capitalist you could hear a left-anarchist song and totally disagree with the message. In other words, I don't think your simplification is going to get you what you want. Good luck to you anyway though...

But all this is moot in the first place because I can't really think of any principled anarchist (ANY type of anarchist) bands anyway. Beyond angsty teenage "I hate the government because they're an authority and I hate authority" type stuff, rock probably just isn't a great platform for anarchist politics, since anarchist politics are unusual and therefore require a lot of explanation and justification.

The only way around that and still make good music is to get very abstract and cryptic. In which case you won't really know they're anarchists until somebody tells you.
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