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Originally Posted by matbla00 View Post
"Making music about your political views is passť", I know that it may be a little silly to attempt to find ideological or political message in art, but since a lot of rap or punk does mention some political issues, i see no reason not to try to find an anarchist one.
Who said anything about art? I was talking about music. And it is, it's dumb. I don't buy music to hear someone talk to me about their idiotic beliefs. They're all liberal anyway. I saw B-Real, Chuck D, Tim C., Tom Morello, and Brad Wilk on one of the late night shows the other night and it was total horse shit. These old guys don't even know that they are fossils of the past and time has left them. How long can these five ghosts of dead liberalism keep making shit music and the public keep eating it up? It's like that queer Neil Young who won't retire into obscurity already. I'm so tired of their bullshit. A revolution would run them out of their houses and to the guillotines frankly, they're bourgeois scum. Oh and Morello did another one of those wanky solos that's like three notes at 40 beats a minute with a few bends... Wow, 40 years of guitar and that's all you got? What a fucking shithead.
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