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Originally Posted by Txus View Post
I don't post in any other forums but I have seen a bunch like you said with 150X150 size limit, which is nice.

And Jeremy doesn't really care about the forums tbh so it'll probably never change
It's partly to do with bandwidth, partly to do with who cares? Jeremy is a pretty busy guy and he does still poke his head about, he just doesn't come into casual chats so people can bicker to him about god knows what.

Originally Posted by Moon Flavor View Post
I'd rather have urls automatically show up as urls again instead of having to manually write the tags in

like, why did that even get taken away
Well, initially, it was stripped when we had all of the coded links leading to hacking, a few years ago, when Chad kind of went nuts on us. So it was taken away along with hidden links. I'm not really sure why it hasn't been reinstated though.

Originally Posted by beans View Post
since the search tool has been broken forever, how do we find threads that have moved off the main 2 pages?
use google

"topic or sentence" site:
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