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Originally Posted by siva_chair
No, they have every right to protest funerals, as long as it doesn't infringe on the rights of others. You see, them disrupting a funeral is infringing on the rights of others, though. They aren't making it a law that they cannot protest these funerals (as well they shouldn't). They are trying to put enact restrictions on when and where they can protest said funerals. I personally think it is sick that they do this, but freedom of speech means we have to let stupid people talk, too. We don't have to let them infringe on the rights of others, though.

I support their right to protest whatever they want, but I also support the rights of the family and loved ones that are mourning thier loss.
You aren't understanding my post at all. Your post, in fact, has concreted my assertion. I am saying that the world is compirsed of 95% stupid people, and 5% people who warrant free speech. We need to reconstruct the law system to stop suting the 5% exception. It needs to be clearer.

Yes, the law states that what they are doing is wrong, however, they didn't know that. Most people (including me) do not fully understand the laws of the US constitution- to many of those people the laws stop at freedom of speech, weapons, and assembly. They then do things, such as this, that are wrong and infringe on the rights of others, thinking it is justified. They may get punished afterwards, but the damage is done.

As time goes on this is a more and more excalating problem. Many more people do bad things because they think they can- then whine about it afterwards when they are being punished, and, combined with the multitudes of other people who see this as some perverse attack on their freedom, they whine their way out of punishment. I am saying that the law needs to be more clear cut. As you sated, give them the right to protest a funeral, but within a boundary. Instead of teaching kids "You have freedom of speech..." Teach them "Your goverment enforces your right to express your opinions as long as they are not detrimental to the rights of others, and as long as they are within a certain boundary that ensures others have the same rights. These are those boundaries; etc..."

The constitution was a great outline for when the country was a fraction of the size. Now you have hundreds of millions of people trying to express their opinions without regards to others.

I'm all for freedom as long as it is kept clean.
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