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Originally Posted by Iscariot
There is a big, BIG difference between legal immigrants and freeloaders. Your grandparents didn't come to this country with the idea that they would sneak in, have a few kids and then stay for the long haul without ever earning their citizenship. Those Mexicans that come to the US illegally aren't making a better life for themselves. They're sticking to low-income, Mexican communities, they aren't learning how to speak English and they're leeching off the welfare system to survive. They aren't going out and even attempting to earn their citizenship and then when they're told to go home, they throw a temper tantrum. Defend them all you want, but your views are a little convoluted on this issue.
Immigrants become freeloaders due to the system surrounding it. It's become a bureacratic problem as I stated, and has more to do with our government's desire to make it next to impossible for these people to become citizens, hiding behind some insane set of anti-terrorist laws. If welfare wasn't so easy to be manipulated, it wouldn't be.

Also, you should know that American caucasions still make up the majority of welfare recipients in this country, not illegal immigrants. They have no other choice. Their country sucks, so they come here. Just like we did. I lived in NYC for more than 30 years and I still work here. I know NYC is among the worst places in the country for stuff like this. Sure it happens. But it happens moreso with our own citizens abuse of welfare then immigrants.
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